[SG BEAUTY] Get Pampered with Pumpkin Glow Facial At Skinlab The Medical Spa

It’s facial review time! I am invited for a complimentary Pumpkin Glow Facial at Skinlab The Medical Spa a week ago. It is my first time that came across using pumpkin as a facial ingredient. We usually think of pumpkin soup rather than pumpkin for skincare.SkinLab The Medical Spa
Do you know that pumpkin contains one of the skin-brightening ingredients-alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs)? It helps to increase cell turnover, to brighten and smoothen the skin. It also contains antioxidants, Vitamin A, E and Vitamin C that boost collagen production. The fruit enzymes also help naturally exfoliate dead skin cells. Lastly, it contains zinc and potassium to combat redness. I am not aware of all these until I googled the benefits of the pumpkin. Cool right!
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So just one week before my Japan trip, I visited SkinLab The Medical Spa to try out the Pumpkin Glow Facial treatment.

Here are the steps for the 120 minutes of treatment:
Double cleansing with milk cleanser & Pumpkin Hydra Cleanser. As usual, the therapist will double cleanse to remove any make up or dirt on the skin but this treatment uses two cleanser.
Pumpkin Glow Facial
Once cleansing is done, therapist applied Pumpkin Peel all over my face and neck area and leave it for 5 minutes. This is to exfoliate the skin and I did experience minimal tingling sensation as my skin is in dry condition.
Pumpkin Glow Facial-1
SkinLab The Medical Spa-Pumpkin Glow Facial
Then, move on to Pumpkin Amino Therapy that helps to neutralise the skin and promotes the absorption of the nutrients. The therapist then brushed this foam-base element over my skin. And this has the skin whitening ingredient in it, which helps to brighten up my skin. This amino therapy consists of 17 amino acids and niacinamide that prevent unwanted pigmentation from forming.

Once it is done, therapist proceeds with extraction and eyebrow trimming. It was so comfortable that I dozed off.

Pumpkin Glow Facial-2
Once my face is cleared with the extraction, therapist applied Pumpkin Hydrating Ampoule Booster that contains hyaluronic acid Epidermal Growth Factors (EGF) and massage into skin with a 24K Gold Nutrient Booster Device. It is said that the device helps to promote the absorption of the ampoule into the skin and blue LED light helps to kill bacteria on the skin. It was comfortable and I can feel that my skin absorbs it fast.
Pumpkin Glow Facial-3
Next, therapist continued with Pumpkin Cream Massage using a Lymphatic Drainage Massager. It emits red light that helps to stimulate blood circulation and boost collagen production in the skin.
Pumpkin Glow Facial-4
Lastly, I had the Pumpkin Jelly Mask for 30 minutes and therapeutic head and shoulder massage from the therapist. It was comfortable and relaxing moment.
Pumpkin Glow Facial-5
Selfie right after the treatment!
It was a comfortable treatment session and I can feel that my skin is not as dry as before. I can feel the instant glow on my face right after the treatment. My skin also absorbs better when I applied my skincare products.And of course monthly facial treatment is needed to maintain a good skin condition.

If you are interested to try out, there is a TRIAL PRICE of S$168.00nett* (U.P. S$430.00)

SkinLab The Medical Spa
Address: 10 Tampines Central
#04-30 Tampines 1
Singapore 529536
For other outlets, check out their website http://skinlabmedspa.com

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[No monetary compensation was received for this review and all opinions were based on my own experience.]

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