[BKK EATS] Jeh O Chula- The Famous Michelin Bib Gourmand Instant Noodles Worth the Queue?

Jeh O Chula aka Jay Oh in the Micheline Guide became famous when they started serving Tom Yum instant noodles few years ago. And because of this, it received its Bib Gourmand, and the rest is history. It has been bookmarked as one of the MUST-GO food/supper eateries in town. The queue is crazy and can up to 2 hours or more.
Jeh O Chula- Bangkok -bib gourmand
Either u go to the counter to get a queue number and wait patiently or pre-purchase your reservation and dishes before you head down. We booked it almost 2 months before our trip and the vouchers are selling fast. If you do not want to wait for so long, please plan your schedule.
Jeh O Chula- Bangkok -Thailand
Jeh O Chula- Bangkok -Thailand-1
We went for supper at 11pm after we landed and check-in hotel. The queue was superb long, and a lot of people crowded the entrance of the restaurant. I walked towards the guy sitting at the middle of the entrance and presented our voucher (Please print your voucher). He then wrote number on a piece of paper and told us to wait for 15 minutes. The owner will shout the numbers so be sure you are standing around there.
Jeh O Chula- Bangkok -Thailand-2
We managed to get a table inside the restaurant with fully air-conditioned. There are outdoor seating area, and they mostly cater to walk-ins. We purchased Set B – Jeh O’s Famous Mama Small Set for 2-3 with Fast Track Access priced at S$33.99.
The menu consists of:
• Small pot of Jeh O’s Famous Mama Tom Yum-Mama Noodles with Mixed Seafood (Prawns and Squid), Eggs and Pork Meatballs
• Small plate of Jeh O’s Signature Crispy Pork Belly
• Small plate of Yum Salmon (Sour and Spicy Thai-style with Salmon Sashimi)
• Plate of Stir-fried Morning Glory

Our food came within 20 minutes, and it is served by dishes. The highlight Mama Tom Yum Noodles came last though. Flavourful noodles pot with a mix of sour and spiciness taste. Ingredients include raw egg yolk, roast pork, meatball, prawn, squid, and noodles. Diners can request the level of spiciness when you place your order. We requested less spicy as we cannot take spicy stuff and too spicy can destroy the joy of eating though.
Overall is not bad but it is not a ‘WOW’ factor for us though. It is like a comforting food and good for supper.
Note: If there are 2 yolks, the tom yum noodles portion is shared between 2 person and 4 yolks for 4 persons.
Crispy Pork-Jeh O Chula Bangkook Thailand
Next, the Signature Crispy Pork Belly is pretty good in terms of crispiness and tenderness. It is not greasy too, but we prefer smaller cut though. We did not expect there is pork in our noodles, so this is way too much pork for 2 persons.
Yum Salmon-Jeh O Chula Bangkok
Sour and Spicy Thai-style with Salmon Sashimi made with fresh chunks of salmon with traditional spicy dressing. I personally love the dressing as it complements the salmon well. They are quite generous with salmon thickness too.
Stir-fry Morning Glory- Jeh O Chula Bangkok Thailand
Lastly, a plate of Stir-fried Morning Glory is included.

It is good to try if you have not tried before but I personally think not worth to queue more than 15 minutes. I will come for supper provided no queue. We ordered Set B that stated for 2 pax can serve up to 4 pax portion. We cannot finish all the dishes. Partly it is almost 12am and late night supper is superb sinful.

Address: Jeh O Chula
113 ซอย จรัสเมือง Rong Muang,
Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Opening Hours: Daily 4:30PM-12:00AM

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