[SG BEAUTY] Miracle Aqua Treatment by Walking on Sunshine at Orchard Central

It has been almost a year plus since I last did anything to my hair except for scalp treatment. When Walking on Sunshine (WOS) invited me over for a hair treatment session, I was thinking why not? I visited their hair salon and café premises located at Level 3 of Orchard Central recently to try on the WOS Miracle Aqua Treatment aka the cool treatment.
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WOS took up a huge space of the third level that comprises hair salon, nail/manicure section, café and florist. It is basically like a one stop for self-pampering or we called it me-time session. Ladies will surely hand up for the services offered here.
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I was asked to fill up my details before ushered to my seat. My hair stylist for that day was Ms Jessica who always put on her smile all the time. She then explained that there are a total of 7 steps for this treatment.

Step 1: Shampoo hair, at the same time repaired damaged hair
Step 2: Protein fills up empty spaces in the hair and rectify cuticle
Step 3: Increase elasticity and volume by providing moisture to hair
Step 4: Improves absorption of moisture into hair
Step 5: Increases hair elasticity, making hair soft
Step 6: Decreases damage level to the minimal
Step 7: Rectify cuticle and protects the hair

My Experience
Walking on Sunshine Orchard Central-Singapore
The hair salon interior is decorated with artificial decorative plants focusing on green plants, wood and metal elements for the aesthetics of the place. There are open cubicles where customers can opt for private space for themselves. Each cubicle is partitioned partially by metallic framework and decorative plants to act as ‘wall’ between one another.

Unfortunately, there is limited cubicles, and I was seated at the open space which is totally fine for me. Same decoration except that there is no frameworks side by side.

Walking on Sunshine Orchard Central-Hair Treatment
So, Jessica started the treatment while explaining the steps to me. A good hair wash with shampoo and conditioner to start off the treatment. She shared that this treatment is good for my dry, frizzy, and tangled locks as the formula designed to infuse my hair with much-needed protein. The steps also help to increase hair elasticity, volume, and moistures the hair.
Walking on Sunshine Orchard Central-Hair Treatment Singapore
Next, my hair was steamed to allow absorption of nourishing nutrients. This is usually one of the must-have steps in any hair treatment.
Walking on Sunshine Orchard Central-Aqua Hair Treatment Singapore
Lastly, Jessica showed me the hair straightener that she will be using it to run through my hair. I was surprised that it is an ice-cold straightener instead of the heat-styling straightener. Advance technology indeed! My tresses were neat and slippery after a nice run through with the straightener.

Here is the before and after photo for comparison.
Walking on Sunshine Orchard Central-Aqua Hair Treatment Singapore Hazeldiary
Walking on Sunshine Orchard Central-Aqua Hair Treatment Singapore Hazeldiary 1
You can see the result immediately. Smooth and glossy hair, which is very easy for me. There is almost zero downtime to style except to blow dry my hair. I also felt lesser frizzy tangle even after a few wash now. It has almost a week since my last treatment and the hair remain smooth and minimal frizzy tangle. It is so much easy to style now. I was told that the treatment can last for 2 to 3 months. I think I will most probably back for the treatment to maintain my tresses.

Apart from the hair treatment experience, each customer is entitled to free nail service or hand massage. For nail servicing, it is mainly on shaping and colouring while hand massage will be a finger mask. I was rushing to my next appointment so I did not go ahead with this.

My whole treatment process took me approximately an hour and 30 minutes. It is just perfect for me to go for my next appointment date.

If you are interested to find out what other treatments available, please visit their official website for more information.

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[No monetary compensation was received for this review and all opinions were based on my own experience.]

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