[JB EATS] Restoran Ming Xuan –Hakka Lei Cha ( Thunder Tea Rice) in Kulai | Johor

[JB EATS] Restoran Ming Xuan –Hakka Lei Cha ( Thunder Tea Rice) in Kulai | Johor

Restoran Ming Xuan located at Kulai, Johor is known by the locals as one of the best selling Hakka Lei Cha in town. Leii Cha is also known as Thunder Tea Rice or “Lui Cha” (河婆客家擂茶). This dish is a traditional Hakka Food. It is a bowl contains of rice, fresh vegetables, tofu and nuts along with a flavourful green soup. My dad recommended us here for a quick lunch before we back to settle private matters.Restoran Ming Xuan-Lei Cha Fan Kulai-2
Restoran Ming Xuan-Lei Cha Fan Kulai-3
The restaurant has no air-conditioned and it has a simple setup. We were here in the afternoon and the customers here are mostly locals. Ming Xuan restaurant also offers other dishes like Yong Tau Foo and zi char style dishes. Here’s the full menu for reference.
So the Lei Cha Fan here comes with a choice of white or brown rice and in Small RM5.50~S$1.83 and Large RM6.00 ~ S$2.00 portion. Then, we also get to choose our preferences either sweet or savoury or even both for the chye poh (preserved radish). We opt for mixed because the taste will be tastier with the sweet and salty flavours in it.
Restoran Ming Xuan-Lei Cha Fan Kulai-4
Restoran Ming Xuan-Lei Cha Fan Kulai-1
The lei cha fan served with generous topping of vegetables like cabbage, green beans, tea leaves, peanuts, tofu and also the choice of preserved radish. The green soup is served separately. We give a good mix with all the ingredients before adding in the green soup. I thought it will taste bland but surprisingly it was pretty tasty with the texture and the chye poh / preserved radish truly lifted the flavour of the dish. I am feeling clean eating such a healthy meal.If you need more of the soup, there will be additional charge of RM1.00 ~S$0.33 each time.

We also ordered Yong Tau Fo to try as well.
Restoran Ming Xuan-Yong Tau Foo
There also other dishes available here but most people come here for their Lei Cha Fan. This dish is definitely an acquired taste but it is packed with health benefits. I used to dislike Lei Cha Fan but I started to slowly accept it as it has health benefits and it is a way of eating clean as well. Not many places sell good Hakka dish and this one is pretty decent with the pricing.
Restoran Ming Xuan-Lei Cha Fan Kulai
If you are travelling to Kulai or passing by to go to Kuala Lumpur, can consider dropping by for this instead of their Kulai Bak Kut Te h.

Restoran Ming Xuan
Address: 143, Jalan Jambu Air
Taman Indahpura
81000 Kulai, Johor
Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 9:30AM – 3:00PM | 6:00PM – 8:30PM
(Closed on Monday)
Tel: +6012 750 7892

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