[TAIWAN TRAVELS] Exploring Shenkeng 深坑區 Old Street- A Stinky Tofu Adventure in Taipei | Taiwan

Shenkeng Old Street nestled within the district of New Taipei City is renowned as the heart of stinky tofu culture in Taiwan. With its quaint heritage buildings and tantalizing aromas wafting through the air, this historic street offers visitors a taste of traditional Taiwanese cuisine amidst a backdrop of folklore and charm.

Read more: [TAIWAN TRAVELS] Exploring Shenkeng 深坑區 Old Street- A Stinky Tofu Adventure in Taipei | Taiwan

Shenkeng, aptly named for its once-active coal mines, has evolved into the tofu capital of Taiwan, drawing food enthusiasts from far and wide to indulge in its most infamous delicacy: stinky tofu. Made by fermenting tofu in brine and spices, this aromatic dish elicits a range of reactions, from delight to disdain. However, amidst the diverse opinions, one thing remains clear – stinky tofu holds a special place in Taiwanese culinary heritage.

Shenkeng Street may be shorter than some of Taipei’s other old streets, but it still offers a charming atmosphere worth exploring for 2-4 hours. Consider extending your visit by planning a trip to Maokong, The Tea Haven, conveniently located nearby. Whether you prefer a pre-purchased day tour for hassle-free transportation and travel planning or a more flexible free-and-easy option, the choice depends on your personal preferences.

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How to Get to Shenkeng Old Street

To reach Shenkeng Old Street in Taipei, you have several transportation options:

  • MRT: Board the MRT heading towards Muzha Station (Brown Line), then transfer to bus 0 (red 31) at the station exit. Disembark at Shenkeng Old Street Stop.
  • Bus: Catch a bus from Taipei City Hall Bus Station or Taipei Zoo Bus Station. Opt for bus numbers 236, 237, 282, 282 Shuttle, 306, 306 Shuttle, 666, or 795, and alight at Shenkeng Old Street Stop.
  • Hiring a Taxi: Direct a taxi to Shenkeng Old Street, ensuring you mention “Shenkeng Laojie” (深坑老街) to the driver.
  • Driving or Riding a Scooter: If you’re driving, access National Freeway No. 3 or No. 5, then exit at Nangang or Xizhi Interchange. Follow the signage directing you to Shenkeng Old Street.

What Is The Must-Try Food in Shenkeng Old Street?

Shenkeng Old Street Taipei Taiwan-Stinky TofuShenkeng Old Street Taipei Taiwan-Stinky Tofu and perserved vegetables

Stinky Tofu Varieties: Delight in the diverse selection of tofu, including regular tofu, stinky tofu, dessert tofu, fried stinky tofu, BBQ stinky tofu, tofu cheese, tofu cake, sweet tofu drink, dried tofu, and the signature burnt-flavored tofu ice cream. Each variation offers a unique texture and taste, showcasing Shenkeng’s rich tofu tradition.

Shenkeng Old Street Taipei Taiwan-Tofu Ice-cream

Tofu Ice Cream: Treat yourself to the unique fusion of creamy tofu and sweet ice cream flavors with tofu ice cream. Its distinctive burnt flavor, emblematic of Shenkeng, offers a refreshing and memorable dessert experience.

Shenkeng Old Street Taipei Taiwan-Chicken Butt Skewer

Chicken Butt Skewer: Indulge in the savory delight of chicken butt skewers, expertly grilled to perfection and seasoned with a tantalizing blend of spices. This popular street food choice promises a burst of flavor in every bite, making it a must-try snack while exploring Shenkeng Old Street.

Shenkeng Old Street Taipei Taiwan-Fermented TofuShenkeng Old Street Taipei Taiwan-Fermented Tofu Store

Fermented Tofu: Enhance your porridge/ meal experience by bringing home some fermented tofu, a perfect accompaniment available in various flavors such as sweet, sour, and spicy. Packaged in bottles of two different sizes, the store owner will ensure secure packaging for easy transport back to Singapore. Simply check the date on the cap to ferment it before indulging. With a long shelf life of several months, you can enjoy its deliciousness for an extended period.

Shenkeng Old Street Taipei Taiwan-1

Whether it’s a full-day excursion or just a few hours of exploration, I found the experience here immensely enjoyable. With fewer tourists around, it’s easier to immerse oneself in the local culture and truly appreciate the surroundings. Additionally, the friendly locals contribute to making the visit even more pleasant.

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