Guide on How & Process To Renounce Malaysia Citizenship And Conversion of Singapore Citizenship

Guide on How & Process To Renounce Malaysia Citizenship And Conversion of Singapore Citizenship

*Updated April 2024*
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There are requests on guide on how to renounce Malaysia Citizenship before converting to Singapore Citizenship. Hence, I am sharing this post to give you guys an idea how it works during this COVID-19. Both process need to be done concurrently in order for you to save time and also getting the conversion done within 2-3 months time.

Once you received the ICA Citizenship Approval In-Principle via email, you are required to download the Outcome Letter via the link given using your Singpass ID.
1. You will need to start the 3 steps in Singapore Citizenship Journey (SCJ) at (login using Singpass ID).
The 3 steps include :
(a) Quiz about Singapore history and culture (e-Journey)
(b) Singapore Experimental Tour ( Before COVID-19, you need to make appointment to go down for tour. This will take more than a month ).
(c) Community Sharing Session
The steps can be completed via online with quiz and videos link given in the portal. You will be given a month to complete the whole steps due to current situation. The portal will show the progress of your journey to remind you how many percentage have you done. The process become shorter and can be down in 2-3 weeks time.
2. Once you are done with the 3 steps, ICA will give you a date to go down for the conversion of citizenship. Therefore, please ensure that you have done your renunciation of Malaysia citizenship beforehand. You are required to produce the Form MY-RN1 along with other necessary documents for the conversion.
3. While you are in the Singapore Citizenship Journey process, you can start to plan to head down to High Commission of Malaysia for the renunciation process. Effective from 27 March 2024 onwards, you will need to make online appointment before heading down. 

*Updated April 2023 by one of the reader*
Just did my renunciation a few days ago and here’s some updates to the process:
1. ICA will still give you 6 months (even though it’s no longer COVID period) to complete the final stage.
2. As ICA approval letter is no longer sent by post, you can just print out three copies of the approval letter; MHC will keep 2 copies and you can use the last one for ICA oath-taking. Just the first page will do; the appendixes are not needed.
Note: Do remember to photocopy both sides of your birth cert if there’s some chop at the back of it.

IMPORTANT:If your renunciation appointment date is later than your ICA appointment date, you can login in to ICA website to change your appointment. But please make sure you do not change more than 3 times. They do not accept any changes after that. You will need to email to them officially.

Once you emailed to Consular for appointment, they will send you a list of things to prepare for the renunciation just like below.
Please bring the Original & 2 Photocopies for the following documents:
1. LETTER OF APPROVAL from ICA Singapore to produce to Consular at High Commission of Malaysia
2. Three (3) recent passport size photo (White Background)
3. Borang K (Yellow Form)- 2 Sets (Available at the Consular Section of the High Commision)
4. Form (MY-RN1) – (Available at the Consular Section of the High Commision)
5. Malaysian NRIC
6. Singapore Permanent Resident NRIC
7. Borang W (Malaysian Citizenship Certificate)
8. Singapore Citizenship Certificate & Passport (if applicable)
9. Malaysia International Passport
10. Registration Fee S$10.00 (Cash Only)
IMPORTANT: You must produce your Birth Certificate (Surat Beranak). If in the event you lost it, you need to produce Police Report Document and also Letter from Putrajaya before you can proceed. They will not entertain if you have incomplete documents.

Once your appointment date is set, please follow accordingly. They will provide you the allocated timing to come down for the renunciation. You can come down 30 minutes earlier from your appointment time (my suggestion) because you still need to queue to exchange your visitor pass with alternative identification card (Eg. Driving License or etc). You also need to show them your appointment date letter issued by Consular Officer as a proof before they allow you to enter.
Once you finally enter the building, the Consular section is at the right side. It is not very obvious to begin with because the pillars blocked the view and do not queue together with those who are there to do their passport.

As usual, you need to queue again to show the documents you brought along for the renunciation. There will be an officer sitting at the entrance of the Consular section to check through your documents and provide you the 2 forms to fill up. You will need to fill up both forms (Form (MY-RN1) and Borang K) using their allocated black pen at a corner counter (updated as on Dec 2020, you can use your own black pen ) .

Once done, queue again to show the officer to check through before he allows you to take queue number to submit at the designated counter. This whole process will take you almost 2 hours to complete depending on the human traffic on that day.

Wait patiently for your queue number to be called and submit all the documents. The officer will then ask you to keep the queue number to wait for another round of waiting to make payment for the registration fee. Once it is done, the officer will provide you a slip payment and the collection slip (pink slip) with the date and time to collect your approved FORM MY-RN1. This will usually take 3 working days to settle.

Once the 3 days are up and based on the date given on the slip, go back to Consular of High Commission of Malaysia to collect the Form MY-RN1. The collection usually will be in the afternoon session. Same process need to queue to submit your slip so that the officer will get the forms for you. The officer will call name by name for you to collect the form. This second visit to collect the form only take less than 10minutes excluding the waiting and queue to enter and submit the form. And that’s it! You are half way there.

Closest bus stop would be the bus stop at Valley Point. It’ll be a 10 min walk from bus stop to embassy.
Closest MRT station would be Great World station; use exit 4 for bus 32 to travel just 2 bus stops.
Alternatively, use Somerset MRT station exit A (bus stop 3) or Orchard MRT station exit 13 for bus 14 or 65. This bus ride took me around 15 min.

The entrance is no longer at the side gate (from what I recalled years back when I did my passport renewal) but it’s now at the security guardhouse. You no longer need to exchange your cards for a pass to enter. Hence, there’s no longer a queue needed under the hot sun.

I arrived at about 9:30am at the Consular section and had to queue up at the Verification counter there for quite a while.

Guy there will first check all your photocopies, before giving you the yellow Borang K and MY-RN1. There’s now NO longer a need to fill in a fake Borang K for practice beforehand.

The given MY-RN1 form will also include a translated Borang K sample, and this translation is also posted on their notice board for all to check.

You can download the MY-RN1 form and fill it before coming; saw that the verification guy accepted someone’s printed copy and she did not need to fill up MY-RN1 again.

If you are using their black pen, do ensure the ink is dried before touching your handwriting, it looked water based to me. Also clean up your thumbs as much as possible after taking thumbprints to avoid ink smudges.
Also, I would use a presentable photo, as that’s going to go onto your Borang K which is going to be your evidence for ex-citizenship.

After filling your forms, you can let the guy check again your form; this will expedite things up at the counter (I saw a lady who had to fill up missing sections on the spot under the eye of the counter lady lol).
Then you can take a queue number to submit documents and after that make exact payment SG$10 in cash.
Collection day is still 3 working days later (e.g. submit on Monday, collect on Thursday).

Timeline-wise, I believe I queued at verification counter till 10am, finished filling up my form around 10:15am (had to be careful with my handwriting after years of not writing anything). Then probably reached my turn to submit documents at 11:00am, and then paid at 11:10am.

A side note, I do notice that the queue at verification counter became practically non-existent from about 10:00am onwards, and people were still accepted at the verification counter just before I left. So not necessary that you must go there early but go later at your own risk as I read a different blog that they can cutoff submissions if there are a too many people for the day.

For collection day, I reached at around 3pm and it only took me less than 10 min in total, including waiting and queuing time.

P/S: You will still need to return to High Commission of Malaysia to collect the Borang K approximately 8 months later. They will email you for more information.
Read about the Borang K collection post here.

While waiting for your Form MY-RN1, you can upload your photo on ICA portal and make online payment of S$70.00 for the processing fee. Alternatively, you can still make payment when you are at ICA. Head down to ICA with the necessary documents required.
Here are the documents required with 1 photocopy each :
1. Renunciation Letter from High Comission of Malaysia and the Pay Slips
2. Recent Passport Size Photo (3 photos)
3. ICA Approval Letter (There is a bar code on the letter for you to scan for queue number at the kiosk)
4. Singapore Permanent Resident NRIC
Once you secure the queue number, wait for your turn to submit the documents. Once the documents are in order, officer will give you a temporary slip which is also your identity Singapore NRIC while waiting for the Pink IC to be ready. Then, wait again for the oath-taking session. It will be one-to-one with the officer-in-charge where you need to read the Singapore Oath.

You have been granted Singapore citizenship, as indicated by the slip provided. Your Pink Identity Card and SC Certificate will be issued in six months’ time, and there will be a Citizenship Ceremony to mark this occasion. In the meantime, you can begin the process of applying for your Singapore Passport.
For those who holds a Malaysia driving license, you may wish to convert before your Singapore citizenship for further documentation required from the Traffic Police HQ. Read more on how to convert the driving license from my post here.

Hope this helps and do share your experience. It would be nice to update the information here and share with the rest to avoid unnecessary issues.

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788 Comments on "Guide on How & Process To Renounce Malaysia Citizenship And Conversion of Singapore Citizenship"

    Hi Hazel,

    May I ask what is the difference between the Borang W and Surat Beranak? I have the Borang W and Malaysia IC, not so sure what is the Surat Beranak you were referring to…


    Hi Veron

    Based on my understanding, Borang W is for those who was born in Singapore.
    Surat Beranak is our birth certificate issued by Malaysia side the moment you are born in Malaysia. It is only one time issuance.
    If others who know about it, can feel free to share too

    Thanks Hazel. Do u know if you need to close all your insurance policy and trading account before you renounce Msia?

    Hi Su

    I did not close all. The insurance policy you need to inform your agent beforehand. The agent will advise you accordingly.

    Hi hazel , May I know if you submitted your documents for the first time , then after that have to wait for roughly how many days to go back for the second time to collect MY-RN form ?

    Hi hazel , So which means after i submitted everything then I will have to wait for like a week to go back and collect the MY-RN form right ? And if so after I collected the MY-RM form , I can go ICA and start to book Oath appointment right ?

    Hi Jackson

    Yup it is about a week after you submit. Meantime, you can work backwards of your dates and make appointment with ICA if you prefer to complete it fast.

    Hi hazel , thanks for answering my above questions and I have one last question , do you know roughly how long will it take to book appointment with ICA ?

    Hi Hazel, if my renunciation appt date is on 15June, when do u think I should change my ICA appt date to?

    Hi Su

    You can change to a week later because upon renunciation, you need to wait for 3-4 days to collect the form before going to ICA.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks Hazel for your speedy response. on the birthcert, i read somewhere that they required it to be laminated. Is it true?

    Hi Su

    Not sure about the lamination but mine was laminated. You need to keep your birth cert in good condition.

    Hi Hazel,
    Thank you for yr guidance for my journey thus far….do u know if one need to withdraw their EPF in msia before renunciation?

    Hi Su

    You cannot withdraw before renunciation. You can check KWSP website. We need to do after renunciation.

    Hi Hazel,
    Regarding the EPF withdrawal, do u know how to withdraw after renunciation. Do we need to go back to Msia to do that?

    Hi Su

    I submitted the form via post and still waiting for their update. I will share the full post once i am clear..

    Dear Hazel,

    Would like to check with you if the 3 passport size photo require by Msian and Spore side, can it be the same size with the white background. Both side actually need 3 copies each, right?

    Thanks for the website. It is indeed informative.
    I ran into problems with the Borang W because I have never seen it in my life but my mom must have had it when I applied for Malaysian passport back in 1970s (I was born in Singapore, with Singapore birth cert).

    Tried discussing with officer, who insisted that I ask my parents who will have it. I said both my parents have died and she still insisted I go JBN to get a replacement but after standing there text messaging for 2 mins, she called me back and told me to make a Singapore Police Report that it is lost.

    Nearest one is at Killiney Road near Dhoby Ghaut. Make sure the police does not put type “Identity Card” because regardless of what it says as the item (Borang W and description), the officer will make you go back to make another report since it is not identity card. With that, I managed to get my renunciation without a Borang W.


    Hi Hazel, I would like to ask, due to COVID-19, does the Community Sharing Session done online require you to interact with other people through video?

    Hi David

    Nope.. there is no interaction involve through the video. All the videos are upload on youtube channel. They will provide you the link as you go through each stages.

    Hope this helps…

    Thank you very much, Hazel. So the Community Sharing Session is really for us to watch and learn from only videos without any person facilitating it as a live session, yes?

    How much time does it take to complete the Community Sharing Session?

