[BEAUTY REVIEW] My Double Eyelid Surgery Review With The Clifford Surgery | Singapore

[BEAUTY REVIEW] My Double Eyelid Surgery Review With The Clifford Surgery | Singapore

It has been almost 3 months since I did my double eyelid surgery with Dr. Timothy Shim from The Clifford Surgery clinic. Thankfully, the progress has been very smooth right from the start. For those who have known me for the longest time know that I have concerns over my monolid eyes. I have a habit to try enlarge my eyes to make it bigger when I take photos. My friend also encouraged me to do something to my eyes and I finally made the decision to undergo double eyelid surgery.
Before I decided to go for this surgery, I did have a myth understanding that I can choose between Incision-based or Suture-based (Non-Incisional) technique. But I was wrong! It is always good to do research and understand better before you go ahead for any decision.

Incisional Technique (Cutting Method)
This technique involves surgery that yields permanent results. It is recommended when there is too much fats in the lids that need to be dismissed or existing medical conditions that need to be dismissed.

Non-Incisional Technique (DST Double Eyelid Surgery / Stitching Method)
This technique involves surgeon to create the double eyelid crease without using cutting/ incisions. Instead, the surgeon will make little punctures over the pre-marked line in order to insert sutures inside. It is a convenient treatment as the patients do not need to return to the doctor office to have the stitches removed.

My Surgery Process
I had a consultation session with Senior Plastic Consultant, Dr Shim beforehand. He shared the types of double eyelid surgeries and also provided advices on the concern areas patiently. He was such a gentle giant.

After he did the examination on my eyes, I was told that cutting method suits me most due to my thickness of eyelid skin. This method can correct my eye condition such as ptosis (droppy upper eyelids) as well. It is like killing two birds with one stone.

He also went through the type of eyelids for me to have a clearer picture on what I can achieve after the surgery. Once finalized, a date was fixed for the surgery and I went back 2 weeks later.

During the surgery day itself, we went through the height and type of crease again. Once it was confirmed, I was brought into the surgery room and local anesthesia was administered. I could feel the needles going into my eyelids during the anesthesia with minimal pain. If I were to rate, it will be 4/10.

My eyelids were fully numbed after that and there is where the magic happened. I was awake throughout the surgery session and I could feel the movement as Dr Shim worked on the eyelids but I could not feel anything. There was no major discomfort throughout the session. My surgery took about 1hour+.

Some reviews online told me that I may have blurry vision after the surgery but I did not face any blurred vision and was able to take a cab home without much difficulties. Thank god!

The healing process was smooth and I did not experience any discomfort or pain after surgery. I did however, experience mild swelling and tightness on my eyes after the surgery. The swelling lasted for 1-2 weeks.

I went back to visit Dr Shim on the 5th day of post-surgery to remove the stitches. The removal of stitches were quite challenging though. I experienced mild discomfort but it was manageable as the process was quite fast. The swelling still there but it had subsidised quite a bit since the first day of surgery.

Coming forward, here are my recent looks after the surgery according the dates. The swelling subsequently gone after 1 month plus and my friends said I look so much better with my new eyes. Some even commented that I looked younger too. I personally feel that my eyes are much natural now with the removing of excessive fat and crease that create a natural double eyelid look. With this new look, it definitely boost my confidence level significantly.

Here are before and after look photos taken:
Before Photo

Followed by photos taken after the surgery and the recovery process:

If you are considering to undergo double eyelid surgery as well, do bear in mind on the recovery timing and schedule your upcoming activities carefully. You may call The Clifford Surgery at 6532 2400 or Whatsapp them at 8318 6332 for more information.

The Clifford Surgery
Address: 24 Raffles Place #01-05
Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621
Website: https://cliffordclinic.com/

Disclaimer: This is based on my personal experience and I do not provide medical, legal or other professional advice.

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