Guide to Collect Form K & Birth Certificate from Malaysia High Commission

This is the final step to complete the renunciation of Malaysia citizenship process. After 8 months submitting all the documentation, Malaysia High Commission (MHC) will send out a hard copy letter stating that your Form K (final renunciation letter) and Birth Certificate documents are ready for collection. If you have yet to receive it after 8 months, you may wish to follow up with email to Consular Section. You must have either one documents ready to avoid being rejected when you arrive on the spot.
The letter stated that you do not need to book an appointment for the collection. All you need to do is to head down Consular Section of MHC between 2:30PM to 4:00PM during working days to collect.

After my experience on renunciation process, I arrive around 2:40PM and went straight to register at the counter to enter. Do take note that you are going to Consular Section and not the Immigration Section.

Documents Required:
Here are the following documents required (Original and Two photocopies each in A4 size paper):
(a) Singapore I/C or 11B Card (photocopy front and back of the document)
(b) Singapore Passport (bio-data page only)
(c) Singapore Citizenship Certificate (photocopy front & back of the document)
(d) Deed poll/ Baptism (if name has been changed/ if applicable)
NOTE: Please remember to bring along the letter stating that documents are ready for collection so that you can show it to the officer.

If you do not have Singapore Passport like me, it is okay. (I don’t think we can travel soon so I decided not to make one at this moment). I emailed to MHC to clarify and here is their reply in email.

Usually you will get the item (a) & (b) within 6 months through a ceremony but due to Covid-19, it may be delay. This happens to me, and I have yet to receive. It has been 8 months and I am still using the temporary I/C. So, if you have not received, please email ICA ( ) to request for a soft copy of the certified true copy and status.

As usual, check-ins and Health Declaration is required at the guard house before entering the premises. Once you enter, go to Consular Section and just queue at Counter 1. The officer will collect the documents from you.

Then, wait patiently for your name to be called. You will collect the Form K and your Birth Certificate after signing the acknowledgement documents. The whole process took approximately 10-15 minutes.

Lastly, scan the front and back of Form K and upload the soft copy to ICA portal or email them.

This marks the complete process of renunciation and converting to Singapore Citizenship.

You can refer below on the Process of Renunciation and ICA procedures.

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118 thoughts on “Guide to Collect Form K & Birth Certificate from Malaysia High Commission”

  1. Hi Hazel,

    Congratulations! and thank you so much for this update! Appreciate it.

    Can I confirm that you haven’t received your actual I/C and SCC but you could collect your Borang K and Birth Cert with a certified soft copy of the I/C and SCC from ICA?

    1. Hi John

      Yes you are right. As long as you got the certified soft copy from ICA, you will be able to collect Borang K and your Birth Cert.

  2. Hi Hazel,

    Could I check if you translated your Malaysian birth certificate and MyKad to English when submitted the documents to ICA for the application of SG citizenship? Could you advise where did you go? Thanks in advance!

        1. Do take note there are 2 version of Malaysia birth certificate. One is just a small piece of paper and the other is actually in A4 size format. The small piece of paper version didn’t have any English wording in it while the A4 size (green color background has it).

      1. Hi Hazel,

        My M’sia birth cert is the type of small piece paper, not the new format in green background, will that a problem? Do we need to change to new format for submission?

  3. Hi Hazel,
    Thank you for sharing the steps, I have completed the renunciation but for some reason forgotten did the embassy took our temp NRIC as I can’t find me. Thank you.

    1. Hi Irene

      Yup. MHC will take your Malaysia I/C and you can only collect it when you collect Borang K after 8 mths.

  4. I have submitted my renunciation application last October till now I still have yet to receive the approval… it has been more than 8 months…. what can I do? Any advice?

    1. Hi Jamie

      Did you check your letterbox? They send by hardcopy. If not, maybe you email MHC to check on the status.

      1. Hi Hazel,

        Nothing received hmm… and I emailed them take 3 days to get a response today is the 3rd days hopefully they will update me.

        Thanks for your reply.

  5. Hi Hazel,

    Many thanks for sharing the detailed procedures! As for myself, I have already submitted all the necessary docs and taken the Oath back in March 2021. According to your advise, it takes about 8 months (Nov 2021) then I can collect the Borang K to email back to ICA and confirm that this whole renunciation thing is completed. However, my 22nd birthday falls on September which means that I definitely can’t submit the final doc Borang K to ICA in time… does this mean that my citizenship may be revoked? Or could you please advise any other alternatives?

