Guide to Collect Form K & Birth Certificate from Malaysia High Commission

This is the final step to complete the renunciation of Malaysia citizenship process. After 8 months submitting all the documentation, Malaysia High Commission (MHC) will send out a hard copy letter stating that your Form K (final renunciation letter) and Birth Certificate documents are ready for collection. If you have yet to receive it after 8 months, you may wish to follow up with email to Consular Section. You must have either one documents ready to avoid being rejected when you arrive on the spot.
The letter stated that you do not need to book an appointment for the collection. All you need to do is to head down Consular Section of MHC between 2:30PM to 4:00PM during working days to collect.

After my experience on renunciation process, I arrive around 2:40PM and went straight to register at the counter to enter. Do take note that you are going to Consular Section and not the Immigration Section.

Documents Required:
Here are the following documents required (Original and Two photocopies each in A4 size paper):
(a) Singapore I/C or 11B Card (photocopy front and back of the document)
(b) Singapore Passport (bio-data page only)
(c) Singapore Citizenship Certificate (photocopy front & back of the document)
(d) Deed poll/ Baptism (if name has been changed/ if applicable)
NOTE: Please remember to bring along the letter stating that documents are ready for collection so that you can show it to the officer.

If you do not have Singapore Passport like me, it is okay. (I don’t think we can travel soon so I decided not to make one at this moment). I emailed to MHC to clarify and here is their reply in email.

Usually you will get the item (a) & (b) within 6 months through a ceremony but due to Covid-19, it may be delay. This happens to me, and I have yet to receive. It has been 8 months and I am still using the temporary I/C. So, if you have not received, please email ICA ( ) to request for a soft copy of the certified true copy and status.

As usual, check-ins and Health Declaration is required at the guard house before entering the premises. Once you enter, go to Consular Section and just queue at Counter 1. The officer will collect the documents from you.

Then, wait patiently for your name to be called. You will collect the Form K and your Birth Certificate after signing the acknowledgement documents. The whole process took approximately 10-15 minutes.

Lastly, scan the front and back of Form K and upload the soft copy to ICA portal or email them.

This marks the complete process of renunciation and converting to Singapore Citizenship.

You can refer below on the Process of Renunciation and ICA procedures.

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6 thoughts on “Guide to Collect Form K & Birth Certificate from Malaysia High Commission”

  1. Hi Hazel,

    Congratulations! and thank you so much for this update! Appreciate it.

    Can I confirm that you haven’t received your actual I/C and SCC but you could collect your Borang K and Birth Cert with a certified soft copy of the I/C and SCC from ICA?

    1. Hi John

      Yes you are right. As long as you got the certified soft copy from ICA, you will be able to collect Borang K and your Birth Cert.

  2. Hi Hazel,

    Could I check if you translated your Malaysian birth certificate and MyKad to English when submitted the documents to ICA for the application of SG citizenship? Could you advise where did you go? Thanks in advance!

        1. Do take note there are 2 version of Malaysia birth certificate. One is just a small piece of paper and the other is actually in A4 size format. The small piece of paper version didn’t have any English wording in it while the A4 size (green color background has it).

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