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Gogoprint is an online printing company which started off in Thailand and subsequently in Malaysia. They have recently expanded their online e-commerce website to Singapore as well.Gogoprint.sg has distinct vision to make ordering printing products easy and cost –effective, thereby helping small and medium-sized businesses to market their businesses and to grow. They use high-quality press printing and simple and easy-to-use online ordering system.
What does Gogoprint.sg offers?
They provide flyers, digital booklets, offset booklets, stickers, loyalty cards, posters, presentation folder, bookmarks, business cards, leaflets, postcards , invitation cards and many more. Some of the products offer free design services with terms and conditions apply. There are also launching templates for some of the product offers to enhance the choices for end user.Gogoprint.sg- Product offers

How does it work?

1. Sign up as user and enjoy 20% off for the FIRST purchase with a minimum purchase.Gogoprint Singapore-1
2. Choose the product that you want to print.
3. Follow the instructions and choose the design or upload your design template
4. Choose the quantity to print and delivery date
5. Confirm & make payment via online purchaseGogoprint payment method
6. Email confirmation will be sent out upon payment completed
7. Email notification with regards to the shipment tracking number is provided

Since my namecards are running low, I decided to have my new batch of namecard printing to be done with Gogoprint.sg. I uploaded my own design template and choose the paper type and finishing I want from the available options.
Gogoprint Singapore-Namecard printing
There is an option on the printing price according to the quantity and delivery production date. The price is transparent and it is convenient to make comparison side by side.
Gogoprint Singapore-3
Once I select the quantity and date of delivery, I good to checkout and make payment as shown below. However, if you want to have your File Check features, there will be additional fee charges due to the professional check and printing proof. Since my namecard artwork is done by my previous designer, I opt out the choice to save that portion of money.

Here is the screenshot of the confirmation I received via email.
Gogoprint Singapore
There is an email notification on the shipment tracking as well.
I received my namecards the following day! Yes! I have new namecards to distribute out.

See the difference between my old one vs the new one?
Namecard Hazeldiary-Gogoprint.sg-1
The new one is glossy lamination and rounded corner but the thickness is not as thick as my old one though. But overall, it was pretty good with the price offered and the services provided.
Namecard Hazeldiary-Gogoprint.sg-2
The service was pleasant and fuss-free. The only thing that I wish is that their templates to be out soon so that I can design my postcards and booklets with my photos in it. It would be interesting to have my very own booklets full of memories.

And for those who are looking for printing solutions, you can check them out and work on your price comparisons.

Website: www.gogoprint.sg
Email: info@gogoprint.sg
Tel:+65 3159 0484

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