[SG EVENT] Chang Sensory Trails 2017 – a ‘green’ Thai food experience

Thailand’s leading beer brand, Chang, will be at Singapore’s The Promontory this July to host Chang Sensory Trails, a multi-sensorial playground centered on iconic Thai flavors.
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After a hugely successful turnout in London and San Francisco, Chang Sensory Trails makes the third stop on its global tour, returning to Singapore for the second year running. This free-to-enter, un-ticketed event is coming to Singapore on 7th & 8th July, and aims to deliver ‘the unexpected’ by introducing the world to a modern, refreshing take on Thai food, art and music.
Awarded Asia’s Best Female Chef 2013, Chef Bo is a hugely influential figure in Thai cuisine. Driven by the belief that the best Thai restaurants should be found in Thailand, her restaurant Bo.Lan, co-founded with her husband Chef Dylan, recently placed 19th at Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017. The couple met while working at David Thompson’s Nahm, the first-ever Thai fine dining restaurant to receive a Michelin star.
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Fiercely passionate about sustainable food practices, Bo and Dylan work closely with local farmers, advocating bio-diversified produce as reflected in Bo.Lan’s ever-changing menu, with the aim of achieving a zero carbon footprint for their restaurant by 2018. Sharing this same commitment to eco-friendliness, Chang Sensory Trails will only be using biodegradable serve ware at the event.
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What not to miss:
Singapore’s finest Thai restaurants are teaming up with Bo and Dylan, offering up their own tantalising selection of dishes, as inspired by the chef couple’s memories. With no shortage of fresh and bold flavours, Chang Sensory Trails will offer up a stellar lineup of food that’s simply unmissable.
• Folks Collective – Phad Thai Crab – Lessons After Closing
• Gin Khao – Signature Watermelon Fried Rice – Taking Centre Stage
• Longtail – Chiang Mai Bites – Courting With Flavours
• Patara Fine Thai Cuisine – Golden Fried Prawns – Sustaining The Seas & OurBellies
• Long Chim – Chiang Mai Larp – Our First Northern Foray
• Sa-Yum Dining Room – Thai Slider – Spice Hunters
• Nara Thai Cuisine – Moo Ping – An Unexpectedly Long Holiday
• The Thai Society – Gaeng Hang Lay Moo – It’s Different Up North
• Tamarind Hill – Pork Neck Phanaeng Curry – Back To My Childhood
• Thai’d Me Up – Lemongrass Chicken – Chicken For The Soul
• Talay Thai – Tom Yum Lobster Bisque – Fishing For Love
• Aroy Dee – Tom Yum Kuay Teow – Sometimes, Less Is More
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Sounds, sights and smells
Not confined to just fantastic tastes and smells, Chang Sensory Trails will promise to be a feast for all the senses. Event goers will get to groove to funk, soul, indie and electro, with musical performances from the likes of O.K Ready, Astronauts and The Good Life Project.
Visitors can also expect to explore and scale the “Herb Hill”, an aromatic art installation built on the foundations of Thai cooking – its iconic ingredients.
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With live music, interactive art, delicious food and refreshing drinks, Chang Sensory Trails is the perfect recipe for a memorably entertaining evening, one best enjoyed with friends. Experience the event between 4pm till late from 7th to 8th July , while everyone can join the celebrations online at:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/changbeer/
Instagram: @ChangBeerGlobal
Official hashtags: #ChangSensoryTrails and #ChangBeer

[This is published based on the media news release regards to Chang Sensory Trails.]
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