    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Sandy

      After you collect MY-RN1 form and submit to ICA, you are already Singapore Citizen officially. Borang K is the last step to complete ICA documentation. We were given the temporary IC slip and pending for their update on pink I/C.

      Hope this clarifies.

      I created a Telegram Channel – to update the status from runner there.. U can join and see the updates

  6. Hi Hazel, Thanks for your detail process, really awesome and it is helpful, but one thing that I would like to clarify is, after 8 months to collect the Borang K and birth certificate, is Malaysia NRIC to be collected? or it will return to Malaysia and unable to get back?

      1. Hi Hazel,

        Thanks for your reply.
        Is Malaysia NRIC and passport have to return to consular section? And can’t get back anymore?

  7. Hi Hazel,
    According to the email received from HCM, one of the document needed to collect Form K is “Acknowledgement Slip (MY-RN1 Form). May I know is this form with us or with HCM?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi PS

      You will get the MY-RN1 Form after you renounce and this form u need to submit to ICA. Borang K is 8 months later. Hope this helps

  8. Hi Hazel,

    May I know how long did you wait for the original Borang K and birth cert collection? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Dennis

      It took me approximately 8 mths. They will send you hardcopy letter. So you need to take note.

      Hope this helps

    1. Hi Iris

      It will take up to 8 mths time. It will not affect your completion on ICA side. Just proceed after you complete your renunciation process.
      Hope this helps

  9. Hi Hazel,

    You’re so awesome in sharing the steps in your journey! It’s been immensely helpful. I’m wondering if you know if we can renounce our citizenship in Malaysia instead?

    The appointment date given by HCM is too late (I’m pregnant and due soon. Apptmt date given is too close to my delivery date and there’s also the added problem of giving birth to my baby a Malaysian and having to convert her – more unnecessary paperwork compared to if she’s born a Singaporean!). I’m thinking of traveling back to Malaysia to renounce and bringing back the MY-RN1 form. Any idea if this is possible or does it HAVE to be done in HCM Singapore?

    Thanks so much in advance!!

    1. Hi JQ

      I dont think can renounce in M’sia because you will be submitting your IC, birth certificate and passport over to them. So you will temporarily has no identity. Perhaps you can email to MHC to inform that you have special situation that you are giving birth soon. They might speed up the process for you.
      If not, you renounce after you give birth. The SG citizenship journey is within 6 mths grace period.

      Hope this helps….

    2. Hi JQ,
      You can try emailing ICA on your situation. My from experience ICA is more considerate than MHC. In my case, my renunciation appointment from MHC was 3 months later but my ICA appointment for Singapore citizenship was within the same month so I emailed to ICA for help. Surprisingly, ICA allows me to convert and get my pink IC and SG passport while waiting for MY renunciation. You can email ICA or call them for their advise.

  10. Dear Hazel,
    May I check with you . Is it after 8 months or after collecting back my Borang K . Then only I can submit for my Full KWSP withdrawal?
    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Bee Bee

      Yup. I did that and still waiting for KWSP to update me… One of the supporting document required was Borang K

      1. So sorry , just saw your reply .

        Thank you so much Hazel. Can you share your KWSP withdrawal process with me

      2. So sorry , just saw your reply .

        Thank you so much Hazel.

        Can you share your KWSP withdrawal process with me

  11. Hi

    Can I check did anyone not receiving any news from embassy side after 1 year 3 months for receiving of Borang K? tried emailing them but no response?

    1. Hi Jyy

      Maybe you can try and check in your junk mail. I didn’t receive any hard copy letter and I checked my email everyday also didn’t notice any notification. After sometimes , I checked my junk mail then I found mine inside the junk mail.

    2. Hi Jyy,

      This is applied to me as well.

      The officer told me that my batch of borang K has gone missing.

      Do you have any solution yet.

      1. Hi KW

        Any updates to your missing batch of Borong K? I have waited for 11 months and not received any reply from the HCOM. They said it takes 8-12 months now.

