[SG EATS] Yellow Pot At Six Senses Singapore – Not Your Usual Chinese Menu On Health & Sustainability

Yellow Pot located at Six Senses Singapore is a modern Chinese restaurant and bar that stands out for its commitment to wellness and sustainability. The restaurant focuses on delivering classic and innovative Chinese cuisine that favours healthful, organic and sustainably-sourced ingredients, paired with artisanal cocktails crafted using traditional herbs and botanicals. Chef Sebastian Goh helms the restaurant’s well-balanced and sustainably driven Chinese culinary experience.

Yellow Pot Six Senses Duxton Road-1
Yellow Pot Six Senses Duxton Road-Interior
I was mesmerized with the beautiful settings of Yellow Pot when I first stepped in. I was welcomed with smiles. The restaurant and bar are designed with black, gold and yellow palette that acclaimed British designer Anouska Hempel. The 50-seat restaurant is embellished with yellow pots of various sizes and configurations.
Yellow Pot Six Senses Duxton Road-Table Setting
With eat well, feel better concept, let me share with you the dishes we tried that night.
Escape to Kaifeng S$22.00++
Yellow Pot Six Senses Duxton Road-Cocktail
We kick start with the cocktail inspired by the flower of Kaifeng city made of house-made oriental chrysanthemum cordial and herbal Tangueray Gin. It was a potent drink as I can feel the kick aftermath.

Chilled Organic Vine-ripened Tomatoes S$8.00++
Yellow Pot Six Senses Duxton Road-Tomatoes
Moving on is the appertizer- juicy and refreshing tomatoes infused with “Li Hing” plum and Farm Delight micro herbs. The tomatoes are peeled and soaked for 3 days to achieve the bursting flavours.

Seared Pork Cheek S$12.00++
Yellow Pot Six Senses Duxton Road
Seared pork cheek served with cumin,chilli and topped with green mango salad that tasted like satay. That was our first reaction when we took the first bite.

Chicken Soup S$12.00++
Yellow Pot Six Senses Duxton Road-Chicken Soup
Chicken soup served with shimeji-stuffed tomatoes. It was concentrated broth and comforting soup.

Hot & Sour Soup S$12.00++
Yellow Pot Six Senses Duxton Road-Hot & Sour Soup
My foodie friend opt for hot and sour soup, which tasted mildly spicy. The broth is made from housemade hot bean paste and served with shredded chicken, wood ear mushrooms and enoki. Aromatic Sichuan chilli oil is added into it as well.

Roast Duck S$32.00++ (Half)
Yellow Pot Six Senses Duxton Road-Roast Duck
My favourite dish of all is this Roast Duck fermented with bean curd marinade. Then the duck is made to rest for 2 days before roasting. What amazed me is the crunchy and tangy skin and yet the duck meat tasted tender.

Wok-seared Organic Grass-Fed Beef Tenderloin S$36.00++
Yellow Pot Six Senses Duxton Road-Beef
Beef cubes are prepared with crushed Tellicherry peppercorns, honey along with the crispy garlic and Himalayan salt. The wok-seared beef is cooked in medium-rare finish to achieve optimal for great taste and texture.

Braised White Cabbage S$12.00++
Yellow Pot Six Senses Duxton Road-Braised Cabbage
The well-braised cabbage soaked with flavoursome chicken essence, conpoy and Shaoxing wine.

Braised Sweet & Sour Eggplant S$14.00++
Yellow Pot Six Senses Duxton Road-Brinjal-1
Highly recommend dish to pair it with a bowl of white rice. The soya sauce is made from scratch and mixtures of assorted mushrooms are flavourful. And the best part is that the eggplant is a potent antioxidant that is good for health too.

Steamed Kuhlbarra Barramundi S$22.00++
Yellow Pot Six Senses Duxton Road-Barammundi
Steamed fresh barramundi served with scallion-ginger pesto on top. Chef uses fish stock, fish bones and trimmings to steam the fish. Thus, this explains the flavoursome and sweetness taste of the fish. However, I personally feel that the price is bit steep with the portion served.

Stir-fried Mee Sua S$18.00++
Yellow Pot Six Senses Duxton Road-Mee Sua
Tasty stir-fried mee sua cooked with prawn and Hokkaido scallops.

Lemongrass & Calamansi Jelly S$8.00++
Yellow Pot Restaurant Six Senses Duxton-Lemongrass Jelly Fruitsssert made with fresh fruits and calamansi jelly to end the sweet note of the night.
Yellow Pot Six Senses Duxton Road-2
I had a pleasant dinning experience with fellow foodies. I also gained insight on the restaurant’s direction to work towards balanced living and healthy eating. The restaurant also caters vegan dishes or accommodates specific dietary requirements. The foods here are priced slightly higher than typical Chinese restaurant. However, in line with Eat With Six Senses philosophy, the unhealthy additives such as flavour enhancers, lactose, gluten and sugars are largely avoided in favour of fresh, natural ingredients. Thus, this explains the cost of the ingredients, which plays a part on the pricing.

Yellow Pot
Address: Six Senses Singapore
88 Duxton Road
Singapore 089540
Tel:+65 6914 1420
Opening Hours: Daily
Breakfast – 6:30AM to 10:30AM
Lunch – 11:30AM to 2:30PM
Dinner – 5:30PM to 10:30PM
Website: http://www.sixsenses.com/hotels/duxton/dining
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yellowpotsg/
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