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So, before we headed back to Bangkok, we stopped by Khao Luang Cave along the way. Khao Luang limestone cave is located at Phetchaburi Province. The cave housed hundreds of Buddha statues and it is one of the Buddhas built under the command of King Rama V.The cave is an open-spaced on the roof where the skylight shines within the cave and gives a mystical view of the Buddhist statues.

Entrance to the cave

As we read online reviews, the best timing to visit is in the morning where the sun’s rays are shinning bright. Thus, we headed over in the morning as the cave opens at 7.00am daily and closes at 6.00pm. And the entrance to the cave is FREE.

Here is a shot of the staircase down to cave. The steps can be quite tedious when you are walking up the steps.

Steps down to the cave

There are Buddha statues at every part of the cave and the centre platform is where prayers can perform their ritual and prayers.
 Also, there is a spot for nice #ootd and instagram-worthy photography.

Can spot me in the middle? Too bad i should have wore bright outift!

Here are some photos taken during my cave visit:
 Before I end my post, here are the things to take note when you plan to visit the cave:
1. Becareful of your belongings as there are monkeys lingering along the path.
2. The steps are steep and it is not advisable for senior citizens.
3. Proper footwear is advisable as the cave floor is quite slippery especially after rain.

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  1. this is new to me, never been to a cave with buddhas!! I always like going to temples with lines of buddhas. This goes to my To-Go list when we go back to Thailand!

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