More Chinese New Year tasting session for this brand new year and I am glad that I am attended last week. My friends told me that Peony Jade is one of the best restaurants that serve consistent quality foods. Peony Jade restaurant is a Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine that has been more than 14 years in counting. The CNY tasting session was held at the branch located at Keppel Club within is inconvenience for those who are taking public transport. But fret not, you can always visit their other branch located at Clarke Quay via accessible public transport instead.
Peony Jade Restaurant Singapore-1

Peony Jade Restaurant Singapore-2

Peony Jade Restaurant Singapore-Keppel Club

Opera Performance during our Tasting Session
Opera Performance during our Tasting Session

Moving on to Peony Jade’s Eight New Festive Creations in Year 2016, here are the 4 out of 8 delicacies that I tried on that night. They are available from 14 January to 22 February 2016.

1. “INSTANT ENORMOUS WINDFALL, GOOD HEALTH AND LONGEVITY”- Monkey-shaped Yu Sheng – S$388.88 (serves up to 10 guests).

Peony Jade Restaurant Singapore-Yu Sheng

Peony Jade Restaurant Singapore-Yu Sheng-1

Peony Jade Restaurant Singapore-Yu Sheng-2
Peony Jade’s Yusheng version for this year is the monkey-shaped work-of-art. The yu sheng is prepared with choice seafood ; lobster from Canda, premium 2-head golden abalone from Australia, geoduck clam, tuna (sashimi-grade), salmon (sashimi-grade), crispy salmon fish skin, champagne jelly, lychee pulp-pops and edible 18k gold leaves. As for the sauces, Peony Jade uses fresh apricot and peach jam dressing and Peony Jade’s deep fried thin taro strips, roasted pine nuts and toasted sesame seed.
With the amount of ingredients spread all over the table, everyone was thrilled in tossing and shout-out on the auspicious greetings.
This is advisable to order 1-day in advance.

2.”TRIUMPH”- Premium Black Truffle and Braised Whole Abalone Poon Choi-S$88.88 per pax (with a minimum order of 2sets) / S$498.88 for 6 guests / S$698.88 for up to 10 guests
满载而归珍饈( 黑松露原隻发财鮑鱼盆菜)

Peony Jade- Premium Black Truffle and Braised Whole Abalone Poon Choi-1

Peony Jade-Premium Black Truffles Poon Choi
12 premium ingredients in this pot of “Poon Choi” impressed me that night. Shaved black truffles, 6-head whole abalone from Australia, dace fish (red grouper), shrimp balls with foie gras, fresh plump scallops, spikes sea cucumber from South Africa, king-size prawns, shitake mushrooms,premium golden oysters,de-shelled crab claws, high grade fish maw, taro and broccoli. The premium dish is all about east meets west and Peony Jade did a good job in creating the unique and flavourful poon choi for this new year.
This is advisable to order 1-day in advance.

3. “ABOUNDING WEALTH”-Pit-fire Roasted Deboned Suckling Pig Rolls with Fragrant Wok-fried Glutinous rice and Chinese Sausages – S$198.88 (half) serves up to 6 guests / S$388.88 (whole) serves up to 10 guests
黄金大丰收, 大地亨通 ( 玉河畔发财鸿运生炒腊味糯米乳猪)

Peony Jade- Pit-fire Roasted Deboned Suckling Pig Rolls with Fragrant Wokfried
We usually have glutinous rice wrapped with lotus leaf but here we have the creative hind trotter that offers a layered with the glutinous fillings and meaty wrap. What a brilliant idea to serve the suckling pig in a different presentation. We can have the crispy skin of the suckling pig and at the same time enjoying the aromatic glutinous rice.
This is also advisable to order 1- day in advance.