    Would like to know so that I can plan my schedule for that day. Thank you

    Yes for us to watch and it’s own time own target. It’s actually depends how many stages of you want to complete that day. It will not take more than half a day… I did part of it less than 2 hours… u can stop and continue as long as u finish the stages before the end date stated in your online citizenship journey when you login in using singpass..
    Hope this helps

    Hi Hazel,
    My son is 21 years old and have received a letter from ICA to take oath and renounce his Malaysia citizenship. Please advice what are the procedure for this process?
    Also, if he do not have a Malaysia IC, what should we do?

    Hi Fuji

    I think you need to check with Malaysia Embassy then.. email them since you are going to make appointment with them at the same time. The procedure should be the same but you need to check on the Malaysia IC part..

    Hi Hazel and everyone here
    I ‘ve been following this site and finds it very informative as I search for answers to my son’s citizenship process. We have submitted the acknowledgement slip from MHC and ICA has granted us extension till January for us to submit the actual Renunciation letter from MHC. Question is, how do I know when exactly can we get the actual Renunciation from MHC? As I was informed it could take up to 8months? Will the MHC email/ SMS/post a letter to inform us to collect, or do we have to call/write to them now and then to check on the status?

    Hi Ani

    MHC will send you hardcopy letter to inform you that your Borang K is ready for collection.

    Thanks Hazel, your blog post helps me to clarify a lot of my doubts early this year during my process of converting to a Singapore Citizen.

    Dear Ani, did you receive your approved Borang K from MHC? FYI, I submitted on 07-Apr-21 and have yet to receive any update from MHC to collect too.

    Meanwhile, I already have my Singapore Passport and Pink I/C.

    Hello Hazel, I bought you a coffee. 🙂

    By the way, MHC informed me that the renunciation application will take >12 months for the approval by JPN Putrajaya and will inform me by email once ready.

    Hi Wee Ming

    Thanks for the coffee treat 🙂 . Glad to hear that you got your updates. I guess the waiting time is longer now.

    All the best!

    Hi KaiSeng,
    My husband is thinking of renouncing his Msian citizenship and convert to SG citizenship. Does he need to dispose of his property and close all bank accounts in msia ? If so at which juncture? Thank you so much in advance!

    Hi Bettina

    I am not Kaiseng.. but the property part you need to engage lawyer to settle for you. As for Malaysia bank acc, there is a procedure to complete. You can check with the respective bank on the procedures.

    Hi Hazel,

    Thanks for your informative sharing. I have completed stage 2 and am waiting for the MHC to provide me an appointment date. Do you mind sharing more on what needs to be done with the Malaysian bank accounts? Do they check on this before processing the renunciation application?

    HI JL

    I did not do anything on my Malaysian bank account. I just remain as it is. I think we need to update the bank for sure. But I have yet to do it.

    I see, not urgent then. By the way, MHC just replied with an appointment date 4 months later in November! @_@ my jaw dropped.. not sure if anyone else is experiencing the same

    Hi JL, I experienced the same. Just got an appointment 4 months from now in February 2022. As the citizenship application needs to be completed in 6 months, time is kind of tight. Was wondering if I can use the appointment email from MHC as a proof and contact ICA for a exception to proceed on with the application first.

    There is an email from ICA to update your citizenship application status. You login in and you will see the letter.. if not, you proceed to upload your photo as per requested .. they will send you a doc to download.. have you receive that stage?

    No, ICA just mail me a letter to ask me to take the oath. I didnt receive any email from them.

    Oh.. then I am not sure… Cos during Covid-19, everything is softcopy… u email ICA to check? Maybe they can assist you…

    Hi Hazel,

    I log in ICA portal but there is no outcome letter for me to download, although it’s already approved.
    Btw how to upload photo and make payment ?

    Pls assists.

    Hi Kelly

    After you complete the journey, the portal will request you to upload the photo and make payment. You will have the file to download.

    Hi Hazel,
    Good morning, can I ask due to Covid 19, is it correct to say that ICA does not mail out the Letter of approval as I already downloaded the softcopy fm MyICA and I did a print out, will MHC accept print out copy as original?
    AS I did not received any original letter for it.
    But MHC stated require 1 original and 2 photo copy?
    Pls advise, tks.

    Hi Hazel,
    The Letter of Approval is the letter that we download when we check our status right?

    The one with the ICA bar code, and a checklist behind, correct?

    Thank you Hazel.
    Did you laminate your birth certificate?
    They will take the original birth certificate as well?

    Hi Ming

    I did laminate my birth certificate. Yes they will take the original birth certificate when you rennounce.

    Hi Hazel,

    I would like to know if there is any other way to obtain the Borang K and Form (MY-RN1) in advance as you mentioned we need to produce a set of original and 2 photocopies.

    Hi Hazel

    Do I need to wait for 8 months and get my Borang K before I can even go to ICA for oath taking process or do I just go for oath taking straight away after the collection of acknowledgment slip?

    hi Hazel, good day

    i was reading your exchange with Calvin on the borang K (waiting time approximately 8 months).

    May i ask : while waiting for approved borang K, i can go down to ICA to take oath. Would that mean i already attain the singapore citizenship ? and can i go ahead to apply for singaporean passport while waiting for borang K?

    thank you!

    Hi Charles

    Yup you will take the oath the moment you go down to ICA with your Form MY-RN1. Then, you will be given the temporary slip and you are official Singaporean. So, you can apply passport online the next day if you want to. No need to wait for the ceremony or pink IC.

    Hope this helps.

    May I ask, is this Approval-in-principle letter or there is another letter we can download from ICA website after we have completed Stage 2 e-journey?

    Hi Denny

    Ya u need to upload photo on the portal after that.. they will give u the letter

    Dear Hazel,

    Is it the letter that stated Citizenship approved in principal? Need to email to Malaysia embassy in order to get appt date?

    And when can I actually email to embassy to get appt date?

    Hi Ng

    Yup that approved-in-principle letter to email to Malaysia Embassy to get the appointment date. You can email as soon as u receive the letter or while u start your SC journey. Just make sure u complete your SC journey before the date arrives…

    Hi Hazel,
    Does Consular service have a different queue from those getting their passport renewed? Understand that recently the queue for passport renewal is super long and some even stay overnight to queue just to get things done.

    Hi Eddie

    The passport section and consular section is different building. So the queue also different. Once you enter, the consular is on your right side. I also got confused when I was there for the first time because no clear signs. You need to ask around if you cannot find then.
    Hope this helps…

    Hi Hazel,

    Thanks for the clarification! Just done with my renunciation this morning and surprisingly it is quite empty there and not like those post inside some group says that there is a super long queue for you to wait to enter the MHC. The guard just check my appointment print out and give me a Consular visitor pass and then straight away head to the queue for documents checking. Quite smooth though as I read thru your blog here to get my documents well prepared and just one round check then i got the yellow borang k for me to fill in! The longest waiting game is queue to submit documents. In front of me there is 29 people and took me almost an hour. Once reach my turn to submit the process is quick and i left MHC with just 10 minutes later. Now wait for 19 Jan to go back collect the approved K form.

    Hi, Eddie.
    May I ask when did u email for an appt date? Is the given appt date soon?
    ICA has scheduled an appt on 8Feb.
    Also, any idea when we can apply passport?

    May I know for Passport size photo, did you ask the photo shop to take 2 versions of sizes?
    ICA require 35mm*45mm and Malaysia is 35mm*50mm

    Thank you

    Hi Teng

    They only take one version. You just need to inform them that you need to take passport size photo

    Hi Hazel
    You mentioned “letter from Putrajaya” in case of lost Malaysian birth certificate, on top of police report. May I know whether you are referring to official extract of Malaysian Birth certificate issued by JPN or Duplicate certificate issued by Putrajaya ? Many thanks

    Thank you very much for your reply.
    Do you mean I can apply Spore passport on the ICA appointment day itself? Not online submission?

    Hi Yong

    You can do on the spot but I think do online better. It is S$10 cheaper.. lol! if you want to save some money…

    Hi Hazel,

    I find your post quite informative. Just to update you with current process for benefit of the others.

    1) the stage 2 of the ICA process can be done around 2 weeks if u r aggressive. Those questionnaires & reflection are pretty straight forward, in my view.
    2) the Malaysia renunciation process will now take ~ 2 months from time of submitting a request.
    3) u can’t seem to get an appointment date from Malaysia high commission unless u submit the letter from ICA , which mean u can’t do that without completing stage 2 from SG side & download the letter from them upon completion. It happens to me as I was told to submit the letter before appointment can be granted.

    Hope the info can benefit the others.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Hi William

    Just wondering
    Once we complete stage 2 SC journey, do we need to wait for official letter from ICA or we can use the approved in principle to make an appointment?

    Hi, Hazel.
    How soon may I receive the payslips & Renunciation Letter from High Comission of Malaysia?
    I am give appointment date by High Comm and wondering when should I shift my ICA appt?
    Also, any idea how soon may I apply for Spore passport?
    Many thanks.

    Hi Hazel, thank you for writing this article, it is very helpful! Can I confirm that the birth certificate has to be original? Just wondering if I need to courier the original copy from Malaysia to Singapore…

    Hi Emily

    Yes Birth Certificate needs to be original. I tried to submit photocopy but they do not accept. So you need to get your original copy so that you can submit the documents. Otherwise, you need to arrange another appointment time.

    Hi Emily, may I know what courier do you use for your original birth certificate? Is it safe?

    Hi Horng Chyi

    I also use courier service to send over my original birth certificate. I used DHL service. FYR

    May I know the passport size photo required for Malaysia embassy when do renunciation is Malaysia passport size or Singapore passport size is accepted? As long as they are in white background?
    As I was told there is different passport size requirement between Singapore and Malaysia passport size, so I don’t know which one I should go for. Because if Singapore passport size is accepted will be good for me as I can use the same photo (the remaining ones ) for Singapore ICA later after renunciation. Could save money to re take another one.
    Please advise.
    Thank you.

    Hi Hazel,

    may I ask how long does it takes to collect the Singapore Passport?
    you mentioned to pay at the ICA for the passport however, I think I have uploaded the photo and paid $80 ($70 for passport + $10 for Pink IC) upon downloading the ICA letter (used to prove for malaysia embassy to book the renunciation appointment), does it mean i will collect the Singapore passport on the same day for oath-taking session?

    *Urgent to know how long can collect the Singapore Passport.

    Hi Elvi

    Singapore passport needs to take sometime to do. You can only apply for the passport after the oath-taking session. If I remember correctly, its next day onwards… I havent do yet…

    Hi Hazel, I have received an email from ICA to download my outcome letter. However, I require me to upload a photo and make payment. May I know if the photo uploaded will be use for our IC and Passport?

    Any ex-Malaysian here can confirm whether we need to close all the bank accounts in Malaysia first before the conversion? Or we can first complete the conversion (into Singapore Citizen) then later do the particular update with bank in Malaysia? Thank you!

    Hi Hazel,

    Thank you very much for the info above… very useful. But, the embassy is not answering the or the email… been trying for the last 3 days.

    Hi Shan

    Ya it is very hard to get hold them. But if you email them, they will surely reply you. Maybe its festive season. You have to keep trying

    Can I know how long it usually takes for the whole application? I mean from online application until you receive in principle approval.

    Hi Lai Theng

    Are you referring to online application for citizenship? it took me around 10months to get approved. I think it depends individual…

    hi Hazel,
    Thank you very much for all the useful info. Is the a sample of the Form (MY-RN1) and Borang K ?
    -After getting the acknowledgment slip , do we need to email ICA for an appointment date ?
    – what’s this Singapore Experiential Tour all about ?
    – Is there any test that need to pass after the Experiential Tour ?
    – What is e-Journey ?
    – After finishing all the above, what should we do next ?
    – My wife and my approval are all under my Singpass . So do we need to do the above together ?
    Thank you very much Hazel , truly appreciate you info and help .Best regards

    Hi Nithiyananthan

    I havent got my Borang K yet. As for the Form (MY-RN1), it is available at the Consular Office. Once your Singapore Citizenship got approved, they will allocate an appointment date from ICA. Then you need to complete your rennouncation and all your Singapore Experential Tour before heading to ICA.
    The e-Journey is to understand Singapore better before you become citizenship. It used to be tour before Covid-19 but now they changed to online. Not sure about current situation though. You need to login in Singpass to your case.

    Hope this helps…

    Hi Hazel, you mentioned that they will not return the original birth cert. May I know if it is the Malaysia birth cert or singapore one? and if you know they will return you the borang W?

