[AD] Battle of the KFC Wings


Before I start off my sharing on the new launch product from KFC, here is the introduction of the company itself:-


I think everyone should be familiar with KFC since young. KFC is also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken Management Pte Ltd is the leading quick-service restaurant chain in the chicken category in Singapore. KFC is renowned for serving its customers delicious, complete family meals at affordable prices. The first KFC restaurant in Singapore was opened in 1977 and there are now 87 restaurants island-wide. KFC a.m. was introduced in November 2007 and now served at 68 of its restaurants. The company also provides KFC delivery as part of its commitment to meet the needs of consumers. There are 11,000 KFC restaurants in more than 80 countries and territories around the world serving some eight million customers each day. KFC is a subsidiary of Yum!Brands, Inc.,headquartered in the United States of America.

Battle of KFC Wings this time round! Japanese VS Korean flavours? You decide!

The tangy yet savoury Umadare #kfcoishii .Just nice for me who cannot take spicy taste.

The Sweet & Spicy Yang Yeum #kfcmashisoyo .Definitely spicy killer for those who favourite spiciness. I couldn’t take it although it was superb shiok commented by my friend.

Available for ala carte 4pcs wings sold at S$4.90 each. There is also Wings Rice Bento sold at S$6.90 that includes 4pcs wings, rice, salad and 1 7UP Lemon Mint.

It is available at all KFC stores except KFC Sentosa and Singapore Zoo for a limited time period. So, get yours TODAY!

KFC is currently having Instagram contest. Pick a side and be part of KFC’s Greatest Wing-Off followed by hashtag #kfcoishii or #kfcmashisoyo on instagram for your favourite flavor.

Deadline constest: 15 September 2015

For more information, check out their website: visit.www.kfc.com.sg

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