Guide On How To Renew Malaysia Passport In Singapore 2021

With the current Covid situation, we are unable to go back Malaysia to do passport renewal. There also been changes in renewal passport at High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore as well. So, this post is to share on the recent experience that my sister and friends who did the renewal this year.

1. Apply online as no walk-in to High Commission of Malaysia is possible anymore.
2. Email them for appointment –
3. Collect Passport

However, most people have the common problem, which is the photo is unable to upload and payment page doesn’t work.

Approach FotoHub Singapore as the third party to help you on the renewal. Apparently, they provide the services to assist on the renewal passport.
All you need to do:
1. Bring your S’pore NRIC/ Pass, Malaysia NRIC and Passport to the store
2. Fill up your particular details- Name, NRIC, Contact details as stated in the form
3. Make payment via CASH only

FotoHub will charge S$99.00 nett for the photo-taking and renewal passport. For senior citizen, the fee is priced at S$60 plus (not sure the exact amount because my friend forgotten).

Once you done all the above 3 steps, the staff will show u this piece of paper along with your official receipt number. Do keep your official receipt for future use. Followed by explanation on the 3 scenarios.

Scenario A– It is very straightforward. The waiting time is 8-12 weeks time and you just need to wait for the email from the authorities to inform you that they receive your renewal approval followed by collection email date from Malaysia Embassy.

Scenario B – If you receive renewal and not approved email from Immigration Malaysia due to photo issue, you need to make an e-appointment via STO – or print out Official Receipt and write your contact number and email and drop it at the dropbox located at the Malaysia Embassy guard house.Malaysia High Commission-Hazeldiary
Once you drop your receipt along with the information, wait for the email from the Immigration Department. They will email you with the date and time to go down for the recapture your photo, thumbprint and process your passport. It will take approximately 3 working days after you drop it at the dropbox.
Do take note on the information stated in the email. My Kad Identity card, printed online resit rasmi (official receipt) and current passport required to bring along to proceed to Counter 11 for your Queue Ticket.

Scenario C – No email received from Malaysia Immigration after 10 weeks by ( or , you need to print out Official Receipt and write your contact number and email and drop it at the dropbox located at the Malaysia Embassy guard house. Or, make an e-appointment via STO –

After all the submission, all you need to pray and hope that they will reply to you. Some said the renewal passport takes more than 6 months to process now. So, do make your plans earlier if your passport is going to expire soon.
TIPS: Senior Citizens have the privilege to skip the queue during collection of passport. Uncle Aunties can just approach the counter directly.

Once you secure your new passport, remember to update your Singapore Re-Entry Permit Online via ICA official website.

If you have plans to convert to Singapore Driving License, you can check my previous post here.

Or Renunciation of Malaysian Citizenship, read the post here.

If you have any other information to take note, please feel to share here so that everyone can have a better understanding and skip all the hassle during the whole process.

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11 thoughts on “Guide On How To Renew Malaysia Passport In Singapore 2021”

  1. HI Hazel,

    Thanks for the post, it is helpful. Do you have experience or know of people who applied via FotoHub? Generally, does it take a longer or shorter time if we go through them?

    Thank you

    Leong Hui

    1. Hi Leong Hui

      It varies on cases I think. One of my friend submission got rejected and end up she has to go to the MHC to drop the details and wait for the email for appointment. Another person successfully get it done within 2-3 months. And she only need to go down once to collect passport.

  2. I applied today, it seems that additional 3 document s need to be uploaded.

    Can Singapore credit card use for payment of the fees. Anyone know? I don’t have Malaysia FBX


    1. Singapore credit card will have unfavorable forex rates. But small price to pay for convenience. Else, can check any friends have malaysia credit cards, or apply for cards like Youtrip/Revolut in singapore.

  3. Anyone knows the latest procedure? Do i just wait after online application?
    Just did a renewal for parents online successfully. Got receipt but there is no collection date given at the end, no email/sms acknowledgement too.

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