[SG EATS] It’s Laksa Time with Ellenborough Market Café

Whenever we heard about Ellenborough Market Café, it’s buffet spread in our mind. But this time round, they launched Laksa Cuisine series for the month of November. So, from 1st – 30th November, you can enjoy 6 different types of laksa cuisines other than the buffet choice.  Ellenborough Market Café unveils a hearty helping of 6 irresistibly spicy creations from the family of ‘Laksa’ dishes unique to Singapore and Malaysia. There are also options for toppings for the Laksa dishes.

Nyonya Laksa S$14.00++Ellenborough Market Cafe-Swissotel-5

It’s a comforting bowl of laksa for most Singaporean and best to go with cockles. But I would prefer the broth taste to be stronger.

Singapore Laksa S$14.00++Ellenborough Market Cafe-Swissotel- 1

This bowl of noodles served with the creamy broth. If you are a chilli lover, add in some of the chilli served to enhance the stronger flavours in it. It will certainly whet your appetite. It would be even better if the broth taste is stronger.

Penang Laksa S$14.00++Ellenborough Market Cafe-Swissotel-8

I love Penang Laksa and the best I had before was during my trip in Penang few years back. The Assam Laksa here was quite disappointing as the flavour tasted mild and lack of the sourness in it.

Sarawak Laksa S$14.00++Ellenborough Market Cafe-Swissotel-2

First time trying Sarawak Laksa with bee hoon and it gives me a taste of having curry flavoured beehoon. The paste taste was thick and it would be best to add in some toppings to complete your meal.

Fried Laksa Seafood Noodles S$13.00++Ellenborough Market Cafe-Swissotel-3

First look is just like the ‘mee goreng’ but this is the dry version of fried noodles with laksa sauces. I enjoyed the slight spiciness in it and the taste of the seafoods balance off with sweetness in it.

Laksa Seafood Fried Rice S13.00++Ellenborough Market Cafe-Swissotel-4

I am quite impressed with this plate of fried rice. Fragrance spices from the fried rice with diced prawns and seafoods are just nice to fill up the stomach well.

As for the toppings, here are the choices available:-Ellenborough Market Cafe-Swissotel-7

Crayfish S$6.00++ per piece approximately 180grams

Fresh Tiger Prawn S$6.00++ for 2 pcs

Fresh Canadian Scallop S$6.00++ for 2pcs

Poached Shredded Chicken S$4.00++ per portion

Crispy Chicken Ngoh Hiang S$4.00++ for 3pcs

Whole Golden Fish Cake S$4.00++ per pieceEllenborough Market Cafe-Swissotel-9

We were served the sampling portions in a small bowl to have a taste of everything. And of course Sugarcane juice was served for the drink of the day. It is also the juice of the month here in Ellenborough Market Café.Ellenborough Market Cafe-Swissotel-6

All prices are subject to 10% service charge and 7%GST.

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[This is an invited tasting session. Thanks Ellenborough Market Café & Cassandra for the invite.]

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