[KOREA EATS] A Visit to Loco Quan 401 Restaurant by Haha ( “Running Man (런닝맨) Variety Show” Team Member)

E & I were searching what to eat around our hotel area and I found Loco Quan 401 Restaurant. What triggered my interest to visit the restaurant is that it is opened by Haha, the Running Man Team Member. If you are a fan of Running Man or Haha, check out this place.
Loco Quan 401 Korean Restaurant-9
As I searched for the location, I got to know that their original branch is in Hongdae. However,we are staying at Myeongdong area so we headed to the branch at Myeongdong instead. It is located between one of the alleys’ building at level 8.
Loco Quan 401 Korean Restaurant-11
Once the lift door opens, I saw Haha posters at the entrance of the restaurant.
Loco Quan 401 Korean Restaurant-8
Loco Quan 401 Korean Restaurant
We were seated and presented with the menu. The menu shows the types of meat for BBQ and also ala-carte dishes. We ordered boned ribbed beef 16,800kr won ~S$20.80 and Pork Meat between Neck and Shoulder (100g) 14,900 kr won ~S$18.50 for BBQ.
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Loco Quan 401 Korean Restaurant-2
Loco Quan 401 Korean Restaurant-6
Just like other Korean restaurants, banchan is complimentary and free flow of greens to go with BBQ.
Loco Quan 401 Korean Restaurant-7
E wanted to try their cold buckwheat noodles so we ordered one to try. It is priced at 6,000kr won ~S$7.50. We didn’t expect it to be so spicy. If you are planning to have it, please inform the staff to serve with chilli.
Loco Quan 401 Korean Restaurant-3
To be honest, I think the food here are okay and nothing to rave about. The staffs here do not have any expressions serving customers. I can’t feel the enthusiasm from them. Nevertheless, it was a good and filling meal. The staffs did their job well. Will I be returning back if I am back to Seoul again? I think I have better choice just like the one I had in Hongdae.
Loco Quan 401 Korean Restaurant-4

Loco Quan 401 Restaurant
Address: 8 Floor, Champion Building
41 Myeongdong 10-gil, Jung-gu
Seoul, South Korea

How To Get There
Direction: Myeongdong (Line 4) Station Exit 8. Turn left and walk straight and past Shinhan Bank. Then, continue to walk straight until you see MCM Building. You will see Champion Building next to it.
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