[SG BEAUTY] The Perfect Fit Journey with Finely Cup Lingerie from Fablife Style

How do you know when your bra fits correctly? When 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong size bra without even knowing it, are you one of them? Women have different types of breasts that need different support. It is not just the size but also the shape and placing lead to different requirements in the choice of bra. It is interesting to learn more about this area of knowledge. All thanks to Fablife Style for sharing and guiding me about the importance of bra support.

I make an appointment in advance before heading down to Fablife Style’s flagship store at Southbank for bra fitting and consultation service recently. The whole process took approximately 40-60minutes where the professional will share about the importance of body management and how the right fitting bras does and body shapers help to support, protect and achieve the perfect silhouette. I was given a form to fill up my particulars before heading to a room to remove my clothes for accurate measurement.

It was Alice (she is not pictured in the photo) who assisted me throughout the measurement and she was very friendly and professional.
During the measurement process, Alice explained that there is a front-gapping in between my breasts. The center part of my bra, in-between the cups, should sit flush against my skin. I also have signs of breast sagging, which I need to work on it as my age is catching up. Alice is quite knowledgeable and able to tell if you do exercise often or not from your breasts shape. Amazing!
After the measurement and explanation, she recommended the lingerie brand called Finely Cup under Fablife Style according to my size and shape. Finely Cup is established in Hong Kong and they are designed without underwire for maximum comfort. The bra also has an invisible memory padding to support and sculpt your body, targeting no spillage in the front and back and of course to prevent sagging boobs.

My first try on the bra and I was quite impressed on how wireless bra can achieve. The bra materials used are comfortable to wear and it gives enough support even without the underwire. The best part is that the cleavage has become even more obvious. Alice also shared tips on how to fit a bra perfectly by ensuring that you should not dig in the shoulder straps and instead, you should be able to place two fingers between the strap and shoulder without problems when you are wearing your bra. If the band on the back is pulled up, you have shortened the shoulder straps too much so loosen the shoulder strap and tighten the bra around the body instead. They should preferably be adjusted before you put on it.

It has been weeks since I started wearing FinelyCup. It has been a smooth journey and I feel comfortable with the fitting. The bra fits correctly and prevent from saggy breasts. And there is improvement on the front-gapping in between breasts. And yeah, never underestimate the effect that the right size and fit of your bra can have on your self-confidence and comfort. Beauty starts from within.

Each Finely Cup bra set comes with matching underwear! The price ranges from S$86.00 to S$128.00. You can check the designs from the official website.

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Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with FABLife. Feature and reviews are based on personal experiences.

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