[SG EATS] Kyuu by Shunsui – Omakase Experience At Keong Saik Road

Kyuu by Shunsui, Japanese restaurant that took over Five Nines space this month (October) open only for dinner. I was invited for the dinner session last week along with other foodies. This Japanese restaurant offers not only Japanese sashimi but also robatayaki but in omakase style. Ala-carte is available after 9pm until the last order at midnight.

The interior design remains unchanged.We were seated at the counter and watching the chef in action throughout the dinner.
We had 10-course omakase menu S$129.00++ / per person and here are what we had that night.
3 Kinds Appetizers

Close up of individual appetizer

We started the omakase with 3 different appetizers. Starting with fresh fig with sumiso ( Mixture of Miso, Rice Vinegar and Sesame Paste),homemade sesame tofu covered with starchy sauce and wasabi and soft simmered duck topped with homemade miso and spring onion. The homemade sesame tofu (goma tofu) was my favourite among the rest with its smooth and creamy texture. It is not the usual tofu we had and it is actually one of the best known shoujin ryouri dishes developed in Buddhist monasteries in Japan. Thus, making it from scratch needs a long hard work to produce the perfect tofu.

Assorted Sashimi
Moving on is the assorted sashimi prepared by head chef Issey Araki. The seafood is freshly shipped in twice a week from Kyushu and other parts of Japan. We were served with tuna fatty belly (chutoro), yellow tail, red snapper, red shrimp, salmon, scallop and ikura topped with sea urchin (uni) on that night. Every single slice of the sashimi was fresh and light. I love the ikura with sea urchin and secretly hoped that I can have more about the sea urchin.

Robatayaki- Charcoal Grilled Items
Moving on are the robatayaki which refers to a method of cooking, similar to barbecue, in which items of food on skewers are slow-grilled over hot charcoal in Japanese cuisine context (Info from Wikipedia).
Eggplant with Sweet Red Miso Sauce

Grilled eggplant with sweet red miso sauce that gives a similarity taste like chee cheong fun ( Chinese cuisine). This is what most people reaction after the first bite.

Tuna Belly with Truffle Ponzu Sauce
Beautifully plated tuna belly served with truffle ponzu sauce and shredded cucumber. The sauce compliments well with the lightly charred on the outside and raw in the inside tuna belly. The shredded cucumber gives a nice refreshing palate to round up the dish.

Big Size Prawn with Wasabi Sauce
Fresh, juicy and jumbo prawn as shown in the photo.

King Crab with Vinegar and Sudachi Lime
Grilled king crab tasted lightly charred with sweetness from the bone-white flesh was one of the highlight from robotayaki list. I personally think it taste better without the sauces as you can enjoy the smoky taste and the natural taste of the meat.

Fruits Tomato with Setouchi seaweed salt
Oh my! I was told to handle with care as the juiciness will burst out the moment I bite. I thought I was having ‘xiao long bao’ at the spur moment sucking up the juiciness from the tomato. It was indeed a bursting flavour taste with setouch seaweed salt on the side.

Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Beef aitchbone with red miso fond de veau
For customers who do not take beef, they can opt for chicken when you make your reservation with the restaurant. As for me, I love beef and this wagyu beef with red miso was indeed umami in flavour especially after my sweet juicy tomato.

Hokkaido Rice Nanatsuboshi covered with salmon roe served with miso soup with fresh nori seaweed
This was the highlight of the omakase here in Kyuu. Customers get to choose the serving size of the rice. There are three options- Small, Standard and Large. Once customer decided, the rice is served. And chef and staff will start chanting ‘oisa oisa’ while scooping the ikura on top of individual rice. You need to tell him to stop otherwise he will just keep scooping. This definitely lifted the dinner whole dining atmosphere. We were told that the ikura was pre-soaked in sake for a more robust flavour.
And we had homemade ice-cream – green tea with azuki red beans to end the dinner.
The whole dining experience was pleasant and the service staffs are always on smile. What makes the omakase here different from others is that they serve robatayaki instead of sushi. And with the price offer, the portion served here is pretty generous and filling too. I can feel it after the second dish of robatayaki.

If you want to experience omakase dining experience with robotayaki elements in it, give this place a try!

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Kyuu by Shunsui
Address: 29 Keong Saik Road
Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 6:00PM – 1:00AM
Tel: +65 6221 7098
Website: http://www.kyuu.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kyuubyshunsui/

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