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Durian, king of the fruit season is back again! And you start seeing durian promotions going around. Marriott Café is also back with their Durian High Tea Buffet from 1 June to 31 July 2018. I still remember my durian buffet with Marriott on year 2016.Time flies! I am back here to indulge in durian heaven!
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What are the durian desserts highlight here?
1. Glutinous Rice with Durian and Coconut Cream

Credit: Marriott Cafe

While Bangkok is famous with glutinous rice with mango, there is also glutinous rice with durian too. Marriott Café launched this dessert made with durian puree, coconut cream and sticky rice. What make it delish is that the custardy texture of the durian mixed well with the coconut cream and sticky rice.

2. Baked Durian Strudel
Decadent Durian High Tea Buffet-Marriott
Another dessert to check it out is this baked durian strudel. First time trying it with durian flavour and I enjoyed it. The layered pastry with golden brown finishes is best to enjoy while it is served hot!

3. Durian Crème Brulee Tartlet
Decadent Durian High Tea Buffet-Marriott-Tart-1
Decadent Durian High Tea Buffet-Marriott-Tart
The durian added to the custard filling and top caramelised and buttery tart with rice taste. The caramelised layer gives the sweetness touch and the result is quite balanced as a whole.

4. Durian Bread and Butter Pudding with Coconut Sauce
Decadent Durian High Tea Buffet-Marriott-Bread Pudding
Bread and butter pudding is a kind of staple dessert I would say. It makes a dough type of pudding with sweet and savoury elements in it. The durian puree in between the slices of bread goes pretty well with the coconut sauce.

5. Durian Cream Puff
Decadent Durian High Tea Buffet-Marriott-Durian Cream Puff
Decadent Durian High Tea Buffet-Marriott-Durian Puff
Choux pastry puff stuffed with durian and cream to smoothen the texture of the fruit.

6. Durian Mousse Cake
Decadent Durian High Tea Buffet-Marriott-Mousse Cake
Durian Mousse Cake is light as air texture that goes easy on the palate and topped with raspberry and whipped cream. Take a slice and enjoy the rich durian taste.

7. Durian Crepes
The ultra thin and soft crepe with durian filling in it definitely gives a satisfying pleasure for durian lovers.

8. Durian Mochi
Decadent Durian High Tea Buffet-Marriott-Durian MOchi
Thick durian puree and chewy mochi texture on the outer layer.

9. Durian Swiss Roll
Decadent Durian High Tea Buffet-Marriott-Durian Cake
Decadent Durian High Tea Buffet-Marriott-Swiss Roll

The durian pastries and desserts here are handcrafted using a mix of premium Mao Shan Wang and D24 durians. Even though the pungent smell that many would object, others still laud the taste.

Apart from these dessert,the existing lines of savories and desserts are available in the buffet line as well. There are live station where you can get your choice of noodles prepared on the spot, local delights and also fresh seafood are available too.

High Tea Buffet
Date: 1 June – 31 July 2018
S$45.00++ per adult (Weekdays) | S$48.00++per adult (Weekends)
Child – Age 5 to 12 years old
S$27.00++ per child (Weekdays) | S$30.00++per child (Weekends)

*All prices stated above are subject to 10% service charge and 7% Goods & Services Tax (GST)*.

Marriott Café
Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
320 Orchard Road
Singapore 238865
Opening Hours:
High Tea 3.00PM to 5.30PM | Monday to Sunday
Website: http://www.singaporemarriott.com/dining/

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