4. “PROGRESS & ADVANCEMENT WEALTH” – Sauteed Boston Lobster with Egg White topped with Crispy Golden Conpoy, Fish Roe and Caviar –S$128.88 (serves up to 8 guests)
禧龙添满福( 鱼子. 瑶柱. 蛋白炒波士顿龙虾)

Peony Jade - Sautéed Boston Lobster with Egg White topped

Peony Jade-Sautéed Boston Lobster with Egg White topped-1
Beautiful art-piece of a cherry blossom tree shaped to signify bliss, success and fortune in the new year. Everyone takes a spoonful of the flavourful lobster meat with a big grin after taste. I can taste of sweetness from the meat and savoury taste of caviar that enhance the flavour.
This is also advisable to order 1-day in advance.

So what is another 4 creations that you can expect from Peony Jade?

5. “BOUNTIFUL HARVEST”- Steamed Red Grouper Fillet with Minced Garlic & Chopped Fresh Chili-S$88.88 serves up to 6 guests
一帆风顺, 连年有馀( 剁椒红斑扒)

Photo By Peony Jade
Photo By Peony Jade

Fish is never to miss in Chinese New Year as it symbolizes the increase of prosperity and reunion. The steamed fish served with light soya sauce and added with dash of minced garlic and chopped fresh chilli to give a more distinctive aroma and taste.

6.”SUCCESS, LONGEVITY AND CONTENTMENT”- Poached Boston Lobster Broth with Premium Australia 8-head Abalone, Plump Fresh Scallops, Japanese Shiitake Mushrooms, Bamboo Pith and Organic Vegetables –S$168.88 serves up to 8 guests.
龙腾四海大丰收( 海皇波士顿龙虾羹)

Photo by Peony Jade
Photo by Peony Jade

Just like the name of the dish, this pot of goodness made up of more than 4 finest ingredients as an alternative to the shark’s fin soup.
1-day advance order is required.

7.”MAGNIFICENCE AND SUCCESS” – Hot, Sweet, Sour and Numbing Roasted Kurobuta Pork Belly with Crackling Kurobuta Pork Belly served with Apple Slaw and Finely Shredded Cabbage and Chilli Caramel-S$118.88 serves up to 6 guests.
十全十美展鸿图 ( 西式脆皮腩仔肉)

Photo by Peony Jade
Photo by Peony Jade

Savoury pork belly roast seasoned overnight with host of spices including fragrant course sea-salt, rose liquer, Chinese Wine, spiced salt and pepper, air-dried for at least 6 hours and before the 1-hour oven roasting starts. Can you imagine how flavourful can it taste? It is available for takeaways at all Peony Jade Restaurants and Takashimaya B2’s festive market.

8. “TRIUMPANT HARVEST & LONGEVITY” Gift Set – S$118.88per set (1-day in advance order is required)

Photo by Peony Jade
Photo by Peony Jade

This limited edition gift set enlivens the artistic take on the Monkey King’s beloved celestial peaches in the ancient Chinese folklore, Journey to the West. This ideal gift of art is available only 88sets. This includes three handmade monkey-figurines harvesting the peach-shaped pastries, which are rich with molten salty-sweet egg yolk lava fillings. It is available for Takeaways at all Peony Jade Restaurants and Takashimaya B2’s festive market.

Peony Jade takes pride on the handcrafted food arts and making the visual presentation fulfilling even before diners start to feast. Having a meal here is definitely lifts up the mood of festive season. Their takeaways goodies are eye-catching and well-recognized with the visual and taste of foodies that night. What I miss the most is their Mao Shan Wang Durian with Nian Gao that is available for takeaways.

Peony Jade @ Keppel Club
Bukit Chermin Road (off Telok Blangah Road)
Keppel Club (Level M)
Singapore 109918
Tel: +65 6276 9138 / 6375 5562

Peony Jade @Clarke Quay
Blk 3A Clarke Quay
#02-02 (Walk in from Liang Court)
Tel: +65 6338 0305
Opening Hours :
Monday to Friday 11:00AM – 2:30PM & 6:00PM – 11:00PM
Saturday & Sunday 10:00AM – 3:00PM & 6:00PM – 11:00PM
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PeonyJadeRestaurant
Instagram @Peonyjadesg

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