    Hi Wee Tin

    I am referring to Malaysia birth cert. Do you have Singapore birth cert? I thought we only have one? the country u were born? As for the borang W, I am not sure. I did not submit borang W

    Hi Yean

    Based on my friend’s experience, they will return after 8 mths. I am still waiting for the final stage.

    Hi WT, may I ask is the Borang W (Malaysian Birth Register Cert – for applicants born in Sg) the document they will keep and submit for the renunciation application process? I am worried which Birth Cert they will take, and return only after 8 months, as there’s only 1 original Birth certificate.

    Hi Hazel – do they also take our Singapore PR IC (blue) or pink IC (if registered for Sg citizen beforehand) etc for submission at the MHC?

    Hi Hazel,

    You mentioned, Borong K will be get approximately 8 months later. After collected the Borong K, do we need to bring the Borong K to ICA?


    Hi Michelle

    The Borang K will submit online after u receive 8 months later. You can proceed to take oath after you are done with the renunciation

    Hi Hazel

    I have waited more than 12 months for my official boring K. Do you know if anyone is experiencing the same as me ? I got chased by Singapore ICA to submit within 3 months time, so I’m nervous now if I can get in time.

    Hi Elyn

    Ya I waited for more than 8 months too. How come they chase you? The moment you renounce and submit, you are officially Singapore citizenship. The last stage is to submit Borang K via ICA portal. I don’t remember they chased me for that. If you are concerned, then you email to MHC to follow up

    Hi Hazel I’ve just completed stage 2, waiting for ICA to send me the approval letter for renounciation. How long will that take?

    Usually how soon will MHC arrange the appointment slot for you to submit the documents once you have sent out the email?

    Hi Raymond

    MHC will take approximately a month to schedule during my time. You can start to email them now to ask for the appointment slot while waiting for the approval letter from ICA

    Hi Michelle

    The questionnaires are pretty straightforward.. you can get the answers from the video link they sent u to watch. It is actually on youtube too…

    hi hazel,

    would i request the format for writing appointment with mhc for renouce service, any supporting docs needed in order they give u a date. as my ica appoitment is 23/3. not sure mhc will gv me wat date .

    Hi Hazel.

    Can I check, so after I collect the form back. I can straight head down to Ica for temporary pink ic? Need to book appointment?

    Hi Kai Seng

    The moment your citizenship approved and completed the SG Journey, ICA will provide you the date to go down.
    Your Pink I/C will be ready after 6 months once you receive the temporary I/C slip

    HI Hazel,

    May I know what should I do with my property and car in Malaysia once I receive the in-principle approval letter from ICA?
    As we not able to go back to Malaysia during this pandemic to settle all these.

    Hi Hazel,
    This is extremely helpful. Can i please check if MHC has taken away and not returning our Birth Cert would we now be without one since it doesn’t make sense for Singapore to issue us one?

    Hi Joey

    Not sure but I am still waiting for my Borang K. Maybe after I received the Borang K, and i will update the space if the birth cert will be return or not.

    Hi all,
    Just to share that I went Msia embassy yest to submit my docs.
    Appt slot was given 8-9am. I arrived ard 7:30am, a shorter Q for consular section, 2 passport Qs were very long. Everything done by 9am.
    The collection date is given on 22Mar.
    Hope it helps for those making appt with ICA.

    Hi Yong,
    Jus wanna know if forms W, K & MY-RN1 can b downloaded? If not, can we get a representative to collect d forms on behalf of d applicant? Thanks

    Hi Celine

    You can only collect there. You need to show the officer your documents to verify in order to give u the form.You need to fill up on the spot…

    Can my mother accompany me? I am worry that I might miss something and needed her help.
    Also I was told that there is no copier machine there, is it true?

    Thank you for the info. I read about the long Q on social media recently. Was worried this. Reading your post put me at ease.

    Hi Yong,
    Is there a long Q at the main gate of MHC to exchange your visitor pass before you went into consular section inside MHC?

    Thanks in advance for your advise.

    Hi All, The wait for MHC appointment is now 7 weeks long. Sent email to on the 18th March 11am, received response on the 19th March 9am for 11th May – had to change the scheduled ICA appointment pushing back by 5 weeks.

    Hi Jitlin,

    May I know what document you use when you write to get appointment with MHC? Can AIP letter be used?

    Roger Lim

    Hi Hazel,
    May I check with you, after submitting the renunciation at the Consular service, do they collect back our Malaysian passport? Is the Malaysian passport still valid before taking oath at ICA?

    Do you have any idea how long it takes to apply a Singapore passport?
    Thank you very much

    Hi Lee

    Yes.. they collected everything. So basically you have no identity until you go to ICA to take oath.
    Once oath taken, you can apply Singapore passport the next day online. Online will be quick fast within a week.
    Hope this helps…

    Hi Hazel and everyone for sharing your experiences.

    Anyone has any info to share on the Malaysian bank accounts and property after renounce Malaysian citizen? Especially if property under construction and cannot transfer name until it’s completed.


    Hj all

    I consulted a lawyer regarding property in Malaysia after change of citizenship.

    Basically the lawyer will have to provide a Statutory Declaration (SD) which is to state that you were the owner of the property holding NRIC xxx before. However, I read that if you intend to sell the property after change of Citizenship, you have to pay 25% foreigner tax.

    Hi Hazel,

    For the Renunciation Letter from High Comission of Malaysia and the Pay Slips, is it collected together with MY-RN1 form? Please advise, Thank You

    Li Yun

    Hi Hazel, May i know which letter from ICA should i email to MHC for make an appointment for renounce my Malaysian citizenship?


    Hi Hazel,

    Appreciate if you could assist the following queries.

    1) I’m the main application, do I need to prepare any documents for my kids during the Renunciation at MHC?
    2) Please advise if kids below 16 are required to be present during the Renunciation?
    3) When I send email to get the appointment date for Renunciation, do I need to attach all approval letters including myself and the kids?

    Thanks & regards

    Hi VS

    I am not sure on the application together with the kids. Perhaps others in the comment section can help you with this.
    But one thing for sure is that when you email for appointment, they will reply you with the required information on the approval letters, etc for further clarification to finalize your appointment date.

    Hi Hazel,
    Thanks for your reply. I managed to called MHC. According to MHC, Renunciation application is only for applicants agef 21 years above. Therefore for children below 21 years old are not required to renounce their Malaysian citizenship.

    Hi Kelly

    They will send you the notification email to login in to ICA to see your result. You will need to download from ICA portal.

    Hi all,
    I have my citizenship approved and need to print the outcome letter from MyICA but I received a message stated as:
    “We are unable to process your application at the moment.
    Due to the following reason(s):
    You are not eligible because you have to costing application with ESC2020 MFAM000358xxx.

    Just wondering anyone got such an experience before? Due to this I can’t email to MHC to obtain for appointment date just in case something goes wrong.

    Hi Stephanie,

    I had the same remarks in my AIP. Did you manage to resolve the issue? Thanks

    Hi Hazel
    I don’t have Borang W, do I need to submit my mother’s IC and her birth cert?
    The Borang K we receive after 8 months is in English version? If not, do I have to get it translated before I submit to ICA online?


    Hi HL

    This you need to ask Malaysia Embassy officer. They will still insists to have original birth certificate.
    As for Borang K, I am still waiting for it. I will update once I receive..

    Hi hazel,

    Thank you for sharing your blog is so useful!
    I am helping my mum with her renunciation, could i kindly check if you would need the original copy of the approval letter from ica or would printed ones be okay? Because we didn’t receive an actual hardcopy from ica probably because of covid. We only have the e copy

    Best regards

    Kay Kay

    Thanks Hazel for all these insightful & helpful sharings.

    Could you please also share, will they collect back our MY IC, passport, birth certificate? If yes, will they return back all these to us eventually?

    Thank you.

    Hi Hazel,
    Thanks a lot for writing up the processes and sharing it. I managed to download form MY-RN1 and Form K and trying to fill it up before I head down to the embassy.
    In form K, the paragraph below Agama and before the signature of the applicant in the first page, should we fill it up? If yes what should it because it seems like it needs to be witness by magistrate, lawyers etc.

    Hi Anthony

    If you are not sure, you can check with the officer there. There will be an officer there to screen through your form before he allows you take Q number to process at the counter.
    Hope this helps..

    Hi Hazel, do u know what is the ICA email address we need to mail the approved borang k too? Am collecting mine tomorrow & will email photocopy to ICA but can’t seem to find an email address on the ICA website.

    Hi Hazel,
    Is the Borang K in Malay version acceptable by ICA as MyIc states that only English version is acceptable?

    Just a brief account of my visit to MHC today- I reached there at 8.30am and all done by 9.30am, very smooth and the officers were helpful. Collection will be on Friday.

    Also, they do not allow my mother to come in with me, only the applicant can enter.

    Hi Jitlin,
    Saw the news that there is long queue recently. May I know is there long queue at the main security gate to exchange ID before entering MHC?


    Hi Hazel,
    Can i please confirm that the Singapore Citizenship Approval letter is this :
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    You are at the final stage of your Singapore Citizenship application process.
    Two more steps to have your citizenship granted.
    Please do the following to complete your registration for Singapore Citizenship:
    Step 1: Renounce your Malaysian Citizenship at the Malaysian High Commission after
    fulfilling all requirements for renunciation.
    Step 2: Report to Citizenship Unit of ICA Building (level 6), on 08 April 2021 at 08:45 am to
    take the Oath of Renunciation, Allegiance and Loyalty.
    Please refer to the attachment for some important notes and the checklist of documents you must bring
    to ICA on your appointment date.
    If you have applied for Singapore Citizenship as a family,

    Hi , Can I check if anyone has any Visa (US/China) attached with Malaysia passport? When we do renunciation , they will collect the passport, how about the US Visa attached in it? Is it transferrable?

    You said this “The Pink Identity Card and SC Certificate will be ready in 6 months time”, does that mean that while waiting for my pink IC, i cannot apply for SC passport? Or the moment they accepted my SC application and provide me with a slip, i can apply for password as well or must we wait?

    Hi Benny

    You can apply SG passport the moment u received the slip from ICA. The officer will advise you to apply the next day. No need to wait until 6 mths later.

    Hope this helps.


    Thanks for the information. May I know can I make appointment with Mly HC with the ICA stage 2 in principle approval letter or I need to wait for the ICA Stage 3 letter?


    Hi Mike

    You can email them and ask for appointment date. Just make sure you finished everything before the appointment date. Otherwise, you will need to reschedule and it will takes approximately 3-4 weeks time.

    Hi, I like to do know about the steps of Renounce of Citizenship, do I have to go down or I have to schedule a timing with the team? I tried calling them but nobody answer the phone.

    Hi Hazel,

    Your post is extremely helpful, thank you so much!

    I have two questions:
    1. Do I need to return all my Malaysian passports, including those expired in the past?
    2. If I have just completed stage 1 – completed the SC journey and proceeding to upload my photo, is it too late to do the conversion of Malaysia driving license to Singapore driving license?


    Hi M

    No need return all Malaysian passports.
    As for the conversion, you can still do it but you need to provide extra supporting documents with regards to your citizenship. You can clarify with the Traffic Police Dept.

    Hi Hazel,

    Before I can download letter of approval from ICA , I have uploaded photo and made payment. Then I realised ICA need original photos. If my original photo and uploaded photo are different, will ICA accept my original photo?
    Also do we need to transfer car owner name of my Malaysia car?
    Thank you.

    Hi Hazel,

    I went to renew my Malaysia passport and before i got to know my application is approved.

    Do you think my passport needs to be issued first before i can renounce my citizenship? If not i have to head down so many times. =)

    Hi Kai

    Have you done your SC Journey? This will take about 3-4 weeks time to complete and get your renunciation complete before heading to ICA.
    So, it depends when is your renunciation date. Otherwise, you can email Malaysia Embassy to ask for the renunciation date and at the same time highlight this issue.

    See what they reply you then.

    Hi Hazel,
    1. I just received email reply from MHC, the appointment date is 12/7/21, after 3 working days can collect form MY-RN1, in that case I rescheduled with ICA on 19/7/21 should be ok right? As ICA need us to submit registration within 3 months after received approval letter and I received ICA approval letter on 24/4/21.

    2. For those who born in Malaysia holding Malaysia birth cert, we only need to prepare document from point 1) – 6), Malaysia International Passport & photos right? Point 8)Singapore Citizenship cert & passport(if applicable) don’t think need to submit right?

