If you follow me on my instagram, you will know I have been to Bangkok last month. I am still in the midst of drafting my Hua Hin post so stay tuned for the travelogue post. Meanwhile, here’s the first dessert shop I visited when I arrived Bangkok. Kyu Roll En is one of the dessert craze in Bangkok serving Japanese desserts that are visual appealing and nice in taste.

As much as I missed Via Tokyo in Hong Kong , Kyu Roll En is one of my choice in Bangkok. I was at Central World and happened to saw the shop. I was thrilled enough to ‘jio’ my travel mates to try.

Here are the desserts that we ordered before our lunch at Nara Thai:-
Raindrop Mizu Mochi 135 Baht ~ S$5.27
 It was their newly launched dessert and I was in luck. My first time trying raindrop cake was in Johor Bahru with only RM5.30. But of course the size and and quality is different. This one is in giant size, clear and refreshing as they served with Kuromitzu Okinawan brown sugar syrup and roasted soy flour. The giant raindrop cake is firmer too.

Sea Salt Caramel Set 209 Baht ~ S$8.16

Buttery caramel-coated roll stuffed with caramel custard and fresh cream, sprinkled with finest sea-salt. This dessert gives the sweetness and saltiness in taste. We enjoyed the taste of sea salt from the swiss roll and the intense flavour from the mochi and syrup. As for the charcoal soft serve, it was firmer in texture but tasteless in taste.

Cheesecake Monaga 115 Baht ~ S$4.49

Homemade ice-cream sandwiched between two crisp and thin wafers made from mochi. It was quite a small piece to share though. Since there are 5 of us, the staff is kind enough to cut into smaller size so that everyone can have a taste of it. It has the strawberry flavour in it and nothing to rave about it though.

Too bad I didn’t get to try their matcha series but I am glad that I choose the raindrop over it. Perhaps I will visit them again if I ever visit Bangkok again.

There are so many branches around Bangkok so you can always check their website on the branch that you wish to visit.

Opening Hours: 10:00AM – 10:00Pm Daily ( Subject to individual branch opening)
Website: http://www.kyorollen.com/

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