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My Little Spanish Places is first founded in March 2010 and located in Bukit Timah neighbourhood. It has expanded to new outlet located at Boat Quay few months back. The Spanish restaurant is helmed by two chefs with strong Spanish heritage, Maria Sevillano from Salamanca, Spain and Edward Esmero from Philipines. I was honored to be one of the invited to enjoy an evening at their new outlet at Boat Quay.My Little Spanish Place Boat Quay My Little Spanish Place Boat Quay 1Foods

Preserved Olives (Complimentary)My Little Spanish Place Boat Quay 5

I am not a fan of olives but the two flavours served on the table gave me a different perspectives. Olives marinated with chili gives a good kick for appertizer while the olives marinated with soy gives a smooth

Jamon Iberico

My Little Spanish Place Boat Quay 4

It is a type of cured ham produced in Spain. It is made from the black Iberian pigs or cross-bred pigs as long as they are at least 50% iberico. The beauty of the ham is the curing process. The older the curing process, the better the taste it is. Thus, the price is varies depending on the age of curing. My little Spanish Place has the hams cured from 18 months and up to 6 years displaying at the open kitchen for customers to see.

My Little Spanish Place Boat Quay 6We had the opportunity tohands on slicing the ham and Chef Edward shared that the thinner the cut slices the better it is. The cured hams are salted during the process and to be well-kept within the air-con temperature to be in best condition. Thus, there is a taste of saltiness in the porkiest ham I ever tried before.

Migas S$8.00/servingMy Little Spanish Place Boat Quay 8

Ingredients: Homemade Croutons, Chorizo, tomatoes, red peppers and soft-boiled egg topped with crispy Serrano ham.

This dish is originally a traditional pastoral dish and Chef Edward and the team has did some enhancement on the dish. The beautifully plated dish with the ingredients tasted addictive with the mixture of oozing egg yolk.

Table de Salchichas Artesanales S$21.00My Little Spanish Place Boat Quay 9

Handmade Butifarra and Morcilla (blood) sausage with Sobrasada (pork fat terrine) are served in thick slices along with the iberico fats spread toast. The plate was spread with Mojo Verde and Mojo Rojo that enhances the taste of the sausages. Everyone has the consensus taste on the toast and couldn’t help for second servings after the first bite.

Coca de Cebolla y Pimientos | Coca with Peppers and Anchovies S$16.00My Little Spanish Place Boat Quay 10

Traditional catalan flatbread toasted with caramelized onions and peppers, anchovies and Manchego cheese. Generous ingredients serving on top of the crusty flatbread is best to enjoy it with 2-3 pax.

Pulpo de la Casa S$36.00/100gMy Little Spanish Place Boat Quay 11 My Little Spanish Place Boat Quay 12

Grilled fresh octopus leg seasoned with pimenton, seasalt and olive oil served with red pepper and potato purees. This dish is the fine art plating effort done by the chef for our visual and camera shots. The octopus tentacle was prepared in garlic, paprika and bay leaves and was boiled with special care in order to achieve the tenderizing and chewiness in it.

Secreto Iberico S$28.00

My Spanish Place

Seared Iberian Secret smoked with apple wood, marinated with thyme and garlic along with crispy potatoes. The pork served was tender and juicy even after we took quite a while to take picture.

Fideua Verde S$38.00 (S) / S$66.00 (L)My Little Spanish Place Boat Quay 16

Green noodles paella with prawns and black mussels. Interesting paella that I ever tried with the noodles came standing. Chef Edward shared that it is sautéed initially and the noodles are cooked with the prawn shell and fish bone broth before mixing all the sea foods ingredients in together. There is a crispy layer at the bottom of the pan that gives the taste of charred noodles. So much effort for this paella but worth it as we all love it!

Tapas Dishes

Gambas al Ajillo S$16.00 | Garlic PrawnsMy Little Spanish Place Boat Quay 13

Traditional house favourite of fresh shrimp cooked in a dish of boiling olive oil with garlic and chili pepper. There is slightly spicy gravy taste that goes pretty well with the breads and of course the fresh garlic prawns in it.

Tortilla de Patata con Alioli S$8.00 | Potato Omelette with Alioli (4pcs)My Little Spanish Place Boat Quay 14

This is a national dish of Spain. Egg omelette with potatoes and onions served with homemade Alioli.

DrinksMy Little Spanish Place Boat Quay 3

Other than wines available at the restaurant, we were given the red Sangria for the evening. The Sangria was concocted together with generous servings of fruits to give an extra punch and fruity taste to the alcoholic drink.


Leche Merengada con PX S$12.00My Little Spanish Place BoatQuay15

The signature dessert with the combination of Ximenex Dessert Wine, in-house meringue milk ice-cream and pedro. Lovely dessert marks the sweet note of the night.

It was an awesome dinner tasting evening with Chef Edward explaining to us each dish along the session. We also get to understand the process of preparing the dishes and learnt to appreciate the foods better. It is truly heartwarming dining experience with My Little Spanish Place. Chef Edward also approached and greets customers from other tables too. If you are a fan of Spanish cuisines, I would suggest you to give this place a try!

My Little Spanish Place @ Boat Quay

54 Boat Quay

Singapore 049843

Tel: +65 6532 0665

Website: http://wwww.mylittlespanishplace.com.sg

[This is an invited media tasting. Thanks Jenny and Chef Edward for the marvelous evening]

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