An addition hipster café along Jalan Dhoby, Johor Bahru was spotted. Flowers in the Window Cafe (just opposite The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen) is from the team behind The Roost Café, Bev C and Sea & Saw. The team has never failed to impress with their interior designs of the café. Each café has their own individualistic that never draws the attention of caféhoppers. As for Flowers in the Window, the café focuses on flowery theme. As you step into the café, you can feel the rustic and contemporary designs with flowery as the main focus. This-storey café is truly an instagram-worthy place for instagrammers. I kid you not.

Flowers in the Window Cafe Jalan Dhoby-3

This was taken on last Saturday afternoon
This was taken on last Saturday afternoon
This was taken on Sunday Morning
This was taken on Sunday Morning

I was there on last Saturday afternoon but it was full house. I gave up and went back on Sunday morning instead. I was the first customer on the sunny Sunday and they were still in the midst of preparing for opening. (It was past 10am). I went straight to 2nd floor to get a nice seat while waiting for the staffs to get ready for the ordering.
The view from 2nd story featuring the open-concept kitchen.
Flowers in the Window Cafe Jalan Dhoby JB
Flowers in the Window Cafe Jalan Dhoby-5

Flowers in the Window Cafe Jalan Dhoby-6
In Flowers in the Window, they serve brunch and mains. And this new concept serves fresh sourdough, homemade cakes and herb-infused beverages. It was Sunday morning, I decided to try their brunch.
Flowers in the Window Cafe Jalan Dhoby-2
Breakfast RM18.00 ~ [ approx S$6.20]
Flowers in the Window Cafe Jalan Dhoby-8

Flowers in the Window Cafe Jalan Dhoby-9
This breakfast set comes with a chicken sausage, scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and toasted breads. I love the crunchiness of the toast breads along with the juiciness of the cherry tomatoes. As for the chicken sausage, I find the smell was too strong for my liking though. But with the price offer, I still find it is quite value-friendly.
Homemade Herb & Spiced Infused Syrup RM12.90 ~ [approx S$4.44]
Flowers in the Window Cafe Jalan Dhoby-7
This is a specialty drink for this café. It comes with 3 types of drinks currently. I was recommended to try their basil, green apple,salt, cucumber and lemon. I was initially sceptical to give this a try. Oh boy! I was wrong after the first sip. It was refreshing and the concoction elements work beautifully. The cucumber taste wasn’t overpowering and I can taste bits of salt and lemony taste. Perfect for hot weather!

They are setting up a corner to sell flowers too. This is still in the progress as they are still currently in their first week. I will be back to try other foods listed in the menu sometime soon. Payment is to be made at the cashier counter at the first floor. My total bill was RM34.00 inclusive of 10% service charge for 1 pax.
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Flowers in the Window Café
9 Jalan Dhoby
80000 Johor Bahru
Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday 10:00AM – 10:00PM
Closed on Tuesday
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Flowers-in-the-Window/960653454011468
Instagram @flowersinthewindow09

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