    3. Hi Jyy

      Any updates on your Borong K? Have you received it? Did you call the HCOM directly or email? I have waited for 11 mths and still did not receive any email or letter. Thanks

    4. My son has still not received his form k and its already 1 year 2 weeks. Had written to Malaysia high commission but no reply yet. Hazel is there a way i can get in touch with Jyy to find out whether he got his Form K and if he encountered any problems with the Singapore side due to the delay. For his case the Singapore side has given him 3 months extension

      1. Hi Chui Lan

        Perhaps you can try call them or leave a msg on their FB page? if not, you need to go down personally to find out…

        1. For those who are affected by the long long delay to hear from MHC Singapore to collect Form K, here is what you have to do.
          1. Call JPN putrajaya @ +603-88808171 (customer service). Give your name and ic number. They can check their database and inform you the date your borang k application was approved.
          2. Write to MHC Singapore to enquire about the status of your application. Inform them the date Putrajaya approved the application and also that ICA chasing for submission of Form K.
          3. Putrajaya also said can ask MHC
          Singapore to give an extract in the event the Form K gets misplaced along the way (I m not sure about this cos at times they can say anything but when the time comes they might push you here and there)
          Hope this will help readers who are affected by this delay.

          1. Hi. I face the same problem too. Was informed my Borang K was misplaced . Have requested for an extract to be emailed over or to be sent to MHC (to be collected at Jervois Rd). However, was advised to get extract at nearby JPN (at Johor).

            I do not wish to travel to Johor. Any solution?

          2. Hi SK

            Wow.. this is bad.. Perhaps you can engage a runner to collect for u? Did you ask them if you can authorize someone to collect for you?

    5. My son has still not received his form k and its already 1 year 2 weeks. Had written to Malaysia high commission but no reply yet. Hazel is there a way i can get in touch with Jyy to find out whether he got his Form K and if he encountered any problems with the Singapore side due to the delay. For his case the Singapore side has given him 3 months extension. Pls reply to me at

      1. I face the same problem. Have waited for 1 year and 3 months. I wrote to MHC & apparently my form was misplaced. Was referred to JPN and below is their reply:

        “For your information you can make application extract copy of Borang K at any Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Malaysia (JPN) nearby you and we feel sorry that we dont have application online for extract copy so that we cant email to you Borang K. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your consideration.”

        1. Sk, so sorry to hear they lost your Form K. The 1st time we wrote to MHC Singapore was at 8 months. They replied and asked us to check again after 8 months and over. Finally after 1 yr 3 mths, we wrote to MHC Singapore again, this time with the date JPN Putrajaya approved our application i e 31/10/21. Within 1 week plus, MHC Singapore replied asking us to collect the Form K anytime. Looks like someone was sitting on it for a long while.

  12. It has been 10 months, I have yet to receive any news from the embassy. emailing them no response. 🙁

      1. Yes. I did check my mailbox everyday but still till this moment I didn’t receive any letter from them.

  13. Hi Hazel

    I just received email from ICA for the next step which they send the appointment to go to ICA. In 1 month time .(already completed my sg journey and upload photo.) Now need to do the renunciation at malaysia embassy. I just email the councelar to inform if can get any nearest date . Pending reply from them. Is the both form cannot be download online?.
    If 1 form submitted to the counselar and collection after 3 days is that the paper that we download to the ICA portal? Since we only given 6 month to process if not our citizens application of will be cancelled. What about the other form that we need 8 month to receive from the putrajaya …when will we submit that to ICA?
    Is it while waiting for the letter we can still proced to go to ICA appt given?

    1. Hi Liza

      For Malaysia embassy forms, you can only go down to take and fill up on the spot. The Borang K will be the last step. It is alright. Once you received form MY-RN1 from Malaysia side, you can complete your citizenship journey. The Borang K can be upload to ICA website after you receive.

      Hope this clarifies.
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    1. Hi IdaMajid

      Either you go down directly with the email notification and ask them or you try to email them again. If you want faster solution, I would suggest you to go down to ask…

    1. Hi Jun

      The birth certificate will return if you are referring to that. They will return together with Borang K

      1. Hi Hazel,

        How about the birth register cert? I’m born in Singapore. So I hold a Singapore birth cert & Borang W (Birth Register Certificate)

        Any idea will they return the birth register certificate or no?

        Thank you

        1. Hi Jun

          They will return together with Borang K. You can double confirm with the officer when you do your renunciation.