    3. MHC need us to laminate Malaysia birth cert but mine only put into a plastic folder since young. Will they accept it?

    4. When we received renunciation letter from MHC, do we need to translate the letter before submit to ICA?

    Hi Hazel,

    Good day. May I know do we need to prepare the documents as per requirement below?
    I think most of us do not have the Borang W

    v) Applicant who do not have Borang ‘W’ must produce 2 photocopies of parent’s document

    ie: Identity card, Birth Certificate, Citizenship Certificate and passport

    Thank you.

    Hi Hazel,

    Thank you for your reply, so as long as we have birth certificate then the parents’ documentation will not be required ?


    Hi Hazel, may I know how’s the slip collection process? Are we expecting queue and waiting hours to collect the slip or is it just collect and go without much waiting time.
    Thank you.

    Hi Vincent

    The slip can be done within 15 -30 minutes. You just need to pass the officer the form and he will call out your name to collect.

    My relative who is renouncing her citizenship, dun hv Malaysia Citizenship certificate. Is that OK? it is not Borang W, right?

    Hi Cecilia

    You must have birth certificate. If dont have, you need to go to related department in Putrajaya, Malaysia to request.

    Hi Hazel,

    Do we need to enclose any document when applying to the Malaysia High Commissioner for an appointment to renounce Malaysia Citizenship?


    Hi Steven

    You need to show them the ICA letter- the approved in principle.Otherwise, they will reply you with a list of the info they need for your appointment.

    No worries…

    Hi Hazel,

    I email them and enclosed the Approved In Principle letter and request for the appointment date for renunciation. Is this correct? No need wait for the Approval Letter. Given current situation the appointment may take a while, I think. Thanks.

    Is there other way to renounce Malaysia Citizenship beside going to Malaysia High comm

    Because I don’t know the appointment date is so long have to wait till July 2021 and I received approved letter to report to ICA in May 2021 any my big issue is thought Spore Citizen approved and can buy private condo without go thru step 1 and step 2

    I have to forfeit my deposit as seller can’t wait if not have to pay 5% stamp duty.

    Any good advice, pls thks

    Hi Chia

    You need to go to Malaysia High Comm to renounce. You can email and informed them that your ICA appointment date is nearer and see if they can help you to change. I did it once and they did help me to change to a nearer date.

    I have but they replied no slot
    What is your reason you write?
    Can guide me or you may write better than me can pls guide me. Thank u

    Saw the news that there is long queue recently. May I know is there long queue at the main security gate to exchange ID before entering MHC?


    Hi Geoff

    I think depends on timing and when you go.. just make sure you go at least 30 minutes earlier than your appointment date to make sure you can get in on time…


    Anyone here kind to swap the date with me because I need it urgently and now Malaysia High comm only can give me on 14 July and write in said no earlier slot.

    I need it by 19 May 2021

    Thank you

    Hi, can anyone swap appointment with me? I emailed a few days back and got an appointment for 28 July, but I need to do the minor oath renunciation by 23 June, so need an appointment before 16 June. Would be very, very thankful!!! I can’t extend the 23 June deadline cos it’s a minor oath renunciation… I tried calling and emailing the consular and they couldn’t change if for me. 🙁

    hi meena,
    in case you going to release your slot o 28july, could you please let me know?
    i need a slot asap if can. currently, consular officer ask me to wait until october.
    i dont mind to pay you.
    thank you very much

    Hi Hazel!

    Thanks for such an informative blog post!

    However, I still have a couple of question.
    1) how did you settle your kwsp (EPF)account in Malaysia during this COVID period?
    2) what are the necessary arrangements to meet the requirements for renunciation? This part is written in the Step 2 checklist after completion of e-journey and all.

    Hi Wein

    I havent settle my KWSP. Once I managed to settle, I will share more information.
    Ya the requirements as stated on my post. You need to email MHC and they will send you the checklist.

    Hi, is anyone willing to swap renunciation appointment date with me, I really need an earlier slot in June for me to get the SG passport in time, to receive my overseas visa in time for a work assignment overseas.

    I am willing to pay you for this change, if the swap is successful. Please contact me, thank you

    Hi Sherlynn

    Just email as per normal to request for appointment and attached your ICA approved in principle letter.

    Hi ,
    Just out of curiosity, does your IC number changed as they give you your pink IC? or it will remain the same as your PR ID?

    Great posting Hazel btw. Very informative.

    Hi Ian

    They will give you a temporary slip while waiting for the pink IC to ready in 6 months time. The ID is same as your PR.

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Hi Steven

    They need to see that letter and they revert with the list of the documents required to prepare prior to the appointment date.

    Hi Hazel,

    They need the final letter of approval. The AIP is not allowed for the booking of appointment.

    Hi Hazel,

    Thank you for the great info!

    After the renunciation at Msia embassy, for the collection of FORM MY-RN1, three days later. Is there a specific time mentioned, to collect the form? Or can I simply go early in the morning, to get back the form?

    I wonder if I can set the ICA appointment on the collection day itself. (evening time). I am thinking of collecting from embassy then go straight to ICA.

    Hi David

    They will give you the allocated timing to collect the FORM MY-RN1 and usually is afternoon.
    You can login in to ICA portal to change your appointment date but do take note that you cannot change more than 3 times.

    Hope this helps

    Hi Hazel,

    Many thanks for all the helpful information and taking the time out to assist everybody.

    Not sure if you know the answer to this question. My daughter currently has 2 passports – one of them is Malaysian which was granted after she was born in Singapore. I have just had had my Singapore citizenship approved so my question is, will she be forced to renounce her Malaysian citizenship if none of her parents are no longer Malaysian?

    Hi Mingster

    From my understanding, Malaysian government does not recognize dual citizenship. I would suggest that you check with the embassy on this officially to prevent any future brushings with the law.

    Whether your daughter will be forced to renounce if both parents are not Malaysian, I also not sure. It is better to check with the authorities with black and white. This is to support and protect future conflicts.

    Hi Hazel,

    Thanks for sharing.

    Understand that Malaysia birth certificate has to be laminated before submit to Malaysia consular, may I check do I laminate in A4 size or as per the birth certificate original size?

    Many thanks in advance for your help!


    Hi Hazel

    Thank you so much for sharing. I would like to know if anyone of you here applied sg citizenship for your child(below 12 year old) if yes do they need to be present for the renounciation? Also do I have to make a separate appointment for them with MHC? Your help with the above queries is much appreciated
    Also on a side note just to clear the doubts about the whole process of the sg citizenship journey
    – there are 3 components to it
    E journey, Singapore Experiential Tour (SET) Community Sharing Sessions (CSS)
    – E Journey : watch online video (mainly about Singapore way of life, the norms, and a slight history of Singapore) once you are done you are required to answer quizzes (must get the all correct, don’t worry if you get it wrong as I can make an attempt to get it right next)

    – SET : due to COVID hence you are not required to book slot to tour certain part of SG and the only option is the “Online Set”. You are required to watch 4 short videos (video is purely about the formation of sg, the merger of sg with Malaya, Sarawak, sabah and how Singapore left Malaya to become an advanced nation) once you have completed watching the clip you are required to complete the quizzes (10 questions and you are required to answer 7 correctly). Take note the system only accept your answer for the first attempt (don’t worry too much as you can open up another browser to watch the clip again if you are unsure of the answer as there is no time limit). Once you have completed the quizzes, the system will update your portal within 3 working days (they will also get in touch with you if you fail the quizzes)

    – CSS : similar to SET, you are required to watch video clips(link provided) only 2 video clips for this session. Once you are done you are required to provide comment (remember not to google and copy word by word as this would be plagiarizing). There is no right or wrong but again once you submit the system will update your status within 3 working days.

    Hope the above helps and pls if anyone of your applied citizenship for your child kindly let me know the procedure (whether or not they are required to renounce their msia citizenship).

    Thank you

    Hi Hazel,

    Just wanted to check with you when submitting the documents for Singapore Citizenship will ICA take the original copy of the Letter of Renunciation or do we get the keep the original and only photocopies needs to be submitted?

    Hi Jason

    They will need to see your original copy for verification. They will take the photocopies in the end.

    Hope this helps…

    Morning Hazel,
    I just received letter fr highcomm and appointment date given was 18aug. When is the date I can reschedule with ICA.

    Hi Pei Sze

    Once you submit documents, you will need to go down few days later to collect the letter before you go ICA. So, buffer a week later…

    Anyway, you can change ICA appointment up to 3 times if you cannot make it…

    Hope this helps…

    Hi Hazel,
    May i check during your application, do we need to submit translated copy for our birth cert which is in malay?

    Hi Hazel,
    Understand that back then Malaysia birth cert is in Malay language, but nowadays it has Malay and English language,so your birt cert is in Malay language and you did you not translate?

    Hi Geoffery

    There is a board at the Consular office that shows the sample on how to fill up the form. You can refer there.
    I forgot whether its capital letter or not because it is quite sometime ago…

    Hi, they gave me a September date for the Malaysian renunciation. I need a late June or July date, can this be done? Please let me know if I can swap (how that works) and if anyone is willing to swap with me. Need it to go back overseas for school, so please help!

    Hi Hazel, they said that spots are filled until September. Do you know where I can get someone with a June/July appointment to swap with me? It’s very urgent and I’m worried. Thank you so much.

    Hi Amanda

    So sorry I cant help much on this. But maybe you can try those forum or fb group related and post there to see if anyone can swap? Otherwise, try ask Malaysia Embassy again. Sometimes they okay… try speak Malay with them.. more friendly…

    Just received the email from MHC today zzz

    Dear Sir/Madam ,

    Your email refers.

    2. The Consular Section is available in a limited and controlled manner, strictly by appointments only.

    3. Please be informed that the appointment slots for renunciation application have been scheduled up to October 2021.

    4. You may email us by the end of September
    2021 onwards to book for an appointment.

    5. We seek your understanding and regret for any inconvenience caused.

    Thank you.

    Consular Section
    High Commission of Malaysia

    Oh dear, how long did you wait till they responded to you? I sent my request 7 working days ago & haven’t heard back 🙁

    Hi Kent, yes I’ve received the same reply as well. We can’t even get a confirmed appointment date and this is a really long drag.

    Hi Dennis, I’ve gave up calling them after being on hold for about 30 mins.

    But pretty much I don’t think a call can change their arrangements.

    Hi everyone,
    I just collected my renunciation form from MHC on 24/05/2021. Can any one share with me where can i get a translation service to translate the document as MyICA need us to upload both original in Bahasa & English translated copies. Also, does the translation need to to be notarized and SAL?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Hazel,
    i’m at the last stage of upload my renunciation form (Borang K) into my ICA portal. But ICA need us to translate it to english and upload both version.

    Hi Hazel,
    Really appreciate the help you have given out to others.
    I went to the Malaysia High Comm last week to renounce my citizenship. Everything was in order except for the name difference between my birth cert and M’sia IC. I have an added Christian name on my IC and they asked to see a deed poll, which i don’t have.
    I’m getting a lawyer in S’pore to prepare a deed poll for me. Just wondering if you know if it has to be in Bahasa Melayu?
    Sorry, just trying my luck to ask as I am not able to get through to anyone on their phone/email =(
    Thank you if you or any of your readers an help!

    Hi Ros

    So sorry.. I have not come across this situation before. Maybe you can check with the lawyer? or did u ask the officer during your visit at consular office? They will be able to give you a definite answer.

    Hi Ros
    My birth certificate name and Malaysian IC is also different cos I have Chinese name added in my IC. Did you manage to finish your renunciation process then? Oh dear…

    Hi, just to update you that MHC will only accept a JPN issued form that you filled up when you add your name. I have tried paying a lawyer here to issue a statutory declaration but MHC won’t accept it so don’t waste your money doing that. Liaise directly with JPN to obtain the document. Good luck!

    Hi Hazel,

    Can I just check, for the Singapore Permanent Resident NRIC, we submit the original copy to MHC will they return back to us? Because if not during the ICA appointment, we don’t have a copy to show the authority?

    Hi Pei Sze

    I am not sure. You need to check with HDB side for confirmation. But I think you need passport for documentation process..

    Hi all,
    I am trying my luck here and see if anybody going to release their appointment slot to me, the waiting time is just too long for me as I need to get a house asap for baby planning . I called Embassy and what they told me was to wait.
    I am willing to pay for your kind gesture.

    in the meantime, thank you Hazel for your sharing here.

    Hi all,

    Regarding this Birth Cert Lamination.

