Joo Bar located along Tan Quee Lan Street is known as Singapore’s first makgeoli bar and restaurant. The restaurant has since expanded to offers food menu to diners. Their food menu changes from time to time so diners can expect surprises each time they visit. But of course their signature dishes are still in the menu. I finally have the chance to visit Joo Bar and they have recently launched new lunch menu to cater office crowd that are working around Bugis area.

1. DIY Bibimbap S$10.90++

After mixing all the ingredients together

Diners can now design their own bibimbap here in Joo Bar. Attached is the order sheet where you can pick and choose from the ingredients and complete your meal with a drink (add on S$3.00). There are many ingredients listed and quinoa is one of it. The chef was creative enough to use quinoa as a replacement for rice was kinda cool. It makes me feel healthier eating bibimbap. Also, proteins include Argentinean grass-fed beef steak, bulgogi beef and bulgogi pork are in the list to pick too. The best part is that they also twisted to fusion-style bibimbap to suite the local taste.

2. Honey Butter Chicken S$18.00++
I was told that this is one of the signature dishes in Joo Bar. Indeed it was because the chicken meat was tender and rice cake coated with honey butter glaze. It is superb addictive as well.

3. L.A. Style Black Angus Kalbi S$26.00++
Black Angus bone in short rib with soy marinade, scallion and shiitake.

4. Grilled Mangalista Belly S$18.00++
Grilled thick cut mangalitsa pork belly served with chive salad side and topped with garlic chips. I couldn’t stop having it.

5. Doenjang Crème Brulee S$12.00++
Interesting dessert creation from the chef and this is the Korean bean paste custard with sesame tempura tuille.

6. Yucha Ricotta Cannoli S$14.00++
Yucha, ricotta, chopped mixed nuts and white chocolate ice-cream. This is my top favourite among the 3 desserts. The combination of the citric acid from the yuzu and the crunchy texture from the nuts are on point.

7. Chocopop Gateau S$15.00++
 Bacon infused chocolate ganache with graham cracker crumble. There is a twist of savoury and sweetness in the dessert.
Oh well.. you know where to head to for lunch or even after work if you are around Bugis area. If the food and desserts are not attractive enough, then have a Makgeoli and drinks at Joo Bar. I trust that you will have a splendid time here in Joo Bar exploring what they can offer to you.

Joo Bar
Address: 5 Tan Quee Lan Street
Singapore 188094
Opening Hours: 11:30AM – 2:30PM | 5:30PM – 12:00AM Daily
Website: http://www.joo-bar.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joobarsg/

[This is an invited tasting]

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