  14. Hi Hazel,

    Does the Consular Section still need the Acknowledgement Slip (MY-RN1 Form) when we go down to the Consular to collect the Form K?

    It was stated in the email that MY-RN1 Form is one of the documents to bring along.

    Thank you.

    My MY-RN1 Form has been submitted to ICA.

  15. Hi hazel, how long ica get back to you on the certificate of true copies for the sg citizenship? This is for the collection of borong k at malaysia high comm.

    I have email them since last week but not yet reply.

      1. Hi, meaning i need go visit ica citizenship department on a ad hoc basis to get the true copy of certificate?

          1. Hi,
            Manage to clear all. Went down to ica on ad hoc basis as they did not reply my email to them.

            Manage to get from them actual pink ic and printed certificate. Guess they still want me to attend the ceremony at all cost.

            Thanks for your advise n posting.

            Lastly, wanted to buy you acoffee but the link wont work siah… i am not a paypal user.

        1. Hi Tan,

          I saw you have the same issued as me. I received the email for collection of form K but I still don’t have any ceremony of citizenship hence I don’t have my certificate yet. But this is the required documents from MHC, and I have emailed iCA to request it but they still never reply. Not sure am I able to walk in to ICA to request the certified copy of the citizenship certificate?

          Appreciate your reply, thanks!

          Yuan Fang

  16. Hi Hazel,

    I have been waiting my Borang K for more than 1 year 4 months, every month email MHC but just replied me and ask me to wait 8-12 months….

  17. Hi Hazel,

    l had just, made an appointment with MHC but my deadline for the oath-taking is on Oct 2022. What should l do? Cus l saw many of the comments that the process can take up to 8-12months. Please advise me on how to proceed. Help!

    1. Hi Alex

      Huh? you need to email MHC to inform them your ICA appointment is on the stated date. Ask them can expedite or not… I saw some of them went to ICA first before MHC. Perhaps you can check…

  18. Hi, i just realised that MHC had emailed me in June telling me to collect the form k within a month but it has been 2 months now, will they still allow me to collect the form K?

    1. Hi Cz

      I am not sure but they sure keep your form for a certain period. You better email or go down personally to ask faster. You need the form K to do clearance and identify yourself for Msia documentations and also ICA updates.

  19. Hi Any one successful withdrawal EPF after renounce / get the borang K ?

    can share the steps?

    We need to wait for the Borang K from Consular..only can proceed to withdrawal EPF?

    Do we need to update our bank account in Malaysia before proceed to EPF?

    Thank you so much

  20. Hi Hazel,

    I received email from MHC for collection of my borang k but I have yet receive my citizenship certificate. I also email ICA to request for the certified copy on it but they still not reply me, any idea am I allowed to walk in to ICA to request it?
    Anyone have experienced on this? As I only given 1 mth timeframe to collect the borang K, I scared I run out of time, appreciate your advice if any.

    1. Hi Yuan Fang

      ICA will send you the letter to inform you to attend the ceremony for the collection of citizenship certificate. Anyway, u are official Singaporean when you submit your docs to ICA and did the documentation. You can apply passport already, right?

      1. Hi Hazel, I already got my pink IC but the ceremony for collection of the certificate still not hold yet and I think they will schedule later.
        My problems is I need the citizenship certificate in order for me to collect the borang K in embassy Malaysia and I did email ica to request for the certified true copy but they yet reply me. Just wonder any other way can expedite this? Can I walk in to ICA to request instead?

        1. Hi Yuan Fang

          How come need the certificate to collect Borang K? I don’t have this issue. I guess you need to call in ICA to check. I dont think they will entertain walk-in request. You can try.

  21. Documents Required:
    Here are the following documents required (Original and Two photocopies each in A4 size paper):
    (a) Singapore I/C or 11B Card (photocopy front and back of the document)
    (b) Singapore Passport (bio-data page only)
    (c) Singapore Citizenship Certificate (photocopy front & back of the document)
    (d) Deed poll/ Baptism (if name has been changed/ if applicable)

    Item C! This is the compulsory docs requested by MHC, the above info is copied from your post and I’m requested the same documents as you.
    Are we in the same picture? Anyway I will call ICA to clarify. Thanks

  22. I have already been waiting 1 year and 8 month to collect my borang K. Can you help to advise how I can follow up this with the Malaysia High Commission? No reply for my email sent.

