[TAIWAN EATS] Huang Ji Braised Pork Rice黃記滷肉飯 – Local Speciality in Zhongshan, Taipei

Lu Rou Fan or we called it Braised Pork Rice 滷肉飯 is listed top Taiwanese cuisine all time. It is a Taiwanese specialty dish that is simple and comforting. Braised pork rice bowl in savoury, rice sauce and drizzled over the rice. Yummy! Our hotel receptionist recommended Huang Ji Braised Pork Rice that is located near to Aloft Hotel Taipei Zhongshan.It is also located next to Qingguang market and 7-eleven convenience store near to the hotel.Huang Ji Braised Pork Rice-Taipei
Huang Ji Braised Pork Rice-Taipei-Taiwan-Zhongshan
Huang Ji Braised Pork Rice-Taipei-Taiwan-1
Huang Ji Braised Pork Rice-Taipei-3
As we approached the eatery, there is a form of line for take-away and we walked in to dine in. Thankfully there are seats available during our visit. We were given an order sheet before we enter inside so that we can place our order. Once we finalized our order, we make payment at the counter and waited patiently for the food to be served. As the order sheet is in Chinese characters, I am thankfully my travel partner is there to help with the order.
Huang Ji Braised Pork Rice-Taipei-Order Sheet

The dishes arrived within 5-10 minutes and we started to take photos first. We ordered the Braised Pork Rice 30TWD ~S$1.40 (S), Pork Belly Rice 50TWD ~S$2.40 and a plate of vegetable. It also comes in large size. We enjoyed the braised pork gravy that smothered on top of the rice. I wish I ordered large size instead. It was tasty and I enjoyed it with the short round grain Taiwanese rice. The pork belly meat was soft, tender and easily fell apart texture. Legit and worth trying the food here!
Huang Ji Braised Pork Rice-Taipei-Taiwan-Zhongshan-1
Huang Ji Braised Pork Rice-Taipei-Taiwan
Huang Ji Braised Pork Rice-Taipei-4
Overall, we had a good meal and it has a homely feel place to indulge. The best part is that less tourists and more locals here. I would definitely visit here again when I am back to Taiwan next time.
Huang Ji Braised Pork Rice-Taipei-2
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Huang Ji Braised Pork Rice 黃記魯肉飯
Address: No. 28號, Lane 183,
Section 2, Zhongshan North Road,
Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan
Opening Hours: 11:00AM – 9:30PM
Tuesday –Sunday ( Closed Monday)
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