Guide on How to Get A Refund For Your Expired Touch ‘n Go Card Via Online

Many of us hold several Touch ‘n Go cards which are DORMANT or INACTIVE partly due to the pandemic. The card usually inactive if there is no transaction within a year. What we used to do in the past is to walk-in to the Toll office to get the card activate or refund, which is very inconvenient and time consuming. With the Touch ‘n go portal, you can now easily request for a refund via online.

Here are the step-by-step to get your refund for your Touch ‘n Go card through Touch ‘n Go eWallet. FYI. Malaysia is implementing eWallet for their daily transactions like toll, parking, and retail.

Step 1 : REGISTER an Account with .

Step 2 : Register your expired cards at Touch ‘n Go Portal. Once you register, it will show on the profile with your card ID with the details like card balance, last transaction as shown below.
Touchngo registration card
Step 3 : Go to
Touchngo e-refund
Touch'n Go eRefund-Website

Step 4: Enter your Card Serial Number, details ( Name, NRIC) and choice of refund payment method before you submit.
Touch'n Go eRefund-1
Step 5 : Once you submitted, you will receive the submission reference number. You will receive an email confirmation stating that the refund is processed.Touch'n Go eRefund-Last step
Email Confirmation refund touch n go
Note: The refund payment will be processed within thirty (30) days from the date of refund request submission.

Do share if you have more information as I will update the post from time to time.

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2 thoughts on “Guide on How to Get A Refund For Your Expired Touch ‘n Go Card Via Online”

  1. I share something .. I went down to KLCC – Touch and Go service centre. (for those of you in KL).
    and to my horror the guy said that each year your card dormant charged RM3 if not wrong – so you got be careful think mine dormant 2 years plus RM9 all gone. I was super fed up and angry. He says this is how it works
    Bank Negara did not say anything so they follow this rule. So I don’t understand how anyone can get back any money.. they just eat your money. Unless you got like lot of money inside not even sure if they give you back. Also the guy said cannot activate the card as well. Can throw away. Wasted all my money and my time as well.

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