EH HE Café along Jalan Tan Hiok Nee first started out last year with their unique coffee story concept under Just Want Coffee (JWC) and later on closed for a renovation for few months before they open with new concept. I visited the place twice since last December 2015 after it is being revamped. EH HE Art Café is no longer collaborating with JWC and has come up with their own concept of foods and drinks. The café is just located next to Hiap Joo Bakery for easy reference.  If you are looking for traditional breakfast for the morning session, EH EH Café can be another option other than Kin Wah Coffeeshop. They serve kopi kao and I enjoyed dipping the soda crackers with it. That’s how we used to enjoy during the old days. I like to have soda biscuits with kaya instead.
Hainanese Chicken Rice
¼ Upper Chicken RM16.00 / ¼ Lower Chicken RM18.00 / ½ Chicken RM34.00
1 set per pax RM13.00

 Other than this, one of the recommended dishes to try is their chicken rice. This is the chef speciality and he was previously working with Lavendar. (a chain of bakery shop in Johor Bahru). That’s explain the similar presentation and taste of the dish. When my mum saw the photo, her first reaction “ Eh, this is the Lavendar Chicken Rice”. The chicken rice used is Thai long grains and it is cooked with the broth. Thus, this explains the flavourful taste of it. Next, the chicken meat served with deboned and beautiful yellow skin. The chicken breed that they used is the naked neck chicken that gives the chicken meat a tender and firmer texture. The chilli sauce is also prepared in-house tasted fragrant and yet not too spicy for my preference. Also, the ginger has a mild taste.

This is how Naked Neck Chicken looks like.
Photo credit nationalgeographic.

Art of Juice RM11.90
 This juice series are created by the lady boss and it is made freshly everyday. Thus, there will be limited stock per day. There are Booster, Golden Immune Booster, Heart Beet and Slim Green with mixture of fruits.

Chendol RM5.50
 Traditional dessert which is also the all time favourite by locals is available as well.

There is no service charge or GST applicable at this moment. No wifi as well. The lady boss shared that people are getting more social addict and less communication. She hopes that customers can enjoy the moment with communication and interaction with one another instead of looking at the phone all the time.

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EH HE Art Café (中間旁邊)
No. 1, Jalan Trus,
Bandar Johor Bahru
80000 Johor Bahru
Opening Hours: 7:00AM – 4:00PM Daily

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