[IPOH EATS] 林青霞炸鸡 Fried Chicken in Ipoh , Malaysia Went Viral Because of HK Actor Chapman To

[IPOH EATS] 林青霞炸鸡 Fried Chicken in Ipoh , Malaysia Went Viral Because of HK Actor Chapman To

Hong Kong Actor, Chapman To hosted a popular travelling show called Pick Me Up To Malaysia sometime ago and he paid a visit to some of the restaurants here in Malaysia. Apparently, 林青霞炸鸡 ( Brigitte Lin) Fried Chicken located at Canning Garden, Ipoh went viral because of him. He shared his food posting on his social media and the fried chicken here became sensation since then.
Restoran Canning Garden-Hazeldiary

So the name “林青霞炸鸡 ( Brigitte Lin) Fried Chicken” nickname was given because the lady boss used to have the striking resemblance to the Taiwanese actress.
Canning Garden Ipoh-Fried Chicken

Canning Garden restaurant or coffeeshop is like other normal coffeeshop in Malaysia that sells mix rice or we called it “cai png”. The mix rice dishes are out by 10.00am but the fried chicken is only out from 11.00am onwards. We were there early so we check out the other stall that is famous with their old school cheong fun (More details on next post) while waiting for the fried chicken to be out.
Restoran Canning Garden-Fried Chicken ipoh cai png stall
Restoran Canning Garden-Fried Chicken ipoh-1
Restoran Canning Garden-Fried Chicken ipoh
We started to wait next to the economy rice stall 15minutes earlier and it was a Monday morning. Thus, no queue was formed yet. The lady boss took our order and we waited patiently for the fried chicken to be out. The moment clock strikes 11.00am, the first batch of fried chicken is out! It was sold within minutes because orders were placed before hand.
Fried Chicken in Ipoh- HK Chapman To Favourite
Here are the 7pieces fried chicken we ordered to share. It is priced at RM3.20 per piece ~S$1.10 per pc. The fried chicken is indeed crispy on the outer and tender, juicy in the inside. The chicken breast is surprisingly succulent tender as well. I do not usually eat chicken breast but I don’t mind having this! I personally think if there is garlic chilli or sweet chilli to go with the fried chicken, it will be 100% shiok!
Restoran Canning Garden-Fried Chicken ipoh-3
Ipoh Fried Chicken Chapman To-Canning Garden-1
If I ever back to Ipoh again, I will definitely come back here for the fried chicken. It is delicious but I will not queue for more than 30 minutes for this. There are many other Ipoh food to try in town. So, go early and get your craving satisfy! We passed by the shop around 1pm and we saw the queue was forming up.
Ipoh Fried Chicken Chapman To-Canning Garden

Restoran Canning Garden
Address: 27, Lorong Cecil Rae
Canning Garden
31400 Ipoh, Negeri Perak
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 7:00AM – 3:00PM
(Closed on every Saturday and Sunday)
Note: Fried Chicken will only be out from 11:00AM onwards

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