[HK EATS] Discover Sham Shui Po 深水埗 with Hong Kong Tourism Board

Meet Sham Shui Po 深水埗 located in Kowloon Hong Kong, where you can experience a vibrant community with concentrated eateries. The district is an electic and charming neighbourhood that beckons with its intriguing blend of tradition and modernity. Sham Shui Po is a district filled with hidden gems for local cheap eats and deals. You will find more locals than tourists here at least for now.
I had a wonderful night with Hong Kong Tourism Board last week to learn more about the place.I also include this two-minute time-lapse video titled “Immerse Yourself in Sham Shui Po like Locals Do” to give you a general glimpse of this vibrant community.

Here’s the specially-curated dinner comprising Sham Shui Po specialities crafted by chef David Yip of Circa 1912 over the dinner session.
#1. Soya Bean Milk
Kung Wo Beancurd Factory 公和荳品廠
Address: 118 Pei Ho Street,
Sham Shui Po
Opening Hours: 7:00AM-9:00PM Daily
Hong Kong Tourism Board-Sham Shui Po
Hong Kong classic dessert is none other than tofu pudding. Kung Wo Beancurd Factory is known as the tofu expert in Sham Shui Po for their tofu pudding and soy milk. Kung Wo Beancurd Factory has been operating since 1960. Their homemade soy milk is sugar-free and they also offer other tofu dishes like tofu puffs, deep fried tofu and more.

#2. Chee Cheong Fun
Hop Yik Tai 合益泰小食
Address: G/F, 121 Kweilin Street,
Sham Shui Po, Kowloon
Opening Hours: 6:30AM – 8:00PM
Hong Kong Tourism Board-Sham Shui Po-Cheong Fun
This is usually the breakfast option and also a typical local Hong Kong eatery that serves as a comfort food to the locals. Hop Yik Tai is known for its cheong fun (steamed rice rolls) and it is freshly made on a daily basis. The steamed rice rolls come with sweet sauce, sesame sauce and soy sauce. The eatery shop also offer other items like porridge, dish ball and many more. They are listed as one of the recommended place in the Michelin Guide last year.

#3. HK Char Siew Rice & Egg-inspired by God of Cookery Show
Hong Kong Tourism Board-Sham Shui Po-Char Siew Rice with Egg

#4. Pig’s liver mee hoon
Wai Kee Noodle Cafe 維記咖啡粉麵
Address: G/F, 62 & 67 Fuk Wing Street /
Shop D, G/F, 165–167 Pei Ho Street,
Sham Shui Po
Opening Hours: 6:30AM – 7:15PM
Hong Kong Tourism Board-Sham Shui Po-Liver noodles
This is inspired by the famous pork liver noodles and kaya French toasts from Wai Kee Noodle Café. If you are a fan of pork liver, check out this place. The online reviews raved about it and the queuing time will take at least an hour during peak hours. So be sure you don’t go with an empty stomach.

#5. Put Chai Ko
Kwan Kee Snack Store 坤記糕品
Address: 115–117 Fuk Wah Street, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 8:00AM–11:00PM Daily
Hong Kong Tourism Board-Sham Shui Po-Snacks
Check out Kwan Kee Snack Store, known for its homemade steamed rice pudding / put chai ko. It is an old-school Chinese dessert like red bean cake and white sugar cake. It brings back nostalgia feeling, don’t you think so?

#6. Steamed Malay Cake
Tim Ho Wan 添好运
Address: G/F, 9–11 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po
Opening Hours: 8:00AM-9.30PM Daily
Hong Kong Tourism Board-Sham Shui Po-Tim ho Wan
Famous for its Michelin Star Award, spot them in this area for a dim sum spread. A must-order dishes including crispy barbecue pork bun, steamed malay cake and many more.

Other eateries to include into Sham Shui Po food trail are as follow:
#7. Sun Hang Yuen ( known for its corned beef and egg sandwiches)
Address: 38 Kweilin Street,
Sham Shui Po

#8. Thai Chiu ( Michelin-recommended Thai restaurant offering Hainanese chicken rice, seafood tom yum kung and curry)
Address: 101-103 Fuk Wing Street,
Sham Shui Po

#9. Lau Sum Kee Noodle ( More than 60 years of history in making that offers noodles made from scratch).
Address: 48 Kweilin Street
Sham Shui Po

#10. King of Coconut (Coconut Beverage)
Address: 42-44 Kweilin Street,
Sham Shui Po
Hong Kong-Hazeldiary

Source: HKTB – Sham Shui Po – Fuk Wing Street
Source: HKTB – Sham Shui Po – Man Fung Building

If all the eating makes you full, it’s time to explore the district. For full version of Sham Shui Po walking guide, click here.

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Perhaps I should plan my Hong Kong trip soon. My last trip was 2 years back. Time flies! So many places yet to discover and share!

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