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[SG BEAUTY] TCM Slimming Journey With Han Dian TCM SG (漢典中醫 ) At Havelock II- Part 2

I am back with my update on my TCM slimming journey. It has been almost a month since I started with Han Dian at Havelock II. You can read about my part 1 post here.So the changes within the month were not drastic except on my lifestyle and dietary changes. And coincidentally it falls on the month of Chinese New Year. So much temptations on the Chinese New Year goodies and snacks and endless steamboat feast with family and friends. Read More

[SG BEAUTY] My TCM Slimming Journey With Han Dian TCM SG (漢典中醫 ) – Consultation Session

If you have been following me on my social media platforms, you definitely know that I always having food feast most of the time. Be it attending media tasting or even weekends, I will surely out searching for new food places to try out. Thus, this explains why I have been gaining weight. My sisters watched how I grow fatter day by day. I knew I have to do something but I am too lazy to start. Read More