[JB EATS] 大豐麵粉粿 大丰面粉糕 Kedai Makanan Mee Hoon Kueh – Taman Molek

Finally, the border is open and we can cross over the causeway without much protocol now. During my recent trip to Johor Bahru, I decided to revisit this old school mee hoon kueh shop at Taman Molek for lunch. 大豐麵粉粿 aka Kedai Makanan Mee Hoon Kueh established in 1986 as a pushcart stall in Taman Sentosa. It has then opened their permanent shop here in Taman Molek. As you can see from the signboard itself, it is quite a story to tell.
Sentosa Mee Hoon Kueh Taman Molek-1
Sentosa Mee Hoon Kueh Taman Molek Johor
The mee hoon kueh here is the old school Hokkien style that serve in soup and dry version. Here is the menu for your reference.Sentosa Mee Hoon Kueh Taman Molek
Sentosa Mee Hoon Kueh in Taman Molek JB-Soup-1
Sentosa Mee Hoon Kueh in Taman Molek JB-Soup
We ordered the standard soup version RM8.00 ~S$2.58 (S) and seafood soup version RM10.00~S$3.23 (S). Each bowl comes in 2 sizes- Small or Large to choose from. After an approximately 15 minutes wait, our orders arrived. The bowl of mee hoon kueh comes with fresh hand-kneaded mee hoon kueh in different shapes. Each piece has QQ texture and it absorbs the flavours of the soup making it a comforting dish to have anytime. And each bowl comes with sayur manis vegetable along with other ingredients like meatball, mushroom and fried anchovies.It is the same ingredients for the seafood except that the prawns are added. Fresh prawns and my friend can taste a mix of sweet and savoury taste. Both my friends are impressed.
Don’t forget to enjoy it with their chilli padi for extra spicy kick. It enhances the taste of your mee hoon kueh too!

Sentosa Mee Hoon Kueh in Taman Molek JB-Snack
They also extended their menu with small snacks like Deep-fried Fish Ball RM4.00~S$1.29 per portion, Pork Roll RM5.00 ~S$1.61 per portion, Seafood Salad RM6.00 ~S$1.94 per portion and many more. We ordered the fish ball and pork roll to share.

Total bill was RM29.00 ~S$9.35 including 1 drink. My friend enjoyed it very much and it feels good to be back here after so many years. The taste of it remains the same and it brings back old school feel indeed. If you enjoy mee hoon kueh soup, you will enjoy Malaysian-style pork noodles too. It was equally comforting, robust in flavours.

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Note: Non-Halal Eatery.

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Address: 大豐麵粉粿 大丰面粉糕 Kedai Makanan Mee Hoon Kueh – Taman Molek
4, Jalan Molek 2/2, Taman Molek,
81100 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia
Opening Hours: Daily 10:00AM – 8:00PM

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