Chinese New Year is less than a month. Have you start preparing for the festive season? Wo Peng Cantonese Cuisine Restaurant located at level 3 of Furama Hotel is just few minutes walk away from Chinatown & Clark Quay MRT Station. The raw passion and heart of authentic Cantonese flavours are by Hong Kong Platinum Award Winner Hong Kong Chef Julian Tam. He is the pioneer of bringing Poon Choy to the Singapore Chinese Cuisine as Festival New Year delicacy.
WOPENG Cantonese Cuisine-和平饭店

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Upon entering the entrance of the restaurant, you can smell and feel the restaurant has been in years. The appearance of the restaurant is in brownish colours and the interior seems to remain as it was like the old times.
We started off our tasting session once everyone arrives on Sunday afternoon.

1.Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng Organic Garden Greens with Crispy Fish Skin (Vegetarian Salmon) 和平三文鱼生捞起(三文鱼生捞起)
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It’s my first time trying vegetarian salmon and it is a good option for this year due to the recent case of raw fishes. The combination of the greens and yu sheng ingredients was refreshing. For those who enjoy eating greens, you can opt for this.
This yusheng is available at special price for Take Away S$48.00Nett (Portion for 6-8 persons).

2.Double-boiled Whole Chicken Stuffed with Glutinous and Ginseng Soup
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This bowl of goodness is only available during Chinese New Year this year. When I looked at the menu, I thought I am going to have Korean ginseng chicken soup stuffed with glutinous rice. In Wo Peng, the chef uses Kampong Chicken to boil the soup and stuffed with glutinous rice. This mild nourishing soup was served individually to us by the staff. The chicken meat was placed in separately for us to enjoy instead of putting in the soup for us.

3.Sauteed “Peach Resin” with Egg White and Green Vegetables
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Almost everyone enjoyed this dish. Scrambled egg white with sauted peach resin goes pretty well with the green vegetables. If the staff did not highlight that it was peach resin, I will be guessing it as century eggs instead. It has the similar taste and texture like century egg. This is available for dine-in S$28.00++ (for 4 to 6 persons)

4.WOPENG ‘Poon Choy’ -盆满钵满(首创鲍鱼海味大盆菜)
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Everyone went ‘Wow’ when the Pen Cai is served. Basin vegetables or commonly known as pen cai is a large pot filled with goodness in it. So, Wopeng has the braised whole abalone with assorted dried seafood in casserole. Wopeng offers special price for dine in S$38.00++ per person with a minimum of 2 persons.(Usual price S$56.00++ for one person).

5.Smoked and Roasted Duck with Camphor and Chinese Tea Leave
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Whole smoked and roasted duck served on the table. The marinated suck with camphor and Chinese tea leave has the intensity in the taste bud. The skin has the crisp texture while the inner meat texture tasted savoury and juicy. This is available for takeway with special price of S$68.00Nett (Whole Duck).

6.Wok-Fried Glutinous Rice with Assorted Chinese Sausages – 五谷丰收(生炒腊味糯米饭)
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Theoretically all restaurants served glutinous rice but the difference is the way of cooking and the ingredients used. Wopeng glutinous rice is wok-fried and there is a fragrance taste of the assorted Chinese sausages within the serving.

7.‘Fa Cai’ Carrot Cake and Nian Gao
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We had carrot cake and nian gao as our dessert of the day. There is also a special price for take-away. ‘Fa Cai’ Carrot Cake S$18.80 nett and ‘Fa Cai’ Yam Cake S$18.80nett. We were told that the nian gao here is freshly made and prepared because they uses coconut milk as one of the ingredient. This is how pan-fried nian gao in Hong Kong style is served.

Chef Julian Tam posing in front the camera
Chef Julian Tam posing in front the camera

These are only some of the dishes we tried that day which is also in their Chinese New Year Menu. You can check out other Chinese New Year Menu and their pricing at their official website.


[Thanks Hazel and WoPeng for the invited tasting.]

Wo Peng Cuisine- 和平饭店

60 Eu Tong Sen Street
Singapore 059804
Tel: +65 6533 2282/ 6534 2282
Lunch: 11:00AM – 3:00PM (Daily) (Last Order 2:30PM)
Dinner: 6:00PM – 10:00PM (Daily) (Last Order 9:15PM)
Website: http://wopeng.com.sg/

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