[SG EATS] D9 Cakery By Hilton Singapore – The Launch of Paris & Tokyo Inspired Cake Collection

D9 Cakery of Hilton Singapore, which located along Orchard Road has launched the Paris & Tokyo inspired cake collection. This new cake series are specially curated by Executive Pastry Chef, Cindy Khoo. She has been constantly working and upgrading her skills and talent over the years to provide the best of her master pieces.I was invited for a media invite to check out her 9 creations inspired from her recent trip to Paris and Tokyo.Chef Cindy Khoo explained each cake in details before we start to taste every single piece. We started from light to the strong flavour as usual.

D9 Cakery Hilton Singapore-Cake Collection
D9 Cakery Hilton Singapore-Cake Collection-Pomme
Our first cake comes in an apple shape, which reminds me of the Snow White and the Seven dwarfs story. This cake comes in yellow colour in the outer and when you cut through the cake, you will see the crisp apple cubes hidden inside. It is like a mini surprise! Majority of us loved it so much that I even packed one back to let E to try. He also approves it.

D9 Cakery Hilton Singapore-Cake Collection-Fraise
D9 Cakery Hilton Singapore-Cake Collection-Fraise-Strawberry cake
Not your usual strawberry shortcake presentation but still very pretty and topped with fresh strawberry. It was pleasantly surprise that it was light and well-balance with the taste of white chocolate and fresh strawberries in the inside. It is not overly sweet too.

D9 Cakery Hilton Singapore-Cake Collection-Citron
Exquisite lemon meringue tart I would say. The lemon curd over the buttery tart and finished off with gold dust to complete the whole look. The cake has the sugary light sweetness and yet the citrusy taste is distinctive too.

D9 Cakery Hilton Singapore-Cake Collection-Belle-Lime Cake
D9 Cakery Hilton Singapore-Cake Collection-Belle
The cake uses Bergamot Cremeux (mixed of lemon and lime) and Bavarian Coconut Cream. It has the smooth creamy texture with bergamot zest and best to pair with a nice pot of tea.

D9 Cakery Hilton Singapore-Cake Collection-Cassis
Moving on to stronger flavour, we have the Cassis that made with chocolate-coated marshmallow and topped with blackcurrant cremeux in choux pastry puff. It was a surprise for us on the texture of the cake. We never thought of having a chocolate coated marshmallow as a cake by its own. Chef Cindy Khoo did a pretty good job on each elements of the cake.

Machakura Azuki
D9 Cakery Hilton Singapore-Cake Collection-Machakura Azuki-Full Cake
D9 Cakery Hilton Singapore-Cake Collection-Machakura Azuki
The cake outer layer is inspired from kimono and obi and as you cut through the cake, you will see the Matcha Mousse with azuki bean infused with sakura flower and matcha sponge for the texture. I thought the matcha taste can be stronger in flavour as the sweetness of the azuki bean overpowered the taste of the matcha. But some said it taste just nice. I personally love matcha flavours to be stronger so ya… taste preference is subjective.

Mandarin Café
D9 Cakery Hilton Singapore-Cake Collection-Mandarin Café
D9 Cakery Hilton Singapore-Cake Collection-Mandarin Café-1
Generous coated Coffee Mousse with tiny confit orange in the centre gives a classic and rich in flavour feel. And true enough the taste is very rich and thick. So, if you are a mousse cake lover, you might love it.

D9 Cakery Hilton Singapore-Cake Collection-Forest
D9 Cakery Hilton Singapore-Cake Collection-Forest Cake
Blackforest cake the made up of Kirsch-soaked Morello cherries, Guanaja Chocolate and Chantilly cream. The Kirsch-soaked Morello cheeris give a dark, seductive and sour flavour with 70% cocoa from Guanaja chocolate makes a good balance in flavour.

Royal Hazelnut
D9 Cakery Hilton Singapore-Cake Collection-Royal Hazelnut
D9 Cakery Hilton Singapore-Cake Collection-Royal Hazelnut Cake
Lastly, we have the Royal Hazelnut inspired by Fontaines de la Concorde. The cake is made with bittersweet nutty Gianduja and premium Valrhona chocolate on feuilletine. A nice brittle crispy flakes crunch and strong cacao flavour that suits for chocolate lovers.
D9 Cakery Hilton Singapore-Cake Collection Series
They also showcase macaroons and praline that comes in different interesting flavours.

The whole experience was enticing and fruitful session with Chef Cindy Khoo. She explained in details on the ingredients used to create the individual cakes. Most of the ingredients used are imported from French to ensure the consistency in texture and flavours. She took pride with her creations and we enjoyed throughout the session. Each cake has its own characteristics and layered delicately to ensure each element is well-taken care to achieve the best result.

D9 Cakery
Hilton Singapore
Address: 581 Orchard Road, Hilton Singapore
Singapore 238883
Tel: +65 6730 3392/ 6737 2233
Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday 09:30 AM – 9:30PM
Saturday High Tea Buffet – D9 Desserts & Singapore Flavours available from 12:00PM – 3:00PM
Website: http://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/singapore/hilton-singapore-SINHITW/dining/index.html

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