    1. May I know can we Laminate it in A4 size?
    2. If I were to laminate as per birth cert size, where can I do the Lamination.

    Sorry for noob question, because I never do lamination before, and I’m not familiar anywhere in Singapore does the lamination.

    Would really appreciate if anyone can provide a good answer 🙂

    Hi Steven

    As for me, I laminate according to the actual size of the birth cert and there is no issue during the submission.

    Hi, Hazel

    Do you have any idea if I don’t have borang W, only Singapore Birth Certificate, is it ok? Or what are the other documents required?

    And May I know anyone recently email to consular of High Commission of Malaysia to book an appointment to renounce their Malaysia Citizenship?

    Any idea how long they take to reply you and what is the earliest appointment date they allocate to you? Please let me know
    Thank you ~

    Hi Jun

    Sorry I am not sure. I think you need to check with Consular of Malaysia when you write in to make appointment for renunciation. Based on the recent comments, the next available month is October…

    Anyone have any idea, Is there any deadline at the ICA side? By when need to upload the renunciation document? And by when need to go for the ICA appointment.

    Since there’s a delay at High Commission of Malaysia to secure an appointment. Don’t even know when they will give an appointment date now ..

    Hi Jun

    If you login in ICA portal, you were given 3 times to change your appointment date. You can check your portal on the status.

    the deadline is written at the letter, 6 months from the final approval letter. I think we may have to write to ICA to ask for special extension

    Hi Jun,

    If you holding Singapore Birth and don’t have Borang W, see below requirement :
    v) Applicant who do not have Borang ‘W’ must produce 2 photocopies of parent’s document ie: Identity card, Birth Certificate, Citizenship Certificate and passport.

    When MHC issues the appointment, they will also include the checklist.

    The consular replied and not willing to take any appointment until end of September. There is no advance slot for booking, what a bummer.

    Hello Hazel and all!

    I would strongly suggest to all future ex-Malaysians to immediately email MHC to make an appointment for renunciation the moment you get your letter of approval-in-principle, and then quickly complete the Singapore Journey as soon as you can.

    I got my application approved-in-principle on 27 May 2021.
    Completed my Singapore Journey just a few days later.
    I received the approval letter on 08 June 2021.
    My appointment with ICA to register the citizenship is on 06 July 2021.

    Alas! MHC replied to my email requesting for an appointment for renunciation only after September 2021..
    Imagine the agony of the wait for another 3-4 months..

    Talk about efficiency…

    I mean how many thousand of us are actually taking this step that the wait is so long..??


    MHC will only accept the approval letter. I have tried getting an appointment using the Approved-In-Principle letter but was rejected. Maybe they allow it in the past but definitely not during this period.

    can check with you, same situation as me. MHC asked to book the date by end of the september, so your appointment with ICA as reschedule to what date? November or December?

    Hi Chuan Yong

    If your appointment end September and once you submit the documents accordingly, you need to go back MHC to collect the doc after few days. So you can book appointment with ICA a week after your MHC appointment. It will be just nice.

    Hi Chuan Yong,

    I’ve emailed to ICA Citizenship unit regarding this as well due to we are unable to change appointment more than 2 months later of your current appointment date.

    What they told me is that we can cancel the appointment date for citizen registration first, then only we select a date again after we get a renunciation letter from MHC.

    My receive email reply from ICA as shown below:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    The October onwards registration calendar is not released yet for booking. You may cancel the current date in e-Appointment and log in again to schedule your appointment date for the COF registration once you have obtained the renunciation documents from the relevant foreign authorities.

    Best Regards,


    Hope this helps.

    And finger crossed that our appointment date can be expedited.

    Hi Anthony,

    Did you cancell you appointment with ICA or just change the current appt date 1st? As my ICA appt is 06/07,. And my MHC was on 18/10.
    I log in the ICA website , Oct only release up 08/10.. Shd i cancell my 06/07 appt wth ICA or jus anyhow choose the 08/10 and wait it release all date of oct and go chamge again?

    Hi Arthur,

    I have about the same dates as you but MHC does not reply to me!

    May I know how you written your email?


    Hi ZH,

    Just a normal “official” email requesting for an appointment at their earliest convenience.
    I also stated my scheduled date with ICA for registration (which in retrospect was rather pointless seeing how long they (MHC) drag the dates..)

    It took MHC about 2 working days to tell me the bad news, so I’m not too sure how long you have waited.

    With all the you have read so far, I think safe to assume you might as well join us and wait until end Sept before we ‘chiong’ again for our last “dates” with MHC.. hahaha

    All best to u!

    I found out the issue, I emailed twice with my @hotmail address and got nothing back even after I checked all my spam emails

    Today I tried with my @gmail and instantly got the reply in same day – and yes only can setup appointment in end Sept..

    ah.. good to know..
    haizz….. the long wait is just too wasted!!

    (i wonder how many of us are taking this journey.. it’ll be interesting to see the statistics..)

    all best to u, ZH!

    Hi, is the Renunciation Letter from High Commission of Malaysia is it a separate document or is it the approved Form MY-RN1? Can I know will it be in Malay language? Because I saw from my final ICA letter it says that need to be translated if is not in English..

    Good news!! MHC has released the date for appointment on October onwards as they have replied my email and my appointment date is fall on Monday, 04 October 2021. (still 3 months ++ to go..)

    My first email to them to request for an appointment date was on 25 May 2021

    Good for you Kent, congrats.

    Unfortunately for me, no joy. Still get the standard template reply to try again end-Sep 2021.

    Did you write in once and leave it to them to reply with an appointment date or did you keep ‘reminding’ them to give you a date ?

    Nope, i just leave it and was plan to write in again by end of September.
    Keep reminding doesn’t works as they will use the same email to reply you.

    Hi Kent, good news to you. Unfortunately, I just emailed MHC again. This is their reply:

    There are no slots available from today until October 2021. Kindly email us from the end of September 2021 to schedule an appointment.

    Hi everyone!!

    It is odd that Kent (congratulations !!) applied in May 2021 & got an appointment from MHC for Oct. while like everyone else here were told to wait till Sept. to apply for an appointment!! What are they thinking?

    Few questions – Can we use the download-able Borang K and MY-RN1 forms? Do we need to go before a Commissioner of Oath to complete form K? Are copies of ICA’s email/digital AIP acceptable by MHC?

    I am just emailed MHC again with the AIP – lets see what they say.


    That was fast after attaching AIP but I missed out contact number … MHC replied

    “2. Consular counter services will be available in a limited and controlled manner, strictly by appointment only. Due to the high volume of applicants, appointment slots are filled until November 2021. Kindly please expect some delay. We will update you on the next available appointment subject to availability.

    3. Please provide the applicant’s name, contact number and a copy of the ICA letter for verification purposes. (Kindly Attached in pdf. format)

    4. You may request ICA for a change of appointment. ICA is well notified on this matter. We seek your understanding and regret for any inconvenience caused.”

    Hope the above copy helps 🙁

    Hi everyone on my thread

    I received my appointment after waiting patiently for MHC to reply. They emailed today with appointment on Tuesday 02 November 2021!! My thought is to not press the folks there otherwise they merajuk, surprises can happen (my past experience lah).

    You can try again
    I just got my appointment after numerous try
    current schedule till 07 OCT. please do not wait till end of september or else ur schedule will be cny 2022 liao

    this is exactly what I am afraid of, that if we were to wait until end Sept to write in, we might end up not getting a slot at all!
    I’m just wondering if they even have a “queue” system following a first come first serve basis for those who wrote in.. sigh!
    its a bit worrying..

    I got my date on 11Oct.
    According to Consular, there are 700+ in waiting list. Change to earlier date is impossible for now


    I wrote to MHC again on 16 June 2021 after reading Kent’s favourable reply. MHC wrote back on same day telling me the same thing; check again by end Sept.

    Was planning to write in again in July but lo! and behold.. I got an email from MHC this afternoon, I got a slot on 18 Oct 2021!
    So I think they are checking and keeping track of us..

    So to those still waiting, give it some time, I’m now sure they will get back to us soonest possible.

    Good luck to all of us!
    Majulah Singapura!

    Congrats Arthur.

    When did you first write to them ? I really hope that they are keeping track and have some form of a queuing system in place. Looks like I’ll have to cancel my ICA appointment, which is in 10 days time and leave it open at the moment not knowing when I’ll even get a slot at MHC.

    Hi TM, thanks much!

    I first wrote to MHC on 9 June, and subsequently on 16 June.
    Both replies told me to write in towards end of Sept.

    However, MHC wrote yesterday and gave me 18 Oct. A pleasant surprise, and a ‘sign’ that they are tracking our emails (read: queue) (maybe… but i sure hope so!)

    My appointment with ICA is on 6 July – obviously i will not make it! But it still beats not knowing when one can actually get into MHC though..

    All best to you and the rest! Just hang in there! 🙂

    Looks like ‘reminding’ them is the only way to get any slots. I’m only worries that by the time we write in again by end-Sep, it would literally be Mar2022, if we get any slots at all. What a mess.

    Finally gotten my response today and the appointment slot is on Oct 26. First written to them on Jun 12.

    Sure looks like MHC is clearing the backlogs with the ‘reopening’ situation here and judging by the few response here for the past week, its moving according to some FIFO queue system.

    Hang in there, y’all.

    Hi Hazel,
    I saw inside the ICA apps there’s a button to upload renunciation letter. Do we need to upload renunciation letter before we go ICA

    Hi PeiSze and all,

    The ICA app upload button is for Borang K once your renunciation is approved(8 months later approximately). You’ll need the stamped original MY-RN1 form + 1 photocopy and stamped birth certificate photocopy ( these are the forms you’ll collect back on your 3rd day MHC visit) and your IC for your ICA appointment.
    You’ll be issued a SG Temporary I/C slip. The pink one on ceremonial day some 6 months later.
    If you need a passport, apply the next day after obtaining Temporary I/C.

    Hi Hazel,

    Thank you for setting up and sharing your diary. I came across your site while looking for answer after my 3rd day appointment at MHC. I wasn’t sure if the returned MY-RN1 form is the letter of Renunciation ICA needed. Tuned out it was and with that I could apply for my passport with the issued Temp. I/C.

    I suspect COVID has something to do with the delay in your I/C . I was told it will be handed out during the Citizenship Ceremony. I’ve only collected my Temporary I/C few days ago, you’re way ahead of me 🙂

    Here are some additional info for the rest:
    Downloaded copy of MY-RN1 form is similar to the one issued (but can’t confirm 100%) at the consular booth in MHC. I’ve used it to fill up in advance but it wasn’t in black ink. Needed to transfer to a new copy obtained from the booth.

    A photocopy of Borang K (different from downloaded copy) will be issued for you to fill up and return to the booth for them to check if it’s correctly filled up. Only then you’ll be issued 2 original yellowish Borang K (they will not issue you another one if it’s voided or too many mistakes made, can’t imagine to wait for another appointment ), have them thumb printed on both copies at the booth, then proceed inside the consular to have them filled up with black pens provided (black ink 1mm thick I think ).
    Suggest to take the queue number first then fill up the forms slowly.
    One of the Borang K will eventually returned to you in place of your birth certificate.
    Essentially Borang K and MY-RN1 are the same, one in Malay and the other in English.

    Hope it helps folks. Cheers 🙂

    Hi John,
    is it typo error that you have collected borang K on 3rd day?
    I’ve only collected stamped MY-RN1 ,birth cert and payment receipt. Borang K is expected 8 mths later as mentioned by Hazel and others.

    HI John,
    Is it typo that you receive borang K when return to collect your forms on 3rd day?
    I’ve received only stamped MY-RN1, birth cert copy and payment receipt. I expect borang K is only ready after 8 mths as mentioned by Hazel and others.
    You may want to clarify again did you really receive Borang K (Yellow color) on 3rd day.


    Hi, anyone know if our malaysia birth cert needs to be translated into english or not? if so, where to do it?


    Hi all,

    Just check on my junk mail and there was a surprise! I got my appointment date on 12/10!! I emailed MHC on 03/6 and received the same standard reply as usual. Good luck for u all

    Hi, Hazel.
    I have taken oath to become Singapore Citizen in Sept’20.
    But yesterday (22 Jun’21), I have received an email from ICA regarding submitting the final documentary evidence of foreign citizenship (I was previously Malaysian).
    Could you please advise how can I get the documentary evidence of foreign citizenship?
    Thank you.

