[JB EATS] Openwork Coffee At Gim Shew Building- Another Hipster Café in Johor Bahru

[JB EATS] Openwork Coffee At Gim Shew Building- Another Hipster Café in Johor Bahru

So I finally visited this newly open café, Openwork Coffee during my trip to JB over the weekend. The café owner, Vinc was previously one of the co-founder of Replacement Lodge & Kitchen. He has started this new café with ‘XiaoMing’ logo and a spacious interior that offers handmade gyoza and coffee bar at the same time. We are here on Saturday noon and apparently we are the first customer of the day. We have the café all by ourselves for an hour plus before the next big group comes in.

Here is what we ordered that day:
Xiaoming’s Gyoza RM12.00 (5pcs) ~S$4.00
 The signature gyoza is available in two flavours-original and spicy. We ordered the original flavour. The spicy version will need additional RM2.00 ~S$0.67 top up. Tiny parcel of juicy filling encased in a dumpling wrapper and nicely pan-fried to golden brown at the bottom. It tasted pretty decent.
 We complete the meal with additional RM6.00 ~S$2.00 for a bowl of yuzu rice and lonely tofu. The lonely tofu is pretty small in portion though. However, we are quite impressed with the taste of the yuzu rice. It is a mixture of zesty flavour in it. Pretty refreshing!

Siuyuk Bowl RM19.00 ~S$6.34
 A bowl of crispy roasted meat (siuyuk) slices with cucumbers and yuzu rice. It is nicely done and tasted satisfying too. However, my friend commented she is only 80% full for this portion. So for big eaters, this might not be filling for you.

Matcha Latte RM12.00 ~S$4.00


Papaya Milk Yakult Foam RM14.00~S$4.67
 This is rather refreshing and I wouldn’t mind for second serving though provided the selling price is not that steep.
 Overall, the dining experience was pleasant and we loved the space in the café. It has the rustic and nostalgic surroundings. For those in love with minimalist, you will love this place. I personally feel that the food here are pretty good but maybe the price is not friendly enough for locals. We spent RM63.00 for the whole meal.

If you are wondering how to get there, you can take uber/grab from JB City Square Mall. But my friend went the next day and shared with me that they can walk to Komtar from the café. All you need to do is to walk under the bridge and you will reach the destination. My suggestion is to go via uber/grab and check with the café staff how to walk back to Komtar.

For more cafes around the area, check out my JB food guide here.

Openwork Coffee
Address: Gim Shew Building
80000 Johor Bahru
Opening Hours: 9:30AM – 11:30PM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/openworkcoffee/photos/pb.726653197515671.-2207520000.1497349546./762612707253053/?type=3&theater

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