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Line Clear Nasi Kandar located in an alleyway at Jalan Penang, Georgetown, Penang is known for its nasi kandar among locals and tourists. There are quite a number of nasi kandar and I visited Nasi Kandar Beratur during my last visit to Penang. How time flies!Line Clear Nasi Kandar-Jalan Penang-1
Line Clear Nasi Kandar-Jalan Penang-Hazeldiary
Line Clear Nasi Kandar-Jalan Penang-Hazeldiary-4
And now I am here for Line Clear Nasi Kandar, which is 10minutes walking distance from E&O Hotel Penang (I stayed there during this trip). With the help of google map app, I managed to find the alleyway. So be sure you keep a lookout on their signboard on the walkway and turn left onto the alley.

Line Clear Nasi Kandar-Fish Head Curry-1
The place is not only famous with nasi kandar but also their gigantic fish head curry. Check out the fish heads displayed at the counter. If you are into fish head curries, you can try it out. But prepare to sweat a lot because the spicy kick is no kidding! It was superb spicy when we had it and it is not so fresh.
Line Clear Nasi Kandar-Fish Head Curry
I would suggest you to check the price first because we paid RM35 ~S$11.86 for our fish head curry. My parents were shocked with the price.We chose the smallest among the rest of the fish heads available.
Line Clear Nasi Kandar-Jalan Penang-Hazeldiary-3
Line Clear Nasi Kandar-Jalan Penang-Hazeldiary-2
Line Clear Nasi Kandar-Jalan Penang
No queue at all when we were there around 6 plus on a Saturday evening. I guess they are still preparing the dishes for the dinner crowd. We packed two packets of rice- one with white rice and the other with nasi briyani. And we had spicy squid, spicy chicken, grilled chicken soy paste, lady fingers and some green vegetables. The staff then had combination sauces drizzled all over our ingredients and rice before packing it to us. We packed back because my dad was not feeling well. So we decided to have it in the hotel.
Line Clear Nasi Kandar-Jalan Penang-Hazeldiary-nasi briyani
Line Clear Nasi Kandar-Jalan Penang-Hazeldiary-1
The total bill was RM62++ including RM35 fish head curry.
My dad enjoyed it and oh boy! The sauces are spicy and since I cannot take spicy, I do not really enjoy it. I can’t really taste the ingredients. All I can taste is the spicy sauce.
But my dad and sister shared that they enjoyed the combination sauce taste. The flavours are strong in general and the squid and chicken taste pretty good. As for me, I would prefer Nasi Kandar Deen Maju for the taste and pricing.
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Line Clear Nasi Kandar
Address: 177, Jalan Penang
Georgetown, 10000 Pulau Pinang
Opening Hours: 24 hours
*Halal Restaurant*
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