[TAIWAN EATS] Fei Qian Wu 肥前屋 – The Famous Unagi Restaurant In Taipei (Not Worth Queuing)

[TAIWAN EATS] Fei Qian Wu 肥前屋 – The Famous Unagi Restaurant In Taipei (Not Worth Queuing)

[TAIWAN EATS] Fei Qian Wu 肥前屋 – The Famous Unagi Restaurant In Taipei (Not Worth Queuing)

I am back to Taipei, Taiwan on the last week of December 2018 for a short gateway and visited Fei Qian Wu 肥前屋 for dinner. Fei Qian Wu 肥前屋 is known for its famous unagi don or unadon in Taipei. The restaurant is established over 50 years ago by a Taiwanese-Japanese family. We were there around 4.20pm and started to queue for early dinner. We were 2nd in line and the restaurant is open for dinner at 5pm. So, yeah! We queued for 40 minutes for this.
Fei Qian Wu Taipei-Unagi
Fei Qian Wu Taipei-Unagi Restaurant
Fei Qian Wu Taipei-Unagi Restaurant-4
The queue started to form shortly after 4.30pm and we were glad that we were 2nd in line. The service crew came out around 4.45pm with the menu and order sheet on hand to pass around. We placed our order with her while waiting for the restaurant to officially start operating at 5pm.

Fei Qian Wu Taipei-Unagi Restaurant-2
Fei Qian Wu Taipei-Unagi Restaurant-3
Fei Qian Wu Taipei-Unagi Restaurant-Menu
Most online reviews are raving that it is the best unagi in Taipei but we disagreed though. This is definitely not the best unagi that I had. Here are our orders:
Complimentary Appertizer
Fei Qian Wu Taipei-Unagi Restaurant-Appertizer

Unadon (S) 250TWD ~ S$11.50
Fei Qian Wu Taipei-Unadon

Tamago (egg roll) 60TWD ~S$2.76
Fei Qian Wu Taipei-Unagi-Egg Roll

Grilled Squid (Soy sauce) 90TWD~S$4.14
Fei Qian Wu Taipei-Grilled Squid

Cold tofu 30TWD~S$1.40
Fei Qian Wu Taipei-Unagi Restaurant-Cold Tofu
The orders came within 10minutes time and we finished our food within 20 minutes times. E had the first bite of the appertizer and got disappointed. It was lacking of dressing sauce and tasteless. So, we can foresee the subsequent dishes will not turn out to be as good as stated online. The saving grace is the egg roll out of all the dishes. The grilled squid is fresh and chewy but lack of soy sauce while the cold tofu is plain and tasteless. If only, they can work on the sauces for each individual dishes. Perhaps the staffs are just purely rushing out the orders.
Fei Qian Wu Taipei-Unadon-1
As for the unadon, the grilled unagi/eel was lacking of char grilled taste and not well-seasoned. I can’t really taste the crispy grilled skin in my mouth and it just tasted average unagi that you can find anywhere. And if you had tried Man Man Japanese Restaurant (Unagi) before, you will be disappointed with this to be honest. This is based on my personal experience. So, don’t bother to queue for this!
Fei Qian Wu Taipei-Unagi Restaurant-1
My recent visit to Nihonbashi Tamai Hakomenshi in Tokyo that specializes in unagi and anago is worth to queue though. You will truly experience on ways to enjoy unagi meal. So, does Man Man Japanese Restaurant (Unagi) in Singapore.

Fei Qian Wu
Address: 13-2, Lane 121, Zhongshan North Road, Sect 1
Tel: +886 02 25628701
Opening Hours: Tuesday -Sunday
11:00AM – 2:30PM| 5:00PM – 9:00PM
Nearest MRT: Zhongshan Station中山站

There you go…. more reasons for you to explore the city of Taiwan. If you want to read more about my travel adventures here and my Taiwan travelogue here.

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