    Hi hazel,

    May I request the format for writing appointment with mhc for renouce service, any supporting docs needed in order they give u a date?

    Hi All,
    Finally i got my appointment date on 18/10, my 1st email to MHC was on 08/6 .. Good luck to all of you.

    Hi Hazel

    Your post is very informative. May I know the requirements for passport size photo (white background) ? Can the photos be those taken from a photo booth?

    Thank you very much.

    Hi All, I sent in on 8/6 too and appointment is on 21/10. I guess there’s a ‘queue system’ so it’s best to just send them in advance to be in ‘queue list’.

    Hi all

    May I request the format for writing appointment with MHC for renouce service, any supporting docs needed in order to obtain a date?

    Hi Alice, (and those who may be wondering too!)

    Here is a sample of mine:

    Email header: Renunciation of Malaysian Citizenship

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to arrange for an appointment for the above process at the earliest date available.

    I have an appointment with ICA Singapore on (insert date if you have it already) to register for Singapore citizenship, therefore I would appreciate it if this arrangement can be completed prior.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    (insert your name)

    Simple one will do, no need to be bombastic.. haha!
    Good luck!

    forgot to mention:

    you need to attach the letter of approval-in-principle from ICA together so they can cross-check.

    – Letter of approval-in-principle is the first letter issued to enable you to proceed with the Singapore Journey
    – Letter of approval is issued AFTER you have completed your Singapore Journey, prior to you renouncing your Malaysian citizenship and subsequently registration for your Singapore citizenship at ICA.

    Hi Arthur,

    I forgot to download a copy of approval-in-principle letter. Without the letter, I couldn’t make appointment with MHC. When will we receive the final approval letter from ICA? I cannot find it in My ICA too. Super confused now.


    Hi guys,
    Another question. The Malaysian Passport photo size dimension is 35mm x 50mm while the Singapore ICA photo size dimension that i printed is 35mm x 45mm.

    Did you guys took another set of pictures for the Malaysia High Comm renunciation or it’s ok to use back the same photo you submited to Singapore ICA.

    Thanks in advance!

    Got the letter from MHC to collect Borang K within a month. Need to bring along

    1. SG IC/11B Card
    2. SG passport
    3. SG Citizenship Cert

    I quick quick apply SG passport online. Shd get it within 1 week. But the SG IC and Citizenship Cert need to wait the ceremony right? I still haven’t got letter to attend any ceremony to collect my SG IC and Cert. Anyone knows how or who to contact?

    Hi Eddie

    I clarified with MHC.. if no Spore passport, its okay. I also waiting for the ceremony. I have yet to receive. You need to email to ICA to check your status

    Thanks for the suggestion Hazel. I written to both ICA and MHC. MHC replied and ask me to ask ICA for certified true copy of both SG IC and SG Citezen Cert… which HMC says ICA usually provide that.

    With that and the passport, can go and collect the Borang K. Will wait for ICA to reply before asking for certified true copies. Btw, MHC also mentioned can go after the due date and do not need to make any appointment.

    Hi Eddie,

    Can I check when did you perform your renunciation and MHC informed you to collect Borang K within a month?

    Hi Hazel,

    Thanks a lot. Yea mine states 8 months but I thought Eddie got it within a month.

    Hi hi ,

    I received the letter from MHC to collect my borang k, I have the Singapore passport only. Anyone know if Singpost passport alone is sufficient ? And do we need to make appointment or can just walk in ? thanks !

    hi all,

    FYI, apparently downloaded and pre-filled MY-RN1 form is accepted in my case.
    But Borang K has to be collected and fill up there.
    To be on safe side , just get ready everything and if they accept , then is good. otherwise, just fill up again on site.

    Hello Hazel,

    In the last process of the renunciation where we have to submit a copy of FORM K in the ICA website, may I know how did u get a translated copy of FORM K? Did you request from the embassy?

    Thank you

    Hi Hazel,
    I have received a reply from MHC for my apt for renunciation application. Currently, am preparing for the documents required to be submitted.
    One of the item to be submitted (Letter of Approval from ICA) – Original + 2 p/copies. However, I only have a downloaded copy from ICA. Is this acceptable – do I need to follow up with ICA for an original.
    I value comments.

    Hi Jeffrey

    I printed out as well and photocopy it as per the request. So shouldn’t be any problem unless you receive hardcopy of the result. I think everyone received digital version.

    Hi everyone and Hazel,
    Thanks fo all the info here.
    FYI my appointment with MHC is now in November so the waiting time is v long. Be prepared to wait.
    I m at last stage of just before renouncing MY citizenship. My birth certificate is in KL. My headache is to fin a courier or Malaysia pos laju
    Anyone tried to send documents recently. From KL to SG
    Thanks all

    Hi Collin, Hazel,

    May I know how long it takes to receive the approval letter after completing SG-Journey?

    Thank you.

    Hi Chiew Mei

    You will received the approval in-principle before you start the SG Journey. Once complete, ICA will send you the appointment date to go ICA in few days time. Not sure which letter are you referring to.

    I mean the ICA approval letter after completing sg journey. Need this to book appointment with MHC.

    I have tried to book earlier with in-principal approval letter but MHC asked for the approval letter.

    Hi Chiew Mei

    I use the ICA letter- approved in principle to make appointment with MHC and there is no issue.

    Anyone can update me the Msia High comm required 3 recent passport size photo , can use the same as Spore passport size.
    Many thks

    Please advise me about Consular of Malaysia. My husband tried to book an appointment since 1 June. They keep saying no lot until November 2021. My husband can’t complete all documents to converse to Singapore Citizen as Ica says completion in 6 months after receiving the approval.

    Hi Everyone..

    I just received my appointment date from MHC today – 24NOVEMBER @_@
    replied to them for an earlier date, reiterating my appointment given by ICA is 07Aug, their reply:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Your email refers.

    2. Due to the high volume of applicants, appointment slots are filled until end of November 2021. Kindly refer to the appointment date and time given in the earlier email.

    3. You may request ICA for a change of appointment. We seek your understanding and regret for any inconvenience caused.

    Just how many are giving up their M’sian citizenship? SIGH.

    Hi JL , I have same issue as u, my MHC appointment given by MHC is 29th Nov, how u change your ICA appointment, cancel the appointment date they given first and choose a new date or email them to request reschedule the appointment date?

    ICA’s reply:
    You can cancel the current date in e-Appointment and update us again after your appointment with the Malaysia High Commission and attach the pink receipt issued by the High Commission. We will then schedule your registration appointment date.

    anyone has luck with getting an earlier appointment from MHC please share!

    Hi Hazal

    To clarify normally how long does it take to receive the approval in-principle after submit the citizenship application and before the start the SG Journey?

    Hi Zi Xin

    You need to have the Malaysian passport to rennounce. If not, you need to get an official letter from the Malaysia Immigration section with regards to this. Alternatively, I would suggest you to confirm with MHC first.

    Hi Hazel and all

    To clarify normally how long does it take to receive the approval in-principle after submit the citizenship application?

    Hi Alice

    It depends. I got it within 8 mths and some of my friend only got it a year later. The current process will take approximately one year

    Thank you Hazel. Wah, it takes so long just to obtain the approval in-principle letter before to start SG journey? May I know how long would it take to complete the SG journey?

    Hi Hazel,

    My appointment with MHC is next Wed 10 – 11.30 am. Is it necessary for me to reach there by 8 am in case there is a long queue? Thank you.


    Hi Steven

    Based on my few visits to MHC, the queue is formed because of the registration to enter the building. So, no need to go so early. Most of them are queuing for passport. Perhaps you want to reach approximately 30-45 mins earlier? Consular section will have short queue usually…

    First and foremost, a big THANK YOU to Hazel for sharing her experience!

    I too, just received my AIP mid July, finished my Spore journey and got my Approval letter last week. I immediately sent a mail to MHC and folks, my date is on Dec 6th! Over 4 months away now and no idea why this is so … If Hazel had not created her blog and had this section for Comments, I would have been very worried and unsettled not knowing if there are others in the same boat. Many thanks again Hazel!

    For those who have no other urgent matters dependent on citizenship, we simply have to hang in there and sit tight for our date. For those who have mitigating circumstances, no harm writing in to MHC seeking an earlier date of course.

    Wishing all a smooth and hassle free conversion! Stay safe.

    Hi Sue M,
    I have same issue as you ,my MHC appointment date is 29th Nov 2021, I cancelled my ICA appointment date and called ICA this morning. The officer asked me email them to reschedule the appointment date , attached the MHC replied email, your name and I/c no

    Hi Mei,

    My ICA appt date is on Aug 23rd so I sent ICA an email on Monday morning, just like the one you had stated but I got an automated reply back almost immediately. So I called up ICA in the afternoon, got a very nice lady who said ICA will send out a standard auto reply at first because of high volume of emails and then, actually reply after a few days. My main concern was, when I tried to reschedule, ICA appts only go as far as Nov 5th but my MHC renunciation appt is on Dec 6th. The lady did say I could let the ICA appointment lapse or simply cancel.

    Hi LH,

    Oh I see, you got a Dec appt too. I have replied to Mei above so you can read the details and my main issue. I can’t seem to reschedule past Nov 5th.

    I am going to wait for about a week for ICA to respond and see what their advice is. Likely they will instruct me to cancel and once it is Sept/Oct, I will try to e-schedule one in Dec, about 2 weeks from Dec 6th. If I can’t e-schedule, I will write to ICA for assistance. I don’t want to ‘waste’ the re-scheduling chances. MHC is being rather unpredictable at this point. I worry that on Dec 6th, they may just say, come back aftr 2 or 3 weeks instead of 2 or 3 days to collect the form that we need for Spore citizenship registration!

    Hi Hazel
    Thanks for your article. Really helpful.
    I got my approval from Singapore ICA in May 2021. I emailed immediately to get an appointment with Consular of Malaysia. I was given the earliest date on 2 Aug. So that’s about 2.5 months wait.
    The renunciation process itself was about 1 hour only.
    Hope this helps to feedback to new applicants too.

    Hi HJ,
    May I know when is your collection date, understand your submission was on 2 Aug.
    It is 3 working days excluded submission day?

    Hi Hazel,

    Is that safe to book my ICA registration appointment to be one week after my mhc appointment?It’s scheduled by end of Nov 2021.


    Hi LH

    Usually after you rennounce, you will asked to collect form MY-RN1 a week later. Then only you go for your ICA appointment. Not sure if they extend the collection time now. You can consider to fix first. You can change the appointment up to 3 times. So no worries.

    Hi Hazel, I remember the letter mentioned 3 working day to collect the MY RN1. Now become 1 week is it. If I rescheduled in ICA again, will the date be very late.

    Hi Pei Sze

    Perhaps you want to highlight this to the officer when you submit the documents that your ICA appointment is on XXX date. I think they might help because I did that previously. Not sure if they able to do the same for you.Anyway, you can still change your ICA appointment date after you submit your documents right? If the Consular officer cannot commit the date for you…

    Hi Hazel,

    For ICA Step 3 on the upload of the renunciation certificate. Is this referring to Borang K (after 8 months) or the MYRN1 which we collect from MHC 3 working days after we complete our renunciation process? Thanks.

    Best Regards


    Hi, i am in the waiting for my renunciation of my Malaysian Citizenship on Dec 9th 2021. However i am still owe PTPTN money in Malaysia. Does anyone have experience on this? Need to clear the money? Does it affect the renunciation? Or i could still pay back for my PTPTN even i am a foreigner. Please advise anyone.

    Hi everyone and Hazel – kind of feels a bit like MY in SG here.
    Anyone here any idea if as a Malaysian you go back to KL what is the SOP
    Also what is that like vs gg back as a Singapore Citizen.
    Sorry this may not be right forum but I just need some idea if anyone knows.
    Situation in MY is crazy. Very worried about family back in KL/Selangor.

    Hi Hazel,

    I just collected MY-RN1 from MHC and go straight to ica for oath taking on 6 Aug 2021.

    Now only waiting for my form K in order to complete last step.

    I would like to thank you so much for your blog for providing such a useful info and guidance platform for us.

    Just a gentle reminder u may photocopy some extra msia ic and birthcert in case u need it in the future.

    Congrats to you!
    Can I check, you’re able to go ICA on the same day after collection of your MY-RN1?
    Since collection is in the afternoon. You have sufficient time to collect and straight to ICA? What time is ICA last appointment? Thanks

    Hi Hazel,

    Just want to check with you.

