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Credit: servingjoy.com

It is kinda weird when you used to spend most of your time with better half has now become a stranger to you. You were once so close that stick to each other like a glue started to drift apart one day. Especially for those married or couples who sleep in the same bed, saying vows for an everlasting marriage does not turn out to be forever.
The next thing you think of is that why you were in the relationship or marriage and next step is getting a divorce lawyer in Singapore to get over it.You will start going through all the memories and as time pass by, this special person becomes a stranger to you. You are no longer connecting to each other. That’s the sad thing that ever happens. Be it in a marriage, relationship or even friendships.

So, what should we do when this happens?
1. Stop Blaming / Venting Anger
Things do not work out smoothly all the time. Yeah, we tend to start pointing fingers to each other. It might be all your better half’s fault or maybe not. Once argument starts, both parties will angrily blaming each other for nothing. To be frank, it does not bring you to a solution and it will just drift both parties further. So, be rational while handling sticky situations with better half and learn to give and take. Nobody says easy but at least give a try.

2. Decision making
Divorce in Singapore is common nowadays. Part of the divorce or break up reason is that both couple cannot connect to each other anymore. I personally feel that both parties need to progress together in order to maintain a healthy relationship. The decision is crucial whether to be committed to work out or having this ‘I am not sure’ mindset . This is going to take some effort and take it as a challenge on making such decision.

3. Plan Activities together
After dating or married for years, couples tend to forget the sweet date moments. Relieve it and plan a date out together to spice up the relationship. Or perhaps a family outing day with the kids together. Do things out of your comfort zone and have fun together.

4. Communication
Daily communication is essential for both parties. Parents especially needs to work on this for the sake of the children. There are so many topics to talk about. Be it kids’ lives, thoughts and feelings about them. Express your agreement and disagreement on regarding parenting tactics or your marriage. However, it is better to balance it and not overly doing it. It can be a nuisance for both parties too.

5. Create daily rituals together
We are always overwhelmed with works on our daily life and tend to reach home late. If couples can plan some daily rituals together, it would be great for the relationship. If dinner together seems to be out of the question, then maybe a walk after dinner could be an idea. Or even watch tv show together. Just do one or two things ritually together to have the sense of presence in both lives. It’s like a simple gesture to ensure the better half that you are here for him/ here.

I might not be an expert on relationship but this is my point of view though. Everything happens for a reason and I believe if you take the time to make room for family and marriage, you will notice how life can be so sweet and memorable.

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