I met my ex-director breakfast one of the morning during my trip to Bangkok and we headed to this Pratunam famous chicken rice shop. Since I am going to start my shopping spree at Platinum Mall, we decided to go somewhere nearer for a quick breakfast. And Kaithong Pratunam Chicken Rice ( Go-Ang Kaomunkai Pratunam ) was our pick of the day. Their Hainanese style chicken rice is also known as Khao Mun Gai is locals’ all-time favourite foods.

 The Famous Chicken Rice Shop can be easily spotted with their staffs decked in pink T-shirt and their bright pink signage. If you online google for chicken rice shop near platinum mall, Kaiton Pratunam will definitely appear in the list. Many went and left their reviews online and it’s my turn now.
 There is always a challenge to order foods here in Bangkok but mostly have picked up simple basic English and Chinese so that they can communicate with tourists. The menu is in Thai and English language so I guess tourists will not have difficulties to order. At least for me , I have no difficulties because my ex-director speaks Thai language.
 So, the seats are limited and you might need to share table with strangers. I thought such situations will only happen in Hong Kong but Bangkok is my first time. We shared table with tourists from Hong Kong and had the same order.

Here is what both of us ordered:
Chicken for 2 person THB120 (Large) | 2 bowls of rice THB10 each | A bottle of water with 2 stainless steel mugs full of ice THB14 sharing.

The key sauce of the chicken rice

Plain poached chicken rice was served along with a condiment of sweet and spicy sauce. The presentation was neither impressive nor photogenic. Taste wise, I would prefer our version of Hainanese chicken rice which is more fragrant and flavourful. The Thai style chicken meats tasted plain and less flavourful. However, if you dip it with the sauce, it enhances the taste of the meat. As for the rice, it is fragrant and not so oily as compared to ours. As a whole, I think it is a healthier option of chicken rice.
 Total bill was THB154 (~ S$5.91) . To be frank, I will not come back purposely for the chicken rice though. One time experience is enough for me. And of course, there are other chicken rice shops along the area to explore and other delicacies to try in Bangkok.

Go-Ang Kaomunkai Pratunam(水门海南鸡饭)
Phetchaburi Soi 30 ,
New Petchaburi Road
Makkasan, Ratchawithi
Bangkok, Thailand
Opening Hours: 5:30AM – 3:00PM | 5:00PM – 2:00AM

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