I had an “amazing race” on Good Friday where we walked across the causeway and managed to clear JB immigration by 8.45am. I went home to take the car and we stopped at Kiang Kee Bak Kut Teh for breakfast. And thankfully by the time we finished our meal, Yap Fong Noodle House just opened for business. The noodle shop usually opens at 12noon but they opened 30minutes earlier that day. We were in luck!The noodle shop located just right after Kota Tinggi bridge on your right side of the shop houses. As the row of shop houses are quite shabby and old, this does not stop the locals to patronizing for the noodles here. Some even stop their car at the roadside to tapao or had a quick one.

The brothers preparing the orders

I still remember during younger days, I used to tapao the noodles at the stall just behind Nasha Hotel. It was the father of the current owner selling at that time and it was only RM2.50 per plate.How time flies!

The current owner managed by two brothers shared that Yap Fong Noodle has been passed down since their grandfather time. Wow! This is the third generation managing the business and shifted to a shop.

The homemade noodles and the fried meatballs

So, we are the 2nd customer for the day and we ordered 2 plates of dried noodles priced at RM5.00 per plate ( One plate with chilli and the other plate without chilli). Each plate of noodle comes with a bowl of soup. What so special about it is that the noodles are handmade noodles. The noodle comes with sliced char siew and minced pork.I also enjoyed their fried meat balls and stuffed tofu in the soup. We usually have noodles with wanton soup but here they served it differently. I still remembered last time my family will usually ask for extra fried meat balls to go with the noodles.
Since only the brothers are running the shop, do expect the waiting time to be longer when there are a crowd. Although some may feel that the noodles are just average taste but it holds the memories of the good old days for the locals. Even my parents will crave for it whenever they back to Kota Tinggi.

叶芳面家 – Yap Fong Noodle House

Address: Jalan Besar
81900 Kota Tinggi,
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 12.00PM – Late noon

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