Canvas prints: Turning those memories into meaningful works of art!

Canvas prints: Turning those memories into meaningful works of art!

Every once in a while, you stumble upon some charming new discovery or a fun new way to do things – and for me, it just so happens to be canvas prints!
As every travelling enthusiast and vacationer has bound to have experienced – one of the most heartbreaking things to go through is leaving a new place behind. Sometimes places hold so much meaning that mere memories of them aren’t enough – you want something more solid to take back with you, but unfortunately, that can often be quite hard to do. Most of us just settle for photographs on our laptop that we browse through when struck by nostalgia.

Now, while it’s great to have a gander at those pictures you took every once in a while, sometimes something more tangible is in order. Framing photographs for one, are an extremely popular way to go about things and is usually the route people take. However, in my experience, some places are a little bit larger than life and a simple photograph doesn’t quite do them justice – which is exactly why canvas prints excite me! Why, you ask? Let me tell you!

Home décor anyone?
They double up as wall art and tangible memories!
One of the coolest things about having a printed canvas is that they seriously add to the charm of your home! For anyone looking to add a bit of an artsy look to their living room, bedroom, or what have you, this is a really great way to do it. For one – it really adds a personal touch to the place and for another – it’s a great conversation starter. Wow, that’s a lovely picture! Thanks, that was from my trip to Hawaii last summer. Isn’t it just so much better to surround yourself with a meaningful picture of something you hold dear to? Who wants yet another generic stock photograph that bears little significance to you? It can be so satisfying to see a beautiful reminder of a gorgeous place that exists somewhere across the world – in your very own home.

Visual aesthetics made easy
Customized art. What’s not to love?
With the right printing services, these personalized art pieces are an incredibly convenient addition to your bare walls. They happen to be pretty lightweight which means they’re easy to move around when you fancy a change of scenery. If you plan it right, you can choose a picture whose colours best compliment the interior design of your room.

Just a few things to keep in mind before you get your pictures printed!
Quality check is key

What makes a good print?
Please do not compromise on the quality of your canvas! The beauty of having a picture printed on canvas lies in the distinctive way the colours blend in with the texture of the canvas. A poor quality canvas or print ruins the entire aesthetic of the picture, so if you plan on getting one made for yourself, I would recommend investing in a quality printing service. There are quite a few good services out there that specialize in canvas prints, and if you choose right, you could get yours made at affordable rates.

Size does matter
Think before you buy!
Another aspect to keep in mind is size. While deciding upon the size of your canvas make sure you consider where you’ll be putting it up. Some walls look better with larger canvases, but for smaller rooms, it might be too distracting. Keep in mind the design of the room and how you plan to fit it in. A great way to go about this, is to outline your ideas and envision the best possible fit before you make your decision!

Colour coordinating
Contrast or a signature blend?
While you’re looking through your pretty pictures to get a print, keep in mind the colours of the picture and how they appear against the walls of your home. Sometimes, a brightly coloured wall might take away a bit of charm from your beautiful picture! If you’ve got pale, solid coloured walls, chances are – almost any picture with a bit of colour would look great up against them. However, if your walls have bold designs or bright colours, you might want to consider a different living space or a more sombre picture to balance the tones of the room.

Playing with symmetry
Single pieces or a gallery wall?
Another design concern you should consider – how many? Gallery walls are all the rage right now and a gallery wall with canvas is an amazing idea if you’ve got the space for it! The effect is quite stunning with landscape pictures as well as portraits

The artistic effect
Choosing the right picture
Now we’ve already gone over the importance of colour, but another thing I have to stress on is the choice of the picture itself. Think of this as the second step while planning your design. Landscapes and portraits are styles that work particularly well with canvas prints. A good quality canvas usually adds a very artistic and picturesque effect to the photograph which makes it a really great way to preserve travel memories, especially of places with beautiful landscapes. Of course – make sure your picture has a decent resolution, else the effect won’t be as good as you might expect. Remember to always check for a visual of what it will look like before getting it printed and ensure that the resolution is good enough for the size of the print you want.
For those of you looking for high-quality canvas prints at affordable rates, I highly recommend Photojaanic’s printing services. You can customize your prints and they even deliver right to your doorstep. As a special offer for all you lovely readers out there, you can head on over to the Photojaanic website or app and use the code “HAZEL35” on any customized canvas lite print and get a whopping 35% off on your order!

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