[SG EATS] The Salted Plum At Circular Road- Taiwanese Fare From S$5.00 onwards

[SG EATS] The Salted Plum At Circular Road- Taiwanese Fare From S$5.00 onwards

Does the title remind you of Five Ten? Yes, you are right! The Salted Plum is the same folks behind Five Ten (Closed) at North Bridge Road. This new concept restaurant took over the defunct Bakbak Bak Kut Teh. The Salted Plum has a strong selling point, which is their lunch bowls at S$10.00 and dining dishes starting from S$5.00 onwards. The price definitely attracts the attention of customers.The Salted Plum Circular Road
The Salted Plum Circular Road-1
E and I finally had a time to visit the place for dinner on a Friday night. The new space has level 1 and 2. We headed to Level 2 since there is a filming session going on. I would recommend dining in level 2 though. It is less noisy and bigger space too.

Moving on are the dishes we ordered. There are 4 price tiers- S$5.00, S$10.00, S$15.00 and S$25.00. We ordered most of the dishes priced from S$5.00 & S$10.00.
The Salted Plum Circular Road-3
The Salted Plum Circular Road-2
We ordered their signature Lu Rou (S$10.00). It’s the sinful fatty and tender pork belly in special haus saus. It is best to go with a bowl of rice.
The Salted Plum Circular Road-Burnt Chilli Chicken
The staff recommended their Burnt Chilli Chicken (S$10.00), which is also their new item. It comes in bite-sized chicken and charred with chilli padi. I don’t taste the hint of spiciness though although most people are raving it after having it.
The Salted Plum Circular Road-Steak
Steak (S$10.00) which is the same rendition as Five Ten is served here as well.
The Salted Plum Circular Road-Deep fried Brinjal Dried Shrimp
The Salted Plum Circular Road-Corn
We also had fried eggplant with dried shrimp (S$5.00). They are quite generous with dried shrimp and I enjoyed this dish. Other dishes include Corn (S$5.00) – charred sweet corn served with hoisin mayonnaise. I would definitely recommend this.

The Salted Plum Circular Road-Tau Kwa Century Egg Minced Pork
The Salted Plum Circular Road-Salmon Dashi Broth
Apart from the vegetarian dishes, we also added Tau Kwa with century egg and chunky minced pork braised (S$10.00), Salmon and black fungus served with clear dashi broth (S$10.00). The taste of the broth has a mixture of Japanese light taste.
The Salted Plum Circular Road-Oyster Steamed Egg
E wants to have the steamed egg so we ordered Oyster Steamed Egg (S$10.00) that comes with big baby oysters in it. Yummy!
The Salted Plum Circular Road-Mussels
Mussels with shao xing wine (S$10.00) sounds interesting and we decided to give it a try.

And The Salted Plum offers 2 types of rice options. Normal white rice and Shiny Rice priced at S$0.50 per bowl. The shiny rice is actually rice drizzled with lard and garlic oil for flavour. It sounds tempting and yet sinful. We end up choosing white rice to pair with our dishes and it’s FREE FLOW!
The Salted Plum Circular Road-Red Tea Jelly
We ended our meal with Red Tea Jelly with tapioca pearls and cream S$5.00. It sounded sinful but you know what? Their red tea jellies served in cube size is simply light and refreshing.

The Salted Plum
Address: 10 Circular Road
Singapore 049336
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheSaltedPlumSG/

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