How To Make Dalgona Coffee & Other Recipes For Non-Coffee Drinkers With Ratio 1:1:1

Dalgona Coffee is the current #stayhome coffee trend that you seen across all social media. So, what is Dalgona Coffee? This drink is originally from South Korea and has been popularised by video app called TikTok and subsequently across all media platform.It is easy, straightforward and the ingredients are easily available at home.Dalgano Coffee
How To Make Dalgona Coffee?
• Instant Coffee ( not the 3-in1)
• Hot Water
• Sugar
• Chilled milk
• Ice Cubes
The ratio is 1:1:1 of instant coffee, sugar and hot water. Take 2 tablespoons each and put it in a bowl, whipped it manually with whisk or mixer if you have one. Whisk it until light, creamy and fluffy as shown in video below. Pour the mixture into a glass of milk and ice and you are done! It is as simple as that!

We got it for the first attempt! All can be done within 15 minutes time depending on individual ya.

Full video available on my Facebook and Instagram.For Non-Coffee Drinkers like Milo, Thai Milk Tea, Matcha (Green Tea), Black Sesame (Goma) Dalgona, you will need 1 extra ingredient to make it happen. All you need is to include one of these:

  1.  Whipping cream
  2. Egg white or
  3. Ovalette

These ingredients can help to make it frothy and creamy just like Dalgano Coffee.

Stay Safe and have fun experimenting! Please drink with moderate as it is quite sweet.

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