Where To Buy Unique Mooncakes for Mooncake Festival in Singapore

Mooncake festival is the best time in Singapore where people enjoy a lot of things and it is also called a Mid-Autumn festival held on the 15th day of the 8the lunar month in the Chinese Calendar. It is a festival where these people mark the end of the autumn harvest, a special and unique way of giving thanks to God.

It is that time of the year when the Moon is at its brightest light. So, the Mooncake festival/ Mid-Autumn Festival is about lunar appreciation people start celebrating it as soon as the sun goes down.

People enjoy this occasion as a moon-viewing party, wherein the families & friends sit in their gardens or on the terrace, lit paper lanterns, drink tea, eat mooncakes and also enjoy it further by dancing and singing. Even children enjoy this festival a lot.

Mooncake is the main highlight of this festival. They are traditional Chinese pastries consisting of a thin layer of skin enveloping a sweet dense filling. The tradition of gifting Mooncake is very popular in Singapore. They are available in many varieties, different colors, sizes, filled with chocolate to the champagne truffle. They are best enjoyed with tea.

Mooncakes used to be made at home, but nowadays very few people make them at home and then the most important thing is from where to buy unique mooncake in Singapore. There are many online sites one can buy it from like Bing Liang and they provide great deals and discounts too. The best thing about them is that they deliver their premium delectable Mid-Autumn delicacies anywhere in 60 minutes and they have their stores too. Also, there are many shops in Singapore that provide a lot of unique and best Mooncakes.

There are so many types of mooncakes available like white lotus mooncake, lotus mooncake, durian mooncake, Pandan mooncake, Green tea mooncake, and Red Bean Mooncake. Also, one should learn how to buy premium mooncakes & the difference between good mooncakes & lousy mooncakes. Mooncakes that are called premium must have a crust and paste that remains smooth and straight when neatly cut. Lousy mooncakes are those that look very rough and unclean.

A few details about these mooncakes:
Lotus Mooncake– These are the most traditional forms of mooncakes and also the best seller during the week of Mooncake festival. It is a thick filling usually made from lotus seed paste surrounded by a thin crust and may contain yolk.
White Lotus Mooncake– These are the most preferred mooncake choice by Singaporeans. It is made of Lotus seed paste, sugar, peanut and may contain Yolk.
Durian Mooncake– These are made with 100 % real and premium durians.
Pandan mooncake– These are made with the freshest and best of Pandan. It may have yolk or may not.
Green Tea Mooncakes– These are made with all-natural and fragrant fresh green tea leaves. It has a unique flavor and it has the perfect transition of the crust to the green tea paste.
Red Bean Mooncake– They are the favorites of Singaporeans. It is made is red bean paste.

Enjoy your mooncake!

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