7 Types of Pests in Singapore and How to Prevent Them

Singapore’s hot and humid climate offers an ideal home for all kinds of pests. Most pests are simply a nuisance, but some are actually very dangerous. Think of Dengue caused by mosquitoes. Hence, the government of Singapore has decided that pest control is an essential service. Let’s take a look at several types of pests common in Singapore:mosquito singapore (1)
1) Mosquitoes
Mosquitoes are active all-year round in Singapore. In recent years, as well as currently, Singapore is experiencing a severe Dengue outbreak caused by Aedes mosquitoes. Some preventive measures include wearing long-sleeve clothing, sleeping with a mosquito net and using repellent.

2) Cockroaches
Cockroaches are considered the most disgusting of pests. They are big, fast and scary (to most people). Basic measures may not be sufficient to eliminate cockroaches. Thus we recommend contacting a pest control company such as Killem Pest.

3) Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are tiny little creatures that are hard to see with the bare eye, but they can cause all sorts of discomfort. If you suspect bed bug presence, it is best to contact a professional pest control company to remove them.

4) Ants
While ants are relatively harmless, their presence in numbers can be overwhelming. Thousands of ants swarm to places of interest, such as kitchens with food rests. Keeping your home clean is, therefore, the best way to avoid ants.
rodents (1)
5) Rodents
Rodents are another type of unpopular pest. Both mice and rats offer real discomfort to people’s lives. Placing traps in your home may not be enough, though. A professional pest control company (read on) is the recommended course of action.
termite infestations
6) Termites
Termites are usually underestimated. The presence of termites in homes can cause real destruction, as termites are capable of destroying wooden structures. Since termites are hard to shake-off, you will need to bring in a pest control company to eliminate them effectively.
wasp singapore (1)
7) Wasps
If a wasp has ever bitten you, you won’t quickly forget it. Wasps often swarm together and find a home somewhere in the outdoors, for example, in your garden or terrace. Effective elimination is needed to get rid of these unwanted visitors.
killem pest control singapore

Killem Pest
Killem Pest has been active as a pest control company in Singapore since 1993. This highly rated company offers a range of modern, innovative and effective pest control services to target all pests mentioned above, as well as others. Recently, they also started offering disinfection services in a bid to help in the battle against COVID-19. Together with its partners in Myanmar – Titan Pest Management and Titan Cleaning & Hygiene Services – Killem Pest is offering a range of services that are much needed. Need to get rid of pests? Call +65 6896 6607 now!

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