[JB EATS] 赞麵館 猪肉粉 Like Mee Noodle House – Pork Noodles in Johor Bahru

[JB EATS] 赞麵館 猪肉粉 Like Mee Noodle House – Pork Noodles in Johor Bahru

赞麵館 猪肉粉 Like Mee Noodle House first established in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. It started off with a pork noodle stall in Petaling Jaya before it expanded to Johor state in recent years. Helmed by Madam Shirley who has 20 years of experience, her pork bone soup noodles are well-loved by customers.
The signature pork soup base includes pork bones and other ingredients and is boiled for at least 8 hours to turn into a rich and thick pork bone broth. Thus, this explains why the brand has successfully developed to branches around Malaysia.

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I was running an errand at Taman Sutera over the weekend when I chanced upon their branch. My sister and I decided to give it a try. The ordering system is scanning the QR Code on the table and you can start to make an order. Once the order is confirmed, the staff will come along with the confirmation order sheet. Payment can be made once you complete your meal. The waiting time was approximately 10-15 minutes. It was quite fast considering the shop was full house during lunch time.
Four Fortune Pork Noodles- Like Mee Noodle House JB Sutera Utama
I ordered the Four Fortune Pork Noodle RM19.90 ~ S$5.83 while my sister tried Delicious Bowl RM15.90 ~S$4.66. Every pork noodle’s order, diners get to choose the choice of noodles or opt-out, dry, soup or tom yum and add-ons like Shaoxing wine.
赞麺館猪肉粉 Like Mee Noodle House-JB Sutera Utama
My Four Fortune bowl of goodness comprises minced meat, meat slice, liver, and intestine. Delicious Bowl comprises minced meat, meat slice and meatball. We both decided to add-ons Shaoxing Wine (Hua Diao Wine) to complete our meal experience. The wine was served separately.

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