[IPOH EATS] Ipoh Famous Chee Cheong Fun At Canning Garden – Son Took Over

[IPOH EATS] Ipoh Famous Chee Cheong Fun At Canning Garden – Son Took Over

Chee Cheong Fun stall located at Canning Garden, Ipoh was well-known by the locals away from the tourist hubs. Chee Cheong Fun, or we called it steamed rice noodles are known for breakfast choice by the locals. There are many decent chee cheong fun stalls in Ipoh but this particular stall at Canning Garden serves it on metal plates and traditional sauces.Restoran Canning Garden-Hazeldiary
The stall is just next to the famous 林青霞炸鸡 fried chicken that went viral because of HK actor Chapman To. Both are under the same coffee shop. The stall was used to run by an old uncle but he passed away last year. His son and daughter-in-law took over the business and continue his legendary chee cheong fun business.
Canning Garden Ipoh-Cheong Fun
There are 3 sauces to choose from- mushroom gravy, chilli sauce and sweet red sauce combination or sweet red sauce combination. Pick your choice of sauce to accompany your rice noodle rolls and sprinkled with sesame seeds, fried shallots and served with pickled green chillies as the side. Shiok!
Canning Garden Ipoh-Cheong Fun-4
Canning Garden Ipoh-Cheong Fun-Mushroom
Canning Garden Ipoh-Cheong Fun-Mix
Canning Garden Ipoh-Cheong Fun-3

For pricing wise, regular serving is priced at RM3.80 ~S$1.27 and large portion is priced at RM4.60 ~S$1.53. You can add on their pork skin curry for RM2.00 ~S$0.67, which I personally think you can skip it. The curry tasted light and watery for my liking although the pork skin curry sounds interesting.You can top up the crispy fish paste cracker (not sure what is it called) to your chee cheong fun too.
Canning Garden Ipoh-Cheong Fun-Curry
Canning Garden Ipoh-Cheong Fun-2
We ordered all three sauces to share among 4 of us.My friends and I loved the rice noodle rolls here. It was smooth and flavourful with the sweet and spicy combination sauce. I personally enjoy the mushroom gravy filled with sesame seeds and fried shallots and mushroom slices in it. What a satisfying breakfast to kick start the day!
Canning Garden Ipoh-Cheong Fun-5
Canning Garden Ipoh-Cheong Fun-1

Kedai Makanan Canning Garden
Address: 27, Lorong Cecil Rae
Canning Garden
31400 Ipoh, Perak
Opening Hours: 7:00AM – 11:30AM
Saturday & Sunday 7:00AM – 1:00PM
Note: They will close if/ until everything sold out early .

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