  23. Hi Hazel,

    I have received the email to collect the Borang K within one month with just a walk-in. My problem is I am overseas studying and not be able to come back to Singapore MHC to collect the Borang K within the deadline. I have emailed and called the MHC, but no response at all. Could you advise what happens if I couldn’t collect the Borang K within the deadline?



    1. Hi Xavier

      Sorry I am not sure about this. Maybe you can try calling to see if you can get someone to collect for you. So u need to issue an authorization letter so that the person collect on behalf of you can collect.

  24. Hi Hazel,

    Yesterday just received a response from the Consular Officer as below:

    You may authorise any of your family members to collect your Form K on your behalf.

    2. Original authorisation letter and the authorised person IC are required during the collection too. (2 copies)

    3. Your Singapore IC, Passport & Singapore Citizenship are required front and back and two copies to be clearly photocopied otherwise will be rejected.

    From the above, I should only need to post the original authorise letter to my parent. Hope the Form K is smoothly collected

    1. Hi Xavier

      Sorry I do not have it but you can google. Just a simple authorisation letter with name and NRIC in it for verification purpose.

  25. Hi hazel

    According to the email received from HCM, one of the document needed to collect Form K is “Acknowledgement Slip (MY-RN1 Form).

    Did you bring this when you went to collect form k?


        1. Hi Swee Leng, did you get to collect borang k after when you lost your myrn1 form?

          I didn’t get the email from HCM for my dad renunciation. I’m worried and hope you can reply to guide me the way to proceed when I lost myrn1 form to collect borang k to proof to ica

  26. Hi Hazel, after Form K is collected from MHC, did you have to translate it to English before uploading the soft copy to ICA portal? ICA portal seems to say Original and Translated versions are required. Can anyone verify this?

  27. Hi everyone,

    Big shout out to Hazel and all the other contributors. Have learned so much from reading all the comments.

    Curious… did anyone receive back their Malaysian NRIC when collecting Borang K? Or it is just Msia birth cert + Borang K?


    1. Hi Nick

      Thank you for your kind comment. We will no longer have our Malaysia NRIC back when we collect our Borang K.

  28. Hi!

    Did you submit your Borang K form via myICA? I read that I’m supposed to do that but I have no idea which e-service on the website to use to upload the Borang K. Can’t find the function to do so on the website…

    1. Hi Thomas

      Yes via the portal. Once you login in and you can check there is a pending doc submission for the last part. You need to attach the document

  29. Hi Hazel,

    May I know what documents did you submit to EPF for the withdrawal of funds?

    I’m a bit confused in regards to the documents required.

    Much appreciate.

    Thank you I’m advance.

      1. Hi Hazel,

        Much appreciated for the reply.

        I just confirmed with MHC and they mentioned need to wait for the Form K no matter what and they don’t issue any letter confirming the surrender of Malaysian ICs.

        Am I right to say for your case, you submitted the Form K to EPF side?

        Thank you.

  30. Hi Hazel,

    On the EPF website in regards to EPF withdrawal, they requires Form K or a letter from NRD/MHC confirming surrender of Malaysian ICs.

    Anyone gotten such letter from them (NRD/MHC) ?

    Thank you.

  31. Hi,
    Can I check if got MY- RN1 can straight go ICA do OATH?
    As currently I been waiting for all most 8 month soon to collect The Borang K…

  32. Hi Hazel may I know after complete the 2nd step at the ica for my citizenship stuff and they told me that I have to wait for my form k so will they be emailing me or send a letter to me and it’s within the 8 month as I’m confused

    1. Hi Karchun

      Ya the last step is to wait for Malaysia Embassy to issue the Borang K so you can go down to cllect. That is the last step before u upload the borang K to ICA website…

  33. Hello all,

    I’m at the unfortunate end that my family is not able to help collect Borang K and given the time frame, I don’t think I would be able to make a trip back to Singapore to settle such issue.

    I wonder if there is anyone is in the same boat as me for missing the timeframe of collecting borang K and birth cert? What will happened?


  34. Anyone can advise on the Malaysia Bank account? Have to go about it like update with bank or have to close the bank account? Have to do it before or after the renounciation?

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