[SG EATS] Ipoh Tuck Kee Son 怡保德记仔炒粉 At Foch Road- Famous Ipoh Yu Kong Hor (Moonlight Horfun)

Finally made my way to Ipoh Tuck Kee Son 怡保德记仔炒粉 at Foch Road. I miss the legendary famous fried noodles yut kong hor in Ipoh that I had during my visit to Ipoh in 2019. Ever since their opening late last year, the queue is madness. I heard some queued for 2 hours for it. Thank god! We only queued for 10minutes and wait for 20 minutes for our food. It was a raining day after work on a weekday.
Ipoh Tuck Kee Singapore
Order and payment is made on the spot at the stall. Then, you will be given a buzzer to wait patiently for your food to be ready. It is all self-service here if you are wondering.
Ipoh Tuck Kee Son-Roch Road-1

Here is the menu for your reference.
Ipoh Tuck Kee Menu
We ordered their best seller Yu Kong Hor (S)- S$5.50. All their noodles are available in size S and L. Moonlight hor fun served with a raw egg on top along with black savoury sauce and pork lard. The wok-hei is intense and a good mix with the raw egg coated all over the rice noodles create a smooth and silky texture. My friend’s first time and was quite impressed with this dish. As much as we enjoyed it, the ingredients are quite limited. Nevertheless, it is a good plate of hor fun.Not to miss their belacan to pair with your noodles. It elevate the flavour profile of this dish. Shiok!

Next, we also had the Baby Octopus in Soy Sauce S$8.00. It is also their best seller here and in Ipoh. It has the same taste profile as the ones I had in Ipoh. Light, crunchy and chewy octopus with a nice dip of their speciality chilli sauce.
Ipoh Tuck Kee Son-Roch Road

Total bill was $13.50 and we also ordered the famous pao fan from San Pin Pao Fan to try. Thus, we had the small portion. We were kind of regret for not ordering bigger plate for Yu Kong Hor. They also offer other noodles like Wan Tan Hor Fun (best seller), Fried Low Shu Fun, Braised Yee Mee and many more. Ipoh food lovers can visit here to satisfy their craving for Ipoh Hor Fun for the time being since we are unable to travel out of Singapore.

Ipoh Tuck Kee Son 怡保德记仔炒粉
Addresss: No 27 Foch Road Hoa Nam Building #01-02
Coffeeshop Stall No.1,
Singapore 209264
Opening Hours: 11:30AM-2:30PM | 5:30PM-9:30PM

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