    What need to fill in for the “Tempat dikeluarkan” for the malaysia IC in Borang K?



    May I check with u, the letter approval of SG citizenship, now I only the letter with title” You are on the final stage of your SG citizenship….”
    Then Step 1 Step 2.
    Is this one consider letter of approval?

    Hi Jo

    The letter of approval is when you got it when they approved in principle letter. You got it before you did the SG Journey


    After I collected my pink receipt from MHC on Tue (collection of MY-RN1 is on Fri) , I email to ica immediately to book the appointment for me around 4pm, if slot available. I received ica call and email on Thursday to inform me my appointment is Fri 4.15pm. The time is sufficient cos the collection only took 15 min.

    Remember to photocopy your MY-RN1 before u heading to ica.

    Hi Hazel,

    Thank u so much for posting this useful guide & tips.

    Just to share my experience this morning (Thur 12/8):
    After a 3-month wait for my appointment, I arrived at MHC at 8.35am (appointment slot 9-10am). I was surprised to see only 10-12 people around the guard house and no queue. A lady security guard was outside the guard house, near the gate. I showed her my appointment letter (download & print the email sent by consular). She took my temperature, told me to check-in via TraceTogether & I could go straight in (the gate was wide open & I didn’t have to exchange pass).

    Headed straight to the Consular Section on the right side of the building. There was a short queue to collect forms. Waited about 20mins. Was given 1×MY-RN1 form & 1×black/white borang-K (I suspect it’s for practice purpose so no mistakes on the actual borang-K later). Was told to fill-up those forms with black pen then to queue again when done. Waited about 15mins. This time, the officer checked all the photocopied documents, then gave 2 yellow borang-K (I had to thumbprint both copies). Was told to fill-up the 2 forms first before I could proceed to take a number. The machine will print 2 tickets of the same number. Take both :1 for form submission & 1 for the payment later.

    Waited about 25mins before my number was called. Counter officer collected the forms+photocopies, & original birthcert/passport/MyKad. Less than 10mins later, the payment counter called my number. Paid $10 cash and was given the pink collection slip to collect acknowledgement slip & payment receipt next Tue 17/8 between 2.30-4pm. That’s all. Time was 9.58am. Total procedure took about 1.5 hours.

    I have questions for the photocopy copies. I understand al documents must photocopy in A4 paper. Is it front & back of the original copy? Or just the front copy of the original?

    I born in Malaysia. So I only have to bring Laminated birth cert, mykad, Malaysia passport, 3 passport photos, original and 2 photocopies. I don’t have Malaysia citizenship certificate and borang W

    Hi all,

    Just curious how long I need to wait response from ICA for stage 1? 6 months to 12 months as it mentioned in website, but will it be longer than 12 months?

    “Should you have more information, please feel free to share so we can update the website to provide information to others. Thanks” – Hazel Telegram

    Hi Hazel, just letting you know your telegram group doesn’t allow others to comment. That is why nobody is saying anything.

    Hi Ron

    Thanks but do you have idea how to allow comments on telegram group? I am not sure how it works

    Hi Hazel, thanks for your post in such details on renounce citizenship, just to check with you under submission document list
    3) Letter of Approval from ICA Singapore – Original & 2 photocopies.

    Currently the letter of Approval from ICA is through email and website, how to provide original copy? Just photocopy in color will do? Kindly advise. Thanks.

    How long was your stage 1?
    I have been a waiting tor more than 13 months now.
    Would be the grateful if others can share their waiting time for stage 1.

    Hi Chew

    I waited for almost a year.. I think some waited more than a year. Perhaps other can share when they see your comment.

    I’m waited 8 months for stage 1 approval. Currently waiting for my renunciation at MHC which is 3 months after. Good luck for those
    who are waiting for their ICA approval.

    Hi Hazel,

    May I ask if you have gotten your Borang K. By now, it should have been more than 8 eight months. I asked because mine just passed 8 months and I am deliberating if I should just wait further, make a trip to MHC or send an email. Email I am doubtful that that there will be a response. ICA has given me up to December to upload the Borang K so I still have time.


    Hi Alicia

    Did you check your mailbox? They will send over by hardcopy. My friend waited for 10 months to receive Borang K. I got it within 8 months time.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Hazel,

    I’m just gotten the approval letter from ICA and an appointment given on 07 Oct to take the Oath of Renunciation.
    Unfortunately my MHC appointment is on 13 Jan 2022, my I check with you, after the renunciation in MHC will take how long to received the relevant documents so that I can head down to ICA to take oath?

    Question 1: Should I change the ICA appointment to 1 week later after my MHC appointment? How many times did ICA allowed to change for the appointment?

    Q2: In ICA portal, there’s Step 3: Upload Renunciation Certificate, should i upload this letter before i heading down to ICA? how long can i received the renunciation certificate from MHC?

    Sorry to imposed you so many question and appreciate your help and answer! Thank you!

    Hi Yuan Fang

    To reply your questions:
    Once you renounce, u need to collect the pink receipt to bring along for ICA. That will take few days to go down collect. I think you need to buffer.. 1 week should be fine.
    ICA online appointments are allow to change not more than 3 times. You can email them if you have issues.
    The upload Renunciation Cert is the last step for Borang K. You will only upload once you receive the Borang K 8 months later. It is through online. Read the post here –

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    Hi Hazel and all

    I submitted SG citizenship in July this year. Understand it would take at least 8 months to one year plus to receive the in principle approval. I have a question to seek your advice. My Malaysia passport will be expired in Jan 2022. Should I renew my passport since my SG citizenship application would take more than one year to process?

    Grateful if I can hear from you all soon!


    Thanks Hazel for your reply. What I meant is that the submission of renunciation won’t take place till I receive SG side for the letter of in principle approval which will take at least one year later, e.g. July or longer 2022. By then, my Malaysia passport has already been expired (Feb 2022). Hence, should I renew my passport in case I need to travel to Malaysia while still waiting for the in principle approval from SG side?

    hey alice – do consider there is possibility of being denied citizenship or even taking longer. Unless you receive the in-principle approval, you do not know. that is my caution, so you should proceed everything as though you are still a citizen of country origin

    Hi, I’m converting my Malaysian driver license to Singapore driver license. And need help to obtain the driving record from JPJ. Can you share the contact for the JPJ runner please? Thank you.

    Hi, Hazel and all, just share my experience to u all, my MHC appointment is on 29th Nov. On 30th September I received a call from ICA, they allow me one time exception for me to proceed the citizenship registration on 1st October before the appointment date with MHC. Yesterday I went to do my citizenship registration and now I’m officially Singapore citizen now. They allowed me to email the Myrn-1 after I renounce my Malaysia citizenship.
    Did any have same experience as me?

    No, when I received a call from ICA , I also a little scared, after conversation with the officer, I really received email from them. And I go check my mobile singpass app , it is really an appointment with ICA.

    There is no issue for collection of MY RN1 form? Do not require to present Singapore IC? Just the collection pink slip will do?

    Hi Mei,
    Happy for you that you were able to obtain your Spore citizenship ahead of schedule!
    May I know if you have already or will be able to apply for your 10 year Spore passport too or did ICA advise you have to wait till you renounce Msian citizenship?
    Just wondering here because above 21, not allowed by either country to hold 2 citizenships at the same time.

    Hi Sue,
    I did apply the 10 years passport the next day.
    The officer did remind me can’t use Malaysia passport onwards.

    Hi Mei and everybody,
    May I ask if you have travel back to Malaysia with your Spore passport before you renounce your Msia citizen?

    Hi Hazel

    Thanks for your information. It was helpful.

    I have a question on Borang K and MY RNI

    Q1 Borang K – Do i need to get a magistrate to witness my signature ( in the Borang K form there is a section requiring a Magistrate the witness signature)

    Q2 ICA required a Renunciation letter from Malaysian High Comm. Is the Approved MY RN1 that i have to collect in 3 days time after my 1st submission?

    Hi Chee Kong

    You no need to do anything with Borang K, MHC will settle for you and all you need to do is to wait after you renounce.

    As for MY RN1, yup usually its 3 days time after first submission. But they will advise you when to collect when you submit your renunciation on that day.

    Just sharing
    Today I went to MHC for renunciation, Surprisingly I realized some who came to renounce already obtained their SG citizenship. According to one of them, he proceed with registration at ICA first, followed by MHC renunciation. Not too sure the reason, perhaps ICA give exceptions – case by case basis

    This maybe similar to experience of Mei (above post – oct 2nd ) who got her citizenship even before she went to the MHC. Mine is due on Nov 9th. Dennis – May I know everything as per normal at MHC.? Thanks. Queue number then within the next 2-3 hours all ok. Thanks

    Thanks Dennis for the information. Did u happen to reply to MHC appointment- like give them confirmation you are coming in oct 6th. My appointment is on 9 nov.

    Hi Hazel,
    Am scheduled to renounce my citizenship with MHC later this month thereafter apt with ICA to complete the citizenship process.
    On the matter of withdrawal of EPF (Employer Provident Fund), How do I go about this – Given that the borders are closed, coupled with the returned of all the Malaysian documents (NRIC, Passport etc)
    I value your advise.

    Hi Jeffrey

    I am in the midst of trying to settle my EPF also. I just got my Borang K so i am submitting it. I will share more after i get reply from EPF side. If you have any tips, do share with me also…

    Thanks Hazel. Just wanted to know if you have submitted Borang K via EPF online or MHC.
    Meanwhile, I had visited the EPF website but unable to comprehend the procedures.
    For this, am hoping somebody here can share his/her experience.
    Hopeful for a precious sharing rather than us finding it out later we have missed any items etc.


    HI Hazel,

    For Item No 8:
    8. Singapore Citizenship Certificate & Passport (if applicable)

    I believe all of use will ignore this because none of us will have this before renunciation.

    I’m just curious why MHC needs to put this item in list?

    Hi Khor ,

    My MHC appt was scheduled in May 2022 as I emailed them on 7th Jan 2022 , after getting my Final Stage letter from ICA . They also offer me an early for formalities on 26/01/2022 which is tmr . I just need to upload the slip after collection.

    Hi Hazel,

    I am in the mid of applying for renunciation appointment for my dad. Just want to say thank you for the informative post, it cleared a lot of my doubts (I bought you a coffee! haha). I’m hoping for a smooth process this time!

    I too was given the “fast track” by ICA when they called me way back in late August. The earliest available date offered was 30th August, so I believe I could be one of the first batch to take the Oath of Allegiance to Singapore from this big backlog amongst us.
    I think it’s a random selection so I don’t think there’s anything anyone can do to up their chance to do this faster. Plus, you still gotta wait for your date with MHC yeah..

    I finally get to complete the renunciation formality this morning. I felt like an impostor coz I’m already a Singaporean! haha

    cheers all!

    [LATEST UPDATE 27 October 2021]

    I am applying for citizenship for my dad, and we are currently at the step of awaiting to go for MHC appointment and oath taking. His appointment is February 2022, 4 months later.

    For all wondering, I have called and emailed ICA and it is confirmed that after receiving your appointment email from MHC, you can print it out and book an appointment for oath taking. You can proceed to ICA for oath taking with *the MHC appointment email and required documents stated in the final ICA letter*.

    My dad’s appointment for oath taking is next Wednesday, will keep this comment updated.

    Hi Colin,

    it’s not a case to case basis. Its the actual procedure 🙂 If anyone is worried of making a wasted trip, call the ICA number 6391 6314. Provide them with your ID number and explain that your MHC appointment is months later and you have the appointment email from MHC. they will advise you on printing it out, along with other required documents.

    Hi Serene,

    I cannot thank you enough for this information! I booked my Spore citizenship registration appt for next week Fri already. 🙂

    I received my AIP in July, renunciation appt given by MHC is in Dec but appt given by ICA was in Aug. I notified ICA and this initial correspondence with them back in July led me to believe and settle, that I must wait till I complete renunciation. So I had to cancel the Aug appt given by ICA. They must have changed their procedure since then. Though Dec is not too far away for my renunciation, at least next week, once I get the Spore citizenship registration over with, I can look into Spore passport application and plan to see my Mum in Dec.

    Thank you again for taking the trouble to keep us updated about your Dad. Please continue to do so. Am sure many like me will truly appreciate!

