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7 Types of Pests in Singapore and How to Prevent Them

Singapore’s hot and humid climate offers an ideal home for all kinds of pests. Most pests are simply a nuisance, but some are actually very dangerous. Think of Dengue caused by mosquitoes. Hence, the government of Singapore has decided that pest control is an essential service. Let’s take a look at several types of pests common in Singapore: Read More

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Masons Home Décor DIY Terrarium Kit

I received a box of DIY Terrarium Kit from Masons Home Décor recently. A terrarium is a glass container containing soil and plants, and kept as decorative or ornamental items.It is also consider as a mini indoor gardens for home decoration. Although this is not my first time doing DIY Terrarium, I am still looking forward to do it. It is like an activity to spend time with yourself or even a bonding session for those who have kids. Read More

Canvas prints: Turning those memories into meaningful works of art!

Canvas prints: Turning those memories into meaningful works of art!

Every once in a while, you stumble upon some charming new discovery or a fun new way to do things – and for me, it just so happens to be canvas prints!
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Philips brand is a common brand that every household will carry. The brand itself offers all kinds of products to end user. Be it the lamps or household products, everyone including my home uses Philips brand. And finally we have our first ever brand store in Sutera Mall, Johor Bahru now. Read More