[JB EATS] Kedai Makanan Nasi Ayam Kee Chup- Nostalgia Spot for Halal Chicken Rice Near CIQ

“Nasi Ayam” is a Malay term and it refers to Chicken Rice, is a staple food for both Malaysia and Singapore. This dish is well-received by everyone and we have the Malay and Chinese version. And here I am at Nasi Ayam Kee Chup, the latest halal chicken rice spot in Johor Bahru. This place is already in operation for 3 months and it is known for their nostalgic space and of course their kee chup chicken rice.
Kee Chup only sells Chicken Rice and local drinks. They only serve chicken thigh with marinated homemade sauce. Oh boy! Look at the amount of chicken frying in process! The chicken thighs are deep-fried by batches. So if you miss the current batch, you will need to wait for next round.

We arrived around 11plus where they just opened and we are in queue no. 7. There is a corner for self-service of the soup, chilli and soy sauce diners to take. And spot the drinks at the next counter for self-service as well. It is free- flow drink.Alternatively, you can order drinks from the crew.
Here’s a picture of the boss chopping the chicken preparing the order.
The chicken rice is priced at RM12.00 ~S$4.00 per plate. The rice portion is generous and the taste has the similarity of Chinese-style chicken rice. As for the marinated chicken thigh, it was flavourful and crispy on the outer and soft, tender in the inside. It is best to go with the dipping chilli sauce. And surprisingly, the chilli sauce has tint of sweetness and not spicy at all! Shiok!

My friend ordered Teh Tarik but she finds it a bit tad sweet though.
Once we are done with our food, we walked towards this cute pretty corner table to foot our bill. Total bill for 2 pax was RM26.00~S$8.67 including a glass of teh tarik. Simple and satisfying lunch here with nostalgic ambiance. It is a nice spot for instagram #ootd .
If you are coming by car, spot the Persada Johor building. It is located right opposite. You can easily spot it from the queuing patrons or the signage. You will need at least 15-20mins walk from CIQ but I guess taking grab would be a good idea under the hot weather.

Nasi Ayam Kee Chup (Halal Restaurant)
Address: 24A, Jalan Dato Dalam,
Bandar Johor Bahru,
80000 Johor Bahru,
(In front of Persada Johor)
Opening Hours:11:00AM – 4:05PM (Closed on Tuesday)
Tel:+6019-669 2133
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Asian-Restaurant/Nasi-Ayam-Kee-Chup-105193750959677/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/keechup/?hl=en
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