    Hi Sue M and all,

    my dad has completed his Oath taking at ICA today and has been given the temporary slip of identification before he collects his Pink IC in about 6 months time. 🙂 Therefore to all that are awaiting MHC appointment in the upcoming months, please GO AHEAD and book your appointment with ICA for Oath Taking.

    Important note:
    — Dress appropriately – no jeans, shorts, slippers, T shirts (some of the counter personnel may ask you to go buy clothing to get changed, or come back another day)

    Things to bring:
    — Photocopy of Final Letter from ICA
    — Photocopy of Appointment Email from MHC
    — Photocopy of Singapore IC front and back
    — 3 recent passport sized photo

    My total time spent at ICA was 1 hour (my queue number slip stated 8 people were in the queue in front of me). When number is flashed on screen just proceed to the counter where they will process your documents. Then, wait for your number to flash again and proceed to the oath taking room (this was only a 2 minutes wait for my dad). Oath taking only takes 5 minutes, after that you are free to go home as a Singapore Citizen! 🙂

    Hope this helps!

    Hi Serene and everyone,
    I am oso given this chance to register ICA first before MHC renunciation. I am not sure if I should proceed with it cos I am worried if I need to travel back to MY. Have any of you use SG passport to travel back to MY before your renunciation appt at MHC? Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

    Hi Serene ,

    The ICA number 6391 6314 tried called but no answer . As appointment for ICA is 20 January 2022. but MHC appointment is on 18 April 20222. So need called up or just attend the appointment of ICA as the date provided ? Thanks

    Hi Alvin

    You still need to email to Malaysia consular to inform them. I dont think they will pick up your call.
    Perhaps others can advise you based on their latest experience.

    Dear all (that have received email replied from MHC lately),

    Can I know currently how long does it takes for MHC to response to our email requesting for appointment ?

    Our ICA appointment is on 11.11 and we yet to receive any reply from MHC.

    Your advice is much appreciated!

    Thank you.

    Hi Cass,
    You can scroll up and read the messages – I would think if u just wrote to MHC – will need ard 1-2 weeks before they reply – then likely they give you a date sometime next year.. doubt be this year. Mine was i write in May they gave me in November. You can see if the above post by Serene is helpful for you- get the temporary IC slip first and be considered a SC. Cheers

    Thanks Colin. I have resent another email to MHC using Gmail and hope there is a miracle after that. I will then follow the advices shared by Serene and proceed to make appointment with ICA for the oath taking once i have received an appointment date from MHC.

    Appreciate your prompt response and help!

    Hi Hazel and everyone else,

    I just turned 21 years old and would need to renounce my Malaysian Birth Cert. I have received the letter from ICA for oath taking and renunciation of Malaysian Cert.

    Tried to email the consular to provide an appt to submit the documents but I am unable to even send the email. It says that my email cant be sent. Anyone else facing the same problem? Been trying for 3 days.

    Am I supposed to include a softcopy of the letter from ICA into the email to MHC? Any help is appreciated thank you!

    Hi all, the following is exact details on 9 Nov for appointment with MHC. To renounce citizenship.
    Reached at just before 8 am for appointment slot of 8-9am
    Please bring a black pen – and make sure it works. Sequence as follows
    You queue a while outside the main gate before your Trace Together scan. Make sure you go to Consular section bec passport side is very crowded and you don’t want to there unless you renew passport.
    Once you go in waited outside Consular section – once open go in obtain forms to fill up. Better to go outside sit at garden to fill up the forms.
    That’s why bring your own pen and the officer keep saying black pen
    After u fill up the forms queue up again to let same officer check the documents.
    Now he give you the original borang K to fill up 2 copies. Just be aware you need to fill up at least 4 forms. Once done show the officer and he ask you take the queue number.
    Once you got that wait a while and then they call you – I waited like 10 mins it’s quite fast- so actually if you fill forms quickly you be out very fast. Once you handed in all documents- do make sure you give them correctly all documents- they don’t really check the forms much – you have to make sure it’s all correctly filled up
    Then once done, wait a while to pay the $10 fee. Then they give you the date and a collection slip to collect the MYRN 1. Mine is to collect coming Friday afternoon.
    After that you can go off.
    That’s it. Roughly about 2 hours for me because I was slowly checking all the forms to fill up carefully.
    Hope this helps. Thanks.

    Hi Colin,

    The forms given by consular are they all in English? My dad does not know how to read Malay and I do not know how to either.

    Hi Serene, sorry was log out a few days
    Yes English thankfully for MYRN1 but borang K is Malay.
    Hmm it’s not difficult- I believe there is a like guide to fill up and it’s simple stuff like your alamat which is address and name and age IC and so on. Hmm the declaration is in Malay but that one you can ask the officer at MHC
    Hope this helps. Also there is words like Keturunan which is Race and Agama is religion. Things like that. I believe they don’t ask much do check it’s filled up correctly. Tally with Birth Cert or Old IC. I don’t even stay at my old IC address in Malaysia – I believe they send to SG address.. if not Jialat. Ha ha

    Hi Serene,

    Thank you so much for your post!
    After reading, I decided to try my luck too, emailed ICA last Friday and they called me yesterday to schedule for appointment. I am going down tomorrow – sounds like plenty of slots available. So everyone waiting for your MHC appointment should just contact ICA to proceed with this step, the officer confirmed I will be able to apply for passport the next day. Guess most of us cannot wait to travel to visit families now with the VTL announcement (:

    Hi JL,

    good to hear that! As the temporary slip of IC is so precious haha I told my dad to just present his digital IC on his Singpass app whenever needed. The day after Oath taking, his IC on the Singpass app have became Pink which was really nice to see!

    I just came back from ICA, total time spent 30 minutes! Super efficient. I didn’t know if I should be carrying the slip around since my blue IC is now invalidated haha, thanks for the tip – I shall check my SingPass app tomorrow 🙂
    Just a note for all – the photos submitted at this step will be used for your pink IC, you can use any other photo for the passport application later on so it doesn’t matter. So plan your photos.. how you want yourself to look like in the IC. haha

    Hi JL, congratulations! Happy for you.

    I have just received email reply from MHC and my appointment is in March 2022.

    Want to ask – when IcA contacted you to arrange for a date, can you choose which month or they will decide a date for you? Cause I have bought flight tickets to head back to visit my parents in KL and will only be back on 3 Jan.

    Thanks in advance for sharing with us your experience.

    Hi Hazel,

    Just want to confirm that this booking system will be useful also for those that have appointment with MHC months later?

    Does Ica allow those that have only appointment letter from MHC to book via the official ICA booking system?

    Hi Cass

    ICA will give you the date after you complete the e-journey. So, you can change your appointment date via ICA portal online up to 3 times.

    Hope this helps

    Hi Cass,

    Thank you! and you too, for securing flight tickets to finally visit your family 🙂
    The ICA officer actually asked me when do I want to go down, you can tell them your preferred day and they will check for available slot. I was given many options, can even be the very next day if you have everything ready.
    I emailed them last Friday, received the call on Monday, fixed appointment for Wed, digital IC turned pink in Singpass app on Thu. All done within 4 working days!

    Hi JL,

    Thanks for your sharing. At least I know that I can have a choice to decide the date when the ICA officer call.

    All the best JL!

    Hi Cass,

    Did you mention that you have already bought tickets to travel in December? I think once you received the approval-in-principle letter from ICA, you are not supposed to travel using your existing passport (that’s what I understood). So better to double check with ICA, in case you have any problem returning. But it should be fine if you apply for the SG passport now after completing your citizenship registration step, it takes one week.

    Hi Hazel,

    Thanks for sharing your experience and the tips. It is very useful! I have just bought you a cup of coffee. 🙂

    I lost my Malaysia birth certificate. Do I need to make the police report in Malaysia? For the duplicate of birth cert, I will have to go to Putrajaya personally to get it?

    Hi Sook Yee

    Thanks for the coffee treat! Appreciate it!
    I did ask MHC before and they said we need to report to Putrajaya. Perhaps you email to Putrajaya office and check with them the procedure.

    Hi Hazel,

    Thanks for your reply!

    May I know how long did you wait to receive your borang k?

    I have waited for 13 months and counting.. getting a bit worried. Have emailed MHC to check on my status and they asked me to email one person to check.

    Hi Mel

    I waited around 13 months for borang K. They send hardcopy letter over to inform me to collect.

    Dear Hazel

    Thanks for starting up this platform and it is really very informative and helpful to all of us.

    Coffee on the way!!! 🙂

    Hi everyone, can I ask did anyone apply SG passport recently? As in October or November
    How long did it take? I was at ICA yesterday the customer service at level 2 said 2 weeks- I almost fainted. That’s crazy if it’s true. Because normally it’s maximum one week And in fact some got it in 2 days. Just checking with anyone here. Thanks so much

    Hi Colin,
    I applied online on Nov 6th, kept checking ICA portal for update and on Nov 10th, it was approved. Then I fixed appt for collection and it was today morning at 9:30am. Shorter waiting time if you have an appt. Got my 10 year passport! 🙂

    Hi Colin,

    I applied on Fri Nov 12th, received approval email from ICA on Mon Nov 15th, but the earliest appointment slots available are all (I checked all the post office options haha) only 1 week later on Nov 23rd.

    Hi Hazel and everyone,

    On the day to renounce my citizenship in the Malaysian Embassy October 2021 the officer rejected my application due to the name on my birth certificate and ID card. On my BC , I had one name registered and on my ID card it has two names with an ‘ @‘ which contains with different spelling for my surname. The officer said I need to get it verified . I was given an email add .

    I have emailed numerous times to them but without any responses. Can someone here give advice or someone here has the same issue?

    Can it be done in Johor Bahru?
    What’s the process ?

    Thank you for your help .


    Hi Yvonne

    I think either your email or call them. Or else you need to go down personally to do it. This will requires verification process.

    Hello, does anyone know how strict ICA is regarding the submission of 3 passport photos taken within the last three months?

    I applied for my NRIC in July, hence already uploaded the photo, but will only be applying for citizenship on Thursday.

    Hi Hazel,
    My son completed his NS and currently is a full time student at NTU and we need to do renunciation by 2022

    We requested for the e-appointment and this is the reply from the High commission.

    Malaysian Identity card or Surrender letter during minor are required for renunciation application. If you have not applied for any Malaysian Identity card before or had not surrendered your Malaysian Citizenship during minor, the High Commission of Malaysia need to liaise with the National Registration Department (JPN) headquarters for confirmation that you are not issued with any Malaysian Identity Card.

    3. We will forward your Borang W for verification purposes on whether you have been issued with any Malaysian NRIC.

    4. This verification will be sent to the National Registration Department (JPN) Headquarters for confirmation, subject to approval.

    Please advise me on this issue.
    Thank you so much.

    Hi Shirley

    I just went down to MHC today and was told same as your wrote by the officer at MHC. There was nothing on this on their website and their application guidance document.

    May I know in the end how did you resolve the Malaysian IC or surrender letter of your Borang W?

    Where did you get it done and how long did it take?

    What do you need to bring along for this part of the procedure?

    I hope you get to read my message and share with others too as I believe many will be caught by this surprised on the day they appear in MHC.

    If others who have gone through the same, grateful for your guidance too. Thank you.

    Hi Teresa,

    I have the same problem also.

    May I know in the end how did you resolve the Malaysia IC? Where do you get it done and what is the procedure?

    I hope you get my message and share with me.

    Thank you

    Hi Shirley Wong,

    I was told the same by the officer at MHC.

    May I know how did you resolve the Malaysian IC or surrender letter of your Borang W in the end?

    Please advise me on this issue and appreciate for your guidance.

    Thank you.

    Hi Hazel and everyone,

    May I check if I could collect my MYRN1 later in a week or after? Must it be according to the date in a pink slip given?

    Hi Hazel,

    Thks much for the swift reply. My renunciation would be on 15th March 2022 Tuesday. So when would be the date for me to go bk to collect based on your experience? As i need to plan for my annual leave in very much advance.

    Hi Hazel,

    Do we receive the Letter of Approval from ICA Singapore in hardcopy from mail? Or basically just the printed copy from the website?

    Please advice. Thank you very much

    Danies Chan

    Hi Hazel,

    Thank you for your post, i found it very informative. I will be heading to MHC to do my renunication this week. I do have one question. Regarding the Malaysian Birth Cert, is it compulsory to update to the latest version (the A4 greenish version)?

    As far as I know, my birth cert is the smaller version (almost like A5 size). Will there be any implication if i were to use this version instead of the A4 version? Looking forward to hearing from you.