[Updated on 18 January 2016] The Salted Egg Lava Croissants has been receiving good response and currently each customer is only allow to buy 3pieces.

Following the overnight hype for salted egg croissants (流沙牛角面包) in SS2, Petaling Jaya, KL, Johor Bahru has finally got their own version of it!
Seven Oaks Bakery Café expanded their new branch at Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru (JB) about a week ago. The newly open bakery café has a grand ‘palace’ exterior and interior design that attracts the attention in social media, Facebook. It is located just opposite Coffee Signature and easily noticeable with its outstanding look.
We(Tony & Hannah) decided to check out since we are on our food trail yesterday. Although the bakery café has started operating, there is still unfinished construction going on. As we are approached the shop, there is a security guard standing there to open the door for us.The first level of the bakery cafe is where the bakeries and desserts displayed. What caught our attention was the Salted Egg Lava Croissant RM5.90 ~ S$1.97. Since, we can’t try the KL versions that social media are raving about, we decided to give it a try and ordered one to try on the spot. We also informed the staff to toast for us. We then proceed to second level to be seated while waiting for the croissant to be served.The whole place was grand and there is a huge chandelier hanging as you walked in. And there is also a lift inside the shop to cater to higher seating areas. There are total of 4 levels inclusive of outdoor seating area. I didn’t take the shot as the place is not ready yet.

Finally the croissant was served and we are quite excited to shot the flowing egg yolk moment. However, it does not flow as what we expected. Nevertheless, the salted egg croissant was not bad. It has the golden colour on the outside with crisp layers in the inner .Rich fragrance buttery taste of the croissant with the rich and thick salted egg in it enhanced the overall taste.
Since I wanted to get a shot of the flowing egg yolk, I decided to buy back to try. Here are the photos taken when I toasted it the next day for my breakfast. Truly oozing egg yolk flowing from the croissant and I enjoyed every bite of it. So, my suggestion is to have it while it’s hot to enjoy the warm taste of the salted egg custard.
And of course Seven Oaks Bakery Café also serves savoury dishes which I yet to try. I will be back again to try their foods menu when the place is fully renovated and ready for operations. As for now, I will enjoy their signature salted egg lava croissant.
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Seven Oaks Bakery Café
Address: No. 134, Jalan Serampang,
Taman Pelangi,
80400 Johor Bahru,
Instagram @